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92 Problems with Suboptimal Health

 Therefore, Fangzheng's impression of female nurses and doctors was that they were pretty, clean, and sacred, as though they were movie stars.

However, the woman in front of him resembled those female bullies that stood every day outside the school gates, smoking as they waited to extort money from an unlucky fool.

Hence, Fangzheng remained wary and asked, "Are you sure you can't stand up?"

Li Fengxian said pitifully, "I really can't get up."

"Patron, there is a wolf on the mountain," Fangzheng said.

Li Fengxian sneered inwardly. She had done her homework, so how could she not know that there was a wolf appearing around the temple grounds? As such, she showed no fear as she said, "I know, but I'm not afraid."

Fangzheng signaled to Lone Wolf that was returning from a distance. Lone Wolf proned down and tumbled around, covering his silver fur with a layer of dust that turned him gray. He howled before running over.

Fangzheng began closing the door and said, "Patron, you might not be afraid, but I am. Amitabha. Bye bye."

When Li Fengxian saw this, she felt her hair stand. Hearing a wolf howl behind her, she turned and saw a ferocious looking wolf pounce at her! The gray fur seemed to tell her that this was not the silver wolf that the news had mentioned! This was a gray wolf!

Li Fengxian was scared out of her wits as she stumbled to get up. She ran as fast as she could, throwing her high heel shoes into the air! Simultaneously, she yelled, "Little Monk, open the door!"

Li Fengxian ran to the door, and it opened with a creak. Fangzheng appeared behind the door with a smile. He had his palms together as he said, "Amitabha. Female Patron, your medical skills are truly impeccable. You have already healed yourself?"

Li Fengxian was confounded as she looked at the honest-looking Fangzheng. This fellow did not appear afraid at all. She turned her head again and saw the gray wolf that was chasing her had stopped. It was playing around happily with her high heel shoes. When she took a careful look, it wasn't a gray wolf. It was clearly a silver wolf covered in dust! It looked like a gray wolf at first glance but upon taking a careful look, she could see the white underneath it.

Li Fengxian immediately understood that she had been fooled by the young monk in front of her. She was so incensed that she nearly cursed out loud!

Fangzheng chuckled and said, "Female Patron, since your legs are fine, it's best you wear your shoes. It's cold up here on the mountain."

Li Fengxian stared at Fangzheng and gritted her teeth. "Aiyah! It's painful!"

She slumped to the ground and rubbed her ankle. While bawling, she cried in pain, "It was a life-and-death situation just now that gave me a spurt of adrenaline. Great, I now have injury heaped over injury after running with an injury! Sob..."

Fangzheng looked at the woman in front of him in a speechless manner. He could not figure out what she was doing here in One Finger Temple. This was the first time he met a woman that pestered him endlessly. He began having a headache.

However, there was something that made Fangzheng even more speechless. "Female Patron, you were rubbing your left ankle just now. Why are you now rubbing your right ankle? Did your pain shift?"

When Li Fengxian heard that, she was stumped. Looking down, she had indeed rubbed the wrong leg! She blushed and exclaimed, "Ah, I'm so confused from the pain. Aiyah. It's so painful!"

Li Fengxian began rubbing her left ankle.

Fangzheng said, "This Penniless Monk was indeed mistaken. Patron, you were indeed rubbing your right ankle a while ago and not the left one."

When Li Fengxian heard that, she immediately turned embarrassed. She had been acting without much thought, so she had already forgotten which foot she had been rubbing! With Fangzheng messing with her, she was left a little dumbfounded. She asked, "Which one is it?"

"Female Patron, don't you know which ankle of yours is in pain?" Fangzheng answered back.

Li Fengxian decided to rub her left ankle as she exclaimed, "I must be completely confused. Both ankles hurt."

"Is that so? Patron, please wait a moment." Fangzheng turned around and left.

"Little Monk, what are you doing now?" Li Fengxian exclaimed.

