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 "Why don't we start with a kiss?" Bo Jiu declared, her eyes bright, a teasing smile spreading across her face but his stare made her hesitate. Qin Mo's gaze seemed emotionless, his eyes defined with a hint of coldness, an untouchable distance.

In order to progress naturally, Qin Mo tilted his head to the side when Bo Jiu leaned forward for a kiss. The kiss intended for his lips ended up on his jaw.

Bo Jiu was slightly dejected by the failure but it wasn't enough to throw off this sugar daddy. With the Almighty's looks, he had the credentials to act as a proud little fairy.

For the second time, Bo Jiu leaned forward and this time, the kiss landed where it should. Their lips touched, a tinkly coolness running through her.

He didn't show any signs of objection, remaining motionless.

Bo Jiu moved away, watching his emotionless eyes.

She leaned forward towards his ear once more. "Brother Mo, I was left with no choice since you didn't reciprocate my confession."

"A thug looking for an excuse?" Qin Mo's gaze darkened.

Bo Jiu straightened with a smile. "Brother Mo, I'll help you undress first, isn't it uncomfortable?"

"Haven't you thought of the consequences of your actions?" Qin Mo asked, dragging his words.

Bo Jiu muttered, "You're going to leave anyways."

Qin Mo hadn't heard her muttered words. He watched as the person on his waist reached out towards his shirt. Qin Mo continued to heat up. The unbearable feverish sensation could only be understood by a man.

Even then, Bo Jiu moved extremely slowly. She continued to tease him, not tending to his needs.

Qin Mo's moved impatiently, unable to restrain his desires. That seemed like the only way he could control himself from pouncing onto her. He couldn't act impulsively as he was waiting for her to take the lead.

Bo Jiu wasn't dumb and knew the drugs had an effect on the Almighty. She hadn't forgotten to handcuff Qin Mo's uninjured wrist to the bed stand.

Qin Mo's gaze deepened. "If I were you, I would dispel those ignorant thoughts, Z. Little Jiu."

"Brother Mo, are you referring to the hand cuffs?" Bo Jiu chuckled mischievously, reaching over to plant a light kiss on the edges of his lips. She declared confidently, "I'm afraid the drugs aren't effective. With the cuffs on, Brother Mo won't be able to escape. Brother Mo, you should know how many times I have thought through this. Can't you just let me kiss you in peace, without disruption? You look extremely alluring right now."

For the first time, Qin Mo was helpless against her. He moved his lips and spat out, "You're dead."

"Brother Mo, I didn't say much the previous time you treated me in such a manner." Bo Jiu chuckled. "Besides, the victor calls the shots and the loser can warm the bed. Brother Mo, you should open up your heart."

Qin Mo watched the impending kiss. This time, it landed on his collar bone, sending his heart ablaze. He could feel a feverish burn engulfing him from within while he watched her flawless looking complexion, his breathing turning uneven.

But Bo Jiu remained oblivious to his changes. She reached out and unbuckled his belt. "Brother Mo, be good, I'll be gentle." Bo Jiu wanted to calm him since her actions seemed rather despicable. This was a common tactic used by second female leads in romance novels - drugging the male lead.

She had never expected herself to turn to such means but if the Almighty was adamant about not letting her touch him, she would oblige and respect his wishes.

The drugs probably threw him off a little. When she noticed his uneven breaths, Bo Jiu chuckled. "Brother Mo, you want it too, don't you?" The youngster tilted her body to whisper into his ears. Her breath held the sweetness from the candy she just ate, tugging on his heart strings.

Qin Mo swallowed. He couldn't wait any longer and couldn't tolerate any more of her teasing. He reached out and hugged her in his embrace.

Bo Jiu paused, looking at him in confusion.

A kiss landed on her lips and her mind went blank. It was a kiss that drowned out all thoughts, leaving her at his mercy. Their breathes merged into one, her limbs turning limp from the intensity.

When he had enough, the Almighty left her lips. "Isn't this the reason you drugged me? This is what you call a kiss, what you did just now was merely touching my lips."

