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138 Help Style a Knife

 Zhu Lin immediately typed out a reply: "Scrammmmm!"

Realizing how she had failed to trick Fangzheng, to the point of not even making him feel a little strange or expose his true character, she immediately felt defeated. Unwilling to give up, she nudged Fangzheng again, making him a little unhappy. Why was this female patron touching him again and again? Was she molesting him?

However, he did not say that aloud. All he could do was look exasperatedly at Zhu Lin.

Zhu Lin said, "Master, might I ask you a question?"

Fangzheng said, "Female Patron, go ahead. If This Penniless Monk knows the answer, he will definitely answer. However, This Penniless Monk is still lacking in knowledge. There are many things This Penniless Monk doesn't know."

Zhu Lin ignored the latter half of Fangzheng's answer. She said with a smile, "Tell me, the monk from Journey to the West, Tripiṭaka had to undergo 81 tribulations to become Buddha. As for Bull Demon King, all he needed to do to become Buddha was to lay down his murderous knife. Why is it so difficult for a good person to become Buddha? Why would it be so easy for a bad person to become Buddha? Is this fair?"

Fangzheng never expected Zhu Lin to ask such a question. He originally thought that she would continue with her inane questions.

Before Fangzheng replied, someone suddenly said from behind, "Well, he already has a knife with him. Are you going to have a verbal fight with him? Lay down the knife first before anyone speaks."

Fangzheng: "#@[email protected]#%"

Immediately, another person added, "Bull Demon King found Gautama Buddha and asked: 'Can I become a Buddha?' Gautama Buddha answered: 'Let's lay down the knife first and have a good chat...'"

With the duo's interruption, the discussion immediately went offtopic. Everyone on the bus began to let their imaginations run wild.

"If you don't want to get stabbed, it's best to let him lay down his knife first."

"With a knife in hand, who would dare not make you Buddha?"


Fangzheng and Zhu Lin looked at each other and collectively turned dumbfounded. Man, were all the local comedians on their bus or something?

After the interruption, there was no way for the duo to continue conversing. Furthermore, the bus entered a tunnel, causing Zhu Lin to lose her internet connection. Zhu Lin realized that no matter how she hit on Fangzheng, he would only chuckle in response. He was gentle and modest, constantly maintaining a distance between the two of them. She lost her passion to tease Fangzheng and decided to have some sleep.

After the bus left the city district, people began boarding the bus. There were more and more people.

Fangzheng leaned onto the window and imagined the scene he would encounter after arriving at Baiyun Monastery. Unfortunately, he had never been there before. All he could do was fantasize.

At that moment, a hand secretly reached out and moved towards Zhu Lin's handbag.

Fangzheng's brows pricked up slightly as he looked up. He saw a stalwart man stare at him like he was a raging bull. The corners of his mouth formed a smirk as he gave a fierce demeanor. He said softly, "Keep watching the scenery!"

Fangzheng immediately understood that he had encountered a robber! It was a particularly fierce robber at that! He looked around him and some people were fast asleep. Someone was blocking the stalwart man's side to prevent others from seeing what was happening here. Clearly, he was an accomplice!

"Watch the scenery!" said the stalwart man again.

Fangzheng looked at Zhu Lin who was still sleeping soundly. He sighed, held his palms together, and said, "Amitabha. Patron, please be quiet. Don't wake her from her sweet dreams."

"Do you f**king not understand what I just said? Turn your head away. Watch out or I'll stab you!" The stalwart man's expression turned fiercer. At the same time, he flashed a knife in front of Fangzheng.

From his point of view, the typical development would result in the other party turning their head obediently, regardless if the person was brave or not. Besides, with such a fair and tender young monk, it was unlikely he would put up a struggle and seek trouble.

However, a fair arm reached out and grabbed the sharp knife's blade under his astonished gaze.

"What are you doing?!" asked the stalwart man subconsciously.

"Amitabha. Nothing. This knife doesn't look nice, so This Penniless Monk will help you change its style." Fangzheng gently squeezed with his strength.

