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National School Prince Is A Girl

Author: 战七少

Lastchapter: 316 Almighty Qin Rocks! Fight On!

Updated: 2019-01-24 08:11

316 Almighty Qin Rocks! Fight On!
314 Continuing to Spread Sweets and Flirting
313 They Are Fond of Each Other
312 The Almighty’s Night Is Being Auctioned Off?
311 Qin Mo Fell for Those Fruity Lips
310 Buying Qin Mo for the Nigh
309 Tokyo Nightclub Time
308 Party Time with Some Japanese Girls
307 Did He Lose It?
306 Almighty Qin Is So Full of Love
305 Almighty Qins Patience
304 Applying Medication Sweetly
303 Sweet Couple Candy!
302 Qin Mo Really Wants a Kiss
301 Kiss?
300 A Beautiful Couple
299 Like Puppy Love
298 Almighty Qin dotes on Fu Jiu
297 The Two Are together
296 Almighty Qin Changes Room
295 The Almighty Qin Takes Actions
294 Complete Annihilation
293 Fu Jiu Slapping Faces
292 Fu Jiu One Versus One
291 Fu Jius Old Friend
290 Qin Mo and Fu Jiu Verbal Teaming Up
289 Almighty Qins Interaction
288 Almighty Qin Only Has Eyes for One Person
287 Almighty Qin Keeps Fu Jiu Under His Wings
286 Killing Kali Girl Slowly
285 Friendly Match Not So Friendly
284 One-on-one Training Match
283 Lord Jiu Is Angry
282 Xue Yaoyaos Outburs
281 Upsetting Speeches
280 The Tokyo Hospitality
279 Fu Jiu Knew Clearly in Her Hear
278 Goodnigh
277 KO All Around
276 Handsome Highness Jiu
275 Are They Good Matches?
274 Secret Battle
273 You Dont Belong Here
272 Thanks for the Reply, Nitey-nigh
271 Will Boss Turn Gay?
270 The Training Location Is Quite Special
269 The Jealousy Is Getting Richer
268 Fu Jiu Never Heard of Kali
267 Being Jealous?
266 Almighty Qin?
265 Same Room?
264 Intensive Training Started, Swee
263 Our Dream
262 Airport Date
261 So Sweet!
260 Fu Jius Reaction
259 Almighty Qin says, "Yes, distributing candies."
258 Turning Into Fans
257 True Love Supported
256 Almighty Qin sends a pos
255 Fu Jiu and Qin Mo Were Separated
254 Qin Mo Cant Take It Anymore as Fu Jius Big Brother
253 Trouble is Here
252 The Danger of Losing Fans
251 Almighty Qin Tests Fu Jiu
250 Qin Mo Doesn’t Mind Coupling Up with Fu Jiu
249 Fu Jiu and Qin Mo Make a Lovely Couple
248 Almighty Qin in Action
247 Qin Mo’s Secrets
246 Jealousy Intensifying
245 Fu Jiu and Qin Mo Were Separated
244 Almighty Qin Hates Gays
243 Almighty Qin Was Jealous
242 Shocking the Whole Server
241 Celebrate a Little In-Game
240 Almighty Qin’s Hidden Jealousy
239 This Is Just the Beginning
238 Almighty Qin Covers Up Fu Jiu’s Shortcomings
237 Is Your Face Stinging?
236 A Slap in the face of oneself
235 Being Hit on the Face
234 The Fiery Hear
233 Fu Jiu Covers for Others’ Mistakes
232 Was the Great Spade Chasing Almighty Qin
231 Highness Jiu Is Flirting
230 The Opponents Later, Are the Top Masters
229 Places Where Passion Won’t be Put Ou
228 Slapping Your Face Swollen
227 Lord Jiu Said He Can Kill You with a New Accoun
226 His Highness Jiu’s Explosive Attack Terminates the Whole Team!
225 Lord Jiu Is on the Move!
224 Competing with a New Account?!
223 Fanboying Spade Z or Dissing him???
222 His Highness Jiu in Action, Hacking the Whole Interne
221 Lord Jiu, Almighty Qin
220 They Said Fu Jiu Was Faking Spade Z!
219 He Is Spade Z?!
218 Fu Jiu’s Entrance
217 He Family Corps, Yin Wuyao
216 The First Round of Face Slapping
215 Looking Down Upon Fu Jiu
214 This Young Man Is Going to Be a Star!
213 Ready? Show time!
212 Fu Jiu, the Handsome Captain
211 Our Belief
210 He Thought He Was a Keyboard Warrior, But He Was Actually a Blackie
209 Slapping Fu Ximing’s Face
208 Fu Jiu Is Allowed to Attend the Gaming Contes
207 The Overjoyed He Honghua
206 The Online Gaming Contest Is Coming!
205 Brother Wear, or Couple Wear?
204 The Good Looking Pair
203 Almighty Takes Fu Jiu to Buy Undies...
202 The Bossy Almighty Qin
201 Buying Candies Is a Trap?
200 The Domineering Almighty Qin
199 Almighty Qin Enjoys Being a Guardian So Much
198 Almighty Qin as a Guardian
197 Little Brother Was Being Treated Unfairly?
196 Almighty Qin Is a Little Brother Maniac
195 Copied? Guessed the Questions?
194 Full Score, Crit!
193 Announcing the Scores
