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1174 Running through the Crowd for a Hug

 The people outside were anxious although the tattooed man in the car couldn't move anymore now. The parents were the first batch of people to break through the line of defense. Some people even pushed the police officers who were standing there in the first place. But during such moments, everyone knew how eager they were to fetch their children.

Compared to the chaos outside, the children in the car alight orderly based on their seating positions. Bo Jiu asked them to form a line. Then she blocked the children from the tattooed man with her body and crippled the other hand too. She felt more at ease this way.

There was blood on the children's body too. The fear of what had happened just now could still be seen on their faces. One of the children's legs gave way when she took a step forward.

Bo Jiu reached her hand out and prevented her from falling down. She said in a careful manner, "Walk slowly. There's no need to hurry."

"Okay!" The child nodded. She was still afraid but still, all of them were very obedient. The child sniffed her nose and walked forward. When she got off the school bus, her mother hugged the child in her arms immediately. The child finally started crying.

The situation was finally under control and the person in-charge heaved a huge sigh of relief. There was another person who felt relieved too. That was Prince. When the devil was sitting on the tree, his force of presence was too great. He only took two shots. Not one less, not one more. When he pulled the trigger for each shot, he would feel something moving past his ear.

Prince was the person who saw everything clearly. When the devil jumped down from the tree, there was only one thought in Prince's heart. Goddamn! This was an expert marksman! He managed to get a headshot at such a weird angle. No wait, it was two headshots!

Most importantly, his speed was very fast. Not only had he done it exceptionally fast but he also seemed to have finished analyzing the person's movement when he had raised his gun.

Mentality, speed, and combat experience; he had all these elements.

Prince's mind was in a whirl but it didn't stop him from rushing out to enjoy his happiness. He was really happy. When he saw the little children and their friends dancing, a huge weight seemed to be lifted off his heart.

All the members of the operation group started putting their guns away. It was as if they had never appeared in the first place.

Prince and Wolf were stationed in the same area as Qin Mo.

They noticed that the devil's pocket was bulging. He carried his rifle with one hand and walked towards the direction of the school bus.

After a series of fights, the entire place was white and bare. The person's back view was tall and straight. His wrist was covered with black tape. When he walked through the crowd, time seemed to have stopped. Everyone started turning around to take a look.

Qin Mo didn't seem to care about them though. He pulled the youngster down from the bus. Then he gave her a huge hug. Even his gaze was deep.

Bo Jiu paused for a moment. She smelled the nice fragrance of mint on his body. What was different from the normal times was the smell of gunpowder was mixed in. She wanted to hug him too but she realized that there was blood on her hands and clothes. "Brother Mo, I'm dirty."

"I don't mind." Qin Mo exerted more force on his hand. He appeared as though he wanted to push the person into his body.

Don't mind? That means I can hug him back. Bo Jiu smiled as she stretched her hands out. It wasn't strange to hug at this time. After all, the scene just now was a life-or-death situation.

But those people that were familiar with their boss were actually cursing in their hearts. They couldn't believe that this devil would do such actions. In the past, their boss would pull them up after they managed to survive their mission. But a hug? Excuse me?