Fangzheng said, "Making a phone call. I'll get the village chief to get someone to carry you down for treatment."

"Hey, hey, hey. Little Monk, are you dumb? Didn't I tell you? I'm a doctor! Help me up and let me sit inside. I can treat myself!" Li Fengxian had come for Fangzheng, so how could she be carried down the mountain without any progress after just meeting him?

Fangzheng looked suspiciously at Li Fengxian and said, "Female Patron, it is improper for men and women to touch each other. Furthermore, as a monk, I cannot help you up."

"Little Monk, what did you say? Why does it sound like I'm the one taking advantage of you-" When she said that, Li Fengxian blushed slightly. She had accidentally blurted out her inner thoughts. However, she was thick-skinned enough as she immediately said, "It's like you are the one taking advantage of me. Don't worry. I won't blame you."

"But Buddha will blame me," Fangzheng said in all seriousness.

"Buddha will not blame you either. You are doing good, so why would he blame you? Moreover, I'm truly in pain. I'm not thinking any less of you, so what are you afraid of?" Li Fengxian said.

Fangzheng said, "Female Patron, This Penniless Monk has a method to help you into the temple."

"Don't bother about the method. Do it quickly. The ground is really cold..." Li Fengxian was not lying this time. It was winter, and it was even snowing. The northeastern snow was very cold. The snow would melt the moment it touched the ground, absorbing away the heat from the ground and air. Such a sudden change in temperature was something the human body could not completely adjust to. Especially when it was on a mountaintop. It was only colder.

After sitting on the ground for a while, Li Fengxian still felt cold even though she wore a leopard-skin coat. She felt her buttocks stiffening!

At the next moment-

Li Fengxian was almost close to tears. Looking at the huge wolf that carried her up and how she was now covered in dust, her leopard skin coat had nearly fused into a coat of gray wolf skin. She was immediately too deep for tears as she gave Fangzheng a bitter glance. He was walking in front of her looking white and sacred. She thought to herself, "Chen Jing said that you are a pervert draped in a monk's skin. I refuse to believe I can't make you succumb to me! Let's see how long you can put on this act!"

Lone Wolf carried Li Fengxian to the bodhi tree before placing her there. Then, it turned around and raised its hind leg to scratch its body. Immediately dust filled the skies...

Being enveloped by the dust cloud, Li Fengxian could only go: "@#[email protected]%!"

Fangzheng chased Lone Wolf away and asked, "Female Patron, are you feeling better?"

Li Fengxian did not wish to talk about her injury as it only caused her more trouble. An idea came to her mind as she diverted the topic, "Little Monk, what's your name?"

"This Penniless Monk is Fangzheng," said Fangzheng.

"Fangzheng? Is that a Dharma name? What's your ordinary name?" Li Fengxian asked earnestly.

Fangzheng said with a wry smile, "This Penniless Monk was taken in by One Finger Temple from a young age. Both my ordinary name and Dharma name are Fangzheng," after introducing himself, he didn't show any intentions of probing Li Fengxian.

Li Fengxian did not mind it as she immediately said, "I'm Li Fengxian, a doctor. The main thing I do is resolving problems regarding suboptimal health. Oh right, do you know what suboptimal health is?"

Fangzheng shook his head. He really did not know.

"You don't? That's grea- Terrible!" Li Fengxian was delighted. She was really afraid the monk knew everything. It would be difficult for her to deceive him if that were the case. Li Fengxian said, "Suboptimal health is about how there might exist many unseen elements which can affect one's health even if one appears seemingly healthy. These elements are not obvious at first, but over long periods of time, they will cause illnesses. As for me, I help people resolve these unseen problems by giving dietary or lifestyle advice." When Li Fengxian said this, she glanced at Fangzheng and said, "Little Monk, although you seem as strong as an ox, it seems you have suboptimal health problems. Do you want me to give you a check-up?"