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234 Leak

 "I know who he is. It's no wonder he looked so familiar. He is the richest man in the northeast. The CEO of Ruyi Corporation's Chen Qi! Brother, we are going to soar! Haha..." Hong Qianxi laughed out loud.

Hong Qianjie laughed as well as they hugged and rejoiced. They happily went to offer incense. Following that, they descended the mountain beaming. They got onto their bicycles and returned to school to prepare the information needed.

Fangzheng stood on the mountain, smiling as he watched them leave. When he thought of them calling him 'Brother Water Ghost,' he had the urge to curse... Your whole damned family is the Water Ghost!

Fangzheng rolled his eyes and carefully probed, "System, say. Didn't I just help someone..."

"Ding! Don't even think about it. This was something you could choose to do or not. Even if they had not used their merit to exchange for luck in this life, they would still receive good karma in the next. All you did was let luck fall on them early."

"No one can tell the future. Who knows what will happen in the next life? It's still better to receive the karmic rewards they deserve in their present life. If everyone can feel the substantial rewards, they will enjoy doing good and thus accrue more merit."

"Without merit as a foundation, how would the next incarnation work? Are they going to continue suffering in the mortal world? A life of bitterness, a life of sweetness."

Fangzheng shook his head. "A life with sweetness in bitterness, and bitterness in sweetness is what is called life. Being successful in everything might not necessarily mean happiness. System, I know this better than you since I'm human. As for you... Right, what are you actually?"

System: "@#[email protected]"

In the day that followed, Fangzheng kept track of what happened in Hongyan Monastery and carefully remembered whatever Hongyan Monastery did in its organization of the Dharma Assembly. Zen Master Hongyan even wanted Fangzheng to share a few words on stage but after some thought, Fangzheng felt he had nothing to say. He tactfully rejected. Apart from reciting the scriptures with everyone, he spent most of the time watching.

Fangzheng did not steal the show but someone he knew did. It was none other than Monkey!

Monkey wore monk robes and he walked around the monastery like a human. When people threw trash on the ground, he would pick it up in passing and throw it into a trash bin. Whenever a baby cried, he would jump around to coax them. He even recited the scriptures with the monks! He had been following Fangzheng all this while, so his every action had Fangzheng's shadow in it. No matter who he faced, he would try his best to calm himself down and smile genially. This amazed the devotees as they called him Master Monkey. They took pictures as remembrance and posted it on their social networks.

There were people who even asked the monks of Hongyan Monastery about the origin of Monkey. When they heard that it was a monkey monk from One Finger Monastery, they were all amazed. What the heck was actually happening in One Finger Monastery?

After some continued pressing while word spread through the social networks, One Finger Monastery's name became a hot topic of conversation once again.

Thinking back to how City-Toppling Beauty was filmed on Mt. One Finger, people quickly associated both matters together. One Finger Monastery's reputation began to slowly spread...

"Ding! Congratulations. Monkey's performance has been acknowledged by everyone. One Finger Monastery's reputation is rapidly spreading. However, it is still a little short of completing the mission. I have to advise you to speed up," said the System.

Fangzheng, who had just returned to his quarters, was momentarily stunned. He never expected to receive such a notice from the System at this moment in time. Unfortunately, it was a notice of mission completion. However, when he heard how outstanding Monkey's performance was, he made sure to keep it in mind. He rubbed Monkey's head. "You did well today. You can have an additional helping of food when we return. You can also choose not to sweep the floor if you wish so."

Fangzheng was surprised to see Monkey shake his head. "Abbot, I think if it's possible, I want to continue sweeping the floor. Can you convert that reward into more food?"

Fangzheng: "32$#..."

Fangzheng asked perplexed, "Are you addicted to sweeping?"

"No, I just think that when I sweep the leaves outside while you recite the scriptures in the Buddhist hall, my heart feels calm and comfortable. I like that feeling," stated monkey.

Fangzheng nodded as he could not help but reflect how intelligent Monkey was.

In that case, Fangzheng turned generous as well. "Okay. Then continue sweeping the floor. I'll allow you to have an additional helping of food, a large one too."

Monkey immediately somersaulted in glee as he laughed.

Fangzheng spent most of the night filling a notebook with what he had learned before going to bed. As he wrote it down, he verbalized it. Monkey was illiterate, but could understand. He would add anything he discovered to be missing.

After a night without any major events, Wang Yougui came to bring Fangzheng back early in the morning. Fangzheng bade Zen Master Hongyan farewell, got onto the motorcycle, and returned to One Finger Monastery.

And at the same time, in a particular movie studio.

"Director Yu, are we really posting it?" asked Old Tao.

"Of course. Haha... Since Venerable Fangzheng doesn't wish to continue acting, such a classic scene should still be used." answered Yu Guanze with a laugh.

"Then... would it be fine on Venerable Fangzheng's side?" asked Old Tao.

"Yes... I considered that problem. Since he was willing to make a guest appearance, I believe he does not mind appearing on television. Furthermore, monasteries all want incense offerings. Remember to include the address of One Finger Monastery," said Yu Guanze.

"Alright. I'll make the preparations. Such viral marketing should work well... But Director, would people flood us with bad reviews if our movie lacks this scene?" asked Old Tao.

"That is not something for you to consider. Go, do it." Yu Guanze thought nothing of it. When the time came, he could clarify that he was using it as an opportunity to hype up interest for the movie. It was unlikely for it to be a problem.

That day, Zhu Lin woke up early. After washing up and putting on her makeup, she prepared to get to work, live streaming!

With the title of Kinky Queen, Zhu Lin naturally had to as kinky as possible. Therefore, there was a need to gather material to increase her knowledge stores. She switched on her computer and the first thing she did was look for new jokes or news.

When she did so, she saw a news pop up in the entertainment section.

"Shocking! An internal clip of City-Toppling Beauty has been leaked. Have you seen such a monk before?"

"A behind-the-scenes video of City-Toppling Beauty. Hehe, this kind of trick to stir interest is so common. I won't be watching!" Zhu Lin decisively refused to watch it. However, when she saw the monk on the cover, she was stunned. Her jaw dropped, "That can't be... Master even does this? Is this his part-time job?"

Zhu Lin tapped to open the video. The next moment, she saw dark skies as black clouds hung in the sky. The Rouran army appeared as a slaughter ensued. A few intense scenes of fighting appeared as Hua Mulan's character changed. In the final battle, the scene of an entire wipeout, together with the emotional background music made the blood boil!