Bo Jiu could feel the heat of his breath splashing onto her ears, his words carrying a hint of mockery. "I have never seen a criminal as dumb as you."

Bo Jiu wanted to rebut but it was obvious that the Almighty wasn't going to give her the chance. The warmth penetrated her clothes, sending her ablaze. The numbing sensation came in endless waves, rocking through her body. The temperature continued to rise as Qin Mo instructed in his hoarse voice, "Release the handcuff."

Bo Jiu knew he didn't like being locked and did as he instructed, knowing it would unleash the beast within him.

Qin Mo carried her, placing her onto the soft sheets. It was probably due to the drugs but that night, Qin Mo seemed to let go entirely, without holding back as he took her over and over again. The numbing sensation never seemed to end as he called out her name.

Bo Jiu gripped tight on whether she could, suppressing the words in her throat.

"Bo Jiu." It was The Almighty's voice, deep and raspy. "Bo Jiu." He seemed to be waiting for a response.

"Mmh," she replied faintly as she was enveloped in the numbing sensation. They laid on a classic European style big bed. Her silvery hair was ruffled around her face and her perfectly snowy skin mesmerizing.

Qin Mo reached out to hold her waist, yielding her to look at him - for him to be the center of her universe.

The night started to fall and the curtains fell, hiding the moon from sight. The temperature continued to rise just like the effects the drugs had on Qin Mo. The effects intensified along with his desires.

Just before she lost consciousness, Bo Jiu wondered if she had added too much powder into his coke.

It was an unusually peaceful night. Bo Jiu slowly shut her eyes.

Qin Mo hugged onto her, the sheets no longer fit for sleeping. He placed his trench coat onto the mat and laid on top, carrying her in his arms.

"Dummy." One word - filled with love and indulgence like never before. His fingers toyed with her fringe. Qin Mo leaned forward and planted a light kiss. It wasn't a wasted trip after all. How else was he going to enjoy such proactiveness from someone of her personality?

The drugs in his body hadn't fully dissipated but a certain someone was clearly exhausted and it was almost daybreak. In her semi-consciousness, she heard a low chuckle. "Another round?"

She hadn't had the time to reply before he started. But this time, he moved with extreme tenderness, to the extent it seemed like she was the one who had been drugged.

On the second day, in anticipation of Grandfather Butler's intrusion, Bo Jiu sent him a text, telling him to come a bit later than usual.

That night, they fell into a deep slumber. Since Qin Mo had been drugged, naturally he would wake up later than Bo Jiu.

The moment Bo Jiu woke up, she felt a wave of guilt wash through her but after catching sight of the handsome face inches away from her, she broke into a wide grin. This person was hers again.

There wasn't anything s*x couldn't solve and if there really was something of such gravity, she would simply sleep with him twice.

From the looks of things, drugging him the night before had been a great success. The only imperfection was that she had softened and released him, which affected her role as the dominant part. But none of those were important as she had achieved her goal.

Bo Jiu reached out, wanting to part the hair that had fallen on his face. But the next second, her fingers paused. There was something tiny.

Bo Jiu was well versed with such devices and instantly understood what it was: a miniature listening device. It was tiny enough to be pasted on his ear, hidden by his hair but yet, it was waterproof, the sort that was used by the army.

Bo Jiu wasn't dumb, the tiny device was enough to understand the entire situation. That explained the ease of the kidnapping. Ever since the beginning, everything had been within his control.

Grandfather Butler had once warned her that ladies should act more conservatively but she hadn't listened and had forgotten the other identity she had in front of him - Z.

She hadn't made the perfect plan. In contrast to his plans, she was merely a novice as such a device carried its own locating ability.

He had been investigating her ever since he had entered the castle.

Bo Jiu wasn't dumb. She knew. She knew of his actions but never expected him to have disclosed his position.

It was only a matter of time before he left but, in that moment, the moment she saw the listening device, it felt as though a bucket of cold water had been splashed over her. A chilliness was spreading within her.