"Let go! Let go or I'll stab you!" threatened the man with a hushed voice. He was glaring at Fangzheng.

Fangzheng said with a smile, "Amitabha."

Fangzheng released his hand and left the man dumbfounded. He had bought the knife online, spending eighty-one yuan. It was made with workmanship from twenty-five techniques and tempered with fire through traditional methods. However, it had been twisted just like that, resembling Fried Dough Twist!

"This... This..." The man looked at the grinning monk and was at a loss for words. His lips were trembling.

"Beard, what are you doing? Hurry," the lanky man beside him whispered without turning his head over.

Beard said wryly, "Let me try with your knife."

"What? Don't you have one? Also, we are robbers. Just threaten them into submission. Are you really trying to stab them?" the lanky man whispered into Beard's ears softly.

"I brought one, but I'm suspecting I might have bought a fake one. Darn scam merchants. Give me your watermelon knife." After Beard said that, he handed his Fried Dough Twist knife to the lanky man.

When the lanky man received it, he nearly jumped up in fright after seeing it. Thankfully, he reacted in time and shouted whatever he wanted to say inwardly, "Holy motherf**king sh*t. What the f**k is this!?"

The lanky man handed his watermelon knife to Beard who pointed it at Fangzheng once again. He said fiercely, "If you have what it takes, try twisting this into Fried Dough Twist again!"

Just as his voice faded, he saw a blur. The knife was already in the monk's hands. Then, the monk smiled and exerted strength with his hands!

The sound of metal twisting sounded, leaving the watermelon knife twisted. Then, the monk stuffed the knife back into Beard's hand. He smiled and asked, "Patron, do you have any other requests? Should I tie a butterfly knot for you?"

"Driver! Stop the bus! I want to get off!"

"Stop shouting! Why would you alight in the middle of nowhere?"

"Stop the bus! Stop it! I want to get off! If you don't stop for me, I'm going to stab you with a Fried Dough Twist!"


The long-distance bus stopped by the roadside. Following that, three men ran down the bus and sprinted away amid the snow-laden wheat fields as though they were pursuing their long-lost youth.

Only then did the driver come round. A Fried Dough Twist could be used to stab a person to death? Were these guys comedians?

When Fangzheng saw this, he smiled and leaned by the window. He closed his eyes and took a nap. As for redeeming the robbers? Fangzheng did want to do so, but it was clearly impossible in the situation he was in. It was hard to determine what would happen if the bus jerked when he pulled them into a dream... So that was all he could do.

However, he failed to realize that the girl beside him had already opened her eyes slightly. She heaved a long sigh of relief. It turned out that Zhu Lin had not fallen asleep at all. Instead, she had been given a fright. She did not dare move. She hoped that a knight in shining armor would save her. If not, she believed in the principle of buying peace, so she had been feigning sleep.

In the end, she never expected that a scene that nearly dropped her jaw would happen. Fangzheng actually twisted the knife with his bare hands? Wasn't that... too miraculous? Was that possible?

At that moment, the driver's voice sounded, "Everyone, check to see if you have lost any valuable items. If you have, quickly make a police report. They haven't gone far."

"F**k. Driver, why didn't you tell us earlier if you knew that they were robbers?" someone shouted immediately. Following that, everyone began checking their items.

"Tell you earlier? I run this route every day. These few bastards have been going in and out of prison all the time. Every time they are out, they return to this route. If I say anything, will I be able to continue driving? Besides, didn't I air the warning when I saw them come?" The driver wasn't happy either.

However, someone else was happy at that time.

"Senior Brother Wu Ming. It's settled! Everything has been settled. As long as Fangzheng tries to get a ferry to Baiyun Monastery-hehe. I guarantee you that he will understand the idiom: Lament one's littleness before the vast ocean!" Hong Xiang said on the phone.

Wu Ming gave a satisfied nod and said, "Well done. Hmph, that will teach him a lesson."