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267 Temptation

 The woman looked up at the bodhi tree and pressed her palms together before silently muttering.

Fangzheng did not eavesdrop and waited by the side. The woman stopped after a while before smiling at Fangzheng. "Venerable One, might you be Venerable Fangzheng?"

Fangzheng was taken aback. There were quite a number of visitors that came, many of them knowing him or coming because of his name. However, the advertising effects of City-Toppling Beauty had long since ended. It was no longer the talk of the town. Fangzheng never expected someone to still come for him.

Fangzheng pressed his palms together. "Amitabha. It's This Penniless Monk. Patron, is there something you need?" Although Fangzheng asked he was already prepared to take a selfie with her...

The woman smiled. "I was introduced by Mdm. Dong Yueru. My name is Guan Ping. Venerable Fangzheng, I've heard much about you. I just never expected you to be this young."

Fangzheng was taken aback. Dong Yueru? Who was that? He had never heard of her! Fangzheng probed, "Patron Guan, This Penniless Monk does not know the Patron Dong you mentioned. Did you find the wrong person?"

"Uh..." Guan Ping was taken aback. She looked at the young monk in front of her and her heart faltered. Dong Yueru had not told her much. She only told her to visit him and perhaps he could resolve the knot in her heart. She came due to her trust in Dong Yueru. But the young monk in front of her was so young. He did not resemble a master. Could such a person really help her? Or could it be that she had come to the wrong place? However, she had carefully taken note of the door. This was indeed One Finger Monastery!

Guan Ping asked, "Isn't this Mt. One Finger, One Finger Monastery? Is there a second Mt. One Finger, a second One Finger Monastery, or a second Venerable Fangzheng?"

Fangzheng was taken aback before he shook his head and said with a smile, "Of course not."

"Then I'm right. As for Sis Dong... Uh, Sis Dong mentioned that she was there when you treated Fang Yunjing. Venerable Fangzheng, do you have any memory of this?" asked Guan Ping.

Fangzheng was once again stunned. Dong Yueru was there when he treated Fang Yunjing? He had no human beside him! Then he realized something.

Fangzheng held up a finger. "Patron, please hold a moment. This Penniless Monk needs to check something."

Guan Ping nodded slightly.

Fangzheng returned to the backyard and immediately took out his cell phone. He sent a message on WeChat to Zhao Datong, Ma Juan, and Hu Han. "Do you know of a woman named Dong Yueru?"

Ma Juan was still asleep and had her cell phone switched off. Hu Han was also sleeping but Zhao Datong, who had just returned from a night out, saw the message. He replied, "I know her. She's a psychiatrist a schoolmate invited back when Yunjing was ill. She's said to be well known. What happened? Is there a problem, Venerable Fangzheng?"

Fangzheng understood what had happened. He replied: "No problem I was just asking. Thanks."

Putting his cell phone away, Fangzheng returned to the front yard. Guan Ping was looking at Squirrel who was on the bodhi tree.

"Venerable Fangzheng, this place is nice and quiet. There's a tiny creature to accompany you. I feel relaxed ever since I came here."

Fangzheng smiled faintly. "There are benefits to being on a mountain but there is austerity on the mountains to accompany it. Female Patron, let's talk about why you are here." Fangzheng was a little anxious. Lone Wolf carried small-sized water buckets. It will probably be dark by the time Lone Wolf as done if he counted on Lone Wolf to irrigate the entire paddy alone. Although the woman in front of him was beautiful, Fangzheng only had eyes for his paddy. His stomach's future was there.

Guan Ping looked strangely at the monk in front of her. Was this guy not male? Was it that painful to spend time with a beauty like her? Why did she feel like he disparaged her and wished for her to leave as soon as possible?

Guan Ping shrugged away the displeasure in her heart and took a deep breath. "Is it convenient to speak here?"

Fangzheng looked out the door. "Patron, if by convenience you mean no one else will hear then you can say what you wish."

Guan Ping blinked before she laughed dryly. "That's right. The path has been sealed. No one will come."

The two sat down. "Venerable Fangzheng, it's like this. My name is Guan Ping. You can call me an actress. I was born from a farming household and my days were going pretty well. Yet recently, I've been frustrated. I realize that although the friends beside me do not earn as much as I do, they always seem to have an unending number of brand bags, clothes and shoes to use. Later, I found out that the things they did to earn this clothes are... immoral."

"They tried to persuade me to join but... I just can't do it. Later, I discovered that we just didn't click. They were forever discussing luxury goods, cosmetics but I have none of those. I feel inferior to them. It makes me feel terrible..."

Guan Ping's cell phone suddenly rang. Her expression changed when she saw the number on it. She stood up. "Excuse me a moment."

Guan Ping quickly walked out of the monastery and picked up the call. She whispered into it as the other end of the line appeared to be pressing her about something, something that appeared urgent. After some time, Guan Ping hung up and came to Fangzheng. She said embarrassed, "Sorry, I have some urgent matters to tend to. I'll be taking my leave."

"Amitabha, take your time. This Penniless Monk needs to head down the mountain to draw water. Let's walk." With that said, Fangzheng picked up the water buckets and went down the mountain with Guan Ping.

On the way down, Guan Ping remained silent and walked quickly. She was indeed in a hurry, her eyes flickering. Clearly, she was struggling inwardly. Just as Fangzheng was about to draw water from the spring source, Guan Ping suddenly shouted, "Venerable One, I know someone who is extremely rich. He's been courting me. Should I enter a relationship with him?"

Fangzheng was taken aback. To think she had asked him for relationship advice. He had never been in a relationship... so how could he give her advice? Fangzheng pressed his palms together and smiled wryly. "Amitabha. Patron, if This Penniless Monk had been in love, he would not be living by himself on this mountain."

Guan Ping smiled wryly in response and nodded. "I'm sorry for disturbing you, Venerable One."

With that said, Guan Ping left. Fangzheng shook his head slightly as he watched her leave. He knew nothing of love!

Fangzheng drew two buckets of water and went back up the mountain.

A car was waiting for her when she reached the foot of the mountain. She boarded it and a woman leaned in close to her and whispered, "Boss Zhang is here again. Sis Guan, tell me if you agree. He flies all the way here from time to time and the amount of roses he has given you can rival a mountain. Can't you tell he's sincere?"

Guan Ping lowered her head and kept her tongue.

The car drove straight to an empty square in Songwu County. The next moment, the sound of a rumbling engine could be heard from the sky. Guan Ping looked up and saw a helicopter descend. Following that, a familiar figure walked out from the helicopter and briskly ran over.