192 Young Master Qin Waiting for a Tex
191 Signing up for the Gaming Contes
190 The Almighty’s Presence Was Still There
189 His Highness Jiu in Exams
188 His Highness Jiu Slaps Fu Ximing’s Face
187 His Highness Jiu’s Charm
186 The Monthly Examination Starts, His Highness Jiu’s Revenge
185 Almighty Qin Takes Fu Jiu’s Temperature
184 CEO Qin, Fu Jiu Is Not Your Real Little Brother
183 That Rubbish Was Scared of Us!
182 A Gentle Royal Highness Jiu
181 With a Freak Combination of Circumstances, His Highness Jiu Exposes Herself
180 Lord Jiu Is Surrounded?
179 Planning a Beating and Kidnapping
178 Someone Had His Sights on His Highness Jiu
177 Lord Jiu’s “Great Auntie”
176 Pressing Her Under His Body
175 Lord Jiu Flirts with Almighty Qin
174 I’m Sleeping with Your Young Master in the Same Room
173 Keeping the Scourge by One’s Side Is the Safest Way
172 Did You Forget About the Bedtime Stories?
171 Need to Be “Gentle” with Your Little Brother in Bed
170 Bedding the Almighty?
169 Almighty Is Going to Bed
168 Almighty Started Grilling Fu Jiu Again
167 Almighty Finds Something
166 Almighty Gives His Highness Jiu a Table Bam
165 Almighty’s Trick
164 Almighty Starts to Grill Fu Jiu
163 Take Me to Your Young Master’s Room
162 Qin Mo Orders You to Head to the Fu Residence
161 Qin Mo Is Waiting at School
160 No Fun to Beat Them Up Here!
159 Lord Jiu’s Wisdom
158 The Battle Team Is Formed!
157 A Successful Gay Meetup!
156 Academic Trash!
155 Putting Highness Jiu’s Face on Pillows!
154 Fu Jiu Was Never A Useless Trash
153 All Team Members’ Gay Meetup
152 Qin Mo Takes Fu Jiu to School in Person
151 At Dawn, the Man Had Some Physical Reaction
150 Sleeping Spooned
149 Sleeping in the Same Bed!
148 His Little Brother Needs Discipline!
147 That’s Right! Lets Sleep Together!
146 Sleep Together!
145 Almighty Qin Wants to Control Lord Jiu?
144 Almighty’s Words Are Like Slaps to the Face
143 Fu Ximing Says That Spade Z Is Nobody!
142 Attention to All Servers, Block Little Ripple!
141 Lord Jiu and Almighty’s Teamwork
140 Someone Looks Down Upon Almighty?
139 A Jealous CEO Qin
138 This Guy Is Flirting Again!
137 Young Master Treats Him Like a Friend
136 Almighty Qin Dries His Highness Jiu’s Hair
135 Bringing Him Home For A Shower, Almighty Turned Gay?
134 Almighty and Fu Jiu’s Juicy Jade Rabbits...
133 Lord Jiu Is Taking a Shower...
132 Fu Jiu Slept with Almighty?
131 Lord Jiu Falls into Almighty Qin’s Trap and Stays Over
130 She Had to Sleep Here for the Nigh
129 Qin Mo and Fu Jiu Spends the Night Together
128 Boys and Girls Shouldn’t Share The Same Table In the Future
127 The Difference Between Academic Trash and Straight As
126 Sweet Tutoring Sessions
125 Qin Mo Feeds Lord Jiu
124 Chapter 125: Who Made An Elder Brother Like Me Fail To Meet The Mark
123 Almighty Qin Said To Finish You
122 Qin Mo Indulges His Little Brother
121 Almighty Qin Disciplines Lord Jiu at Home
120 Almighty Qin, Going Back with Me
119 Almighty Qin’s Face Slapping
118 I Will Be Your Private Physics Tutor Later On
117 Almighty Qin’s Jealousy Reaches a Whole New Level
116 Qin Mo’s Jealousy
115 Young Master Qin’s Jealousy Elevated
114 Almighty Qin Treats the Young Man Differently
113 Almighty Qin Starts Turning Jealous
112 Almighty Is Becoming More and More of a Little Brother Maniac
111 The Perfect Excuse
110 Time to Get Changed
109 Indirect Kissing?
108 Almighty Qin Is Really Nice to This “Little Brother”
107 Lord Jiu Started to Tease Almighty Qin Again
106 Almighty Qin Got Out of the Car to Grab Jiu Directly
105 Taking You to Play Tennis
104 Be the King of the New Star Selection Contes
103 Lord Jiu’s Gaming Skill Very Cool
102 Almighty Qin Teases Fu Jiu
101 Almighty Qin Said, Come Out, I’ll Take You to Lunch
Chapter 100: Jealous, Is Fu Jiu Gay or Straight?
Chapter 99: Protecting Lord Jiu’s Bestie
Chapter 98: Dont Send Such Pictures to Me Again Anymore
Chapter 97: Scheming Lord Jiu, Master of Money-making
Chapter 96: Lord Jiu Beats You Swollen with His Domineering Power!
Chapter 95: Lord Jiu Speaks Up
Chapter 94: Almighty Qin Appears
Chapter 93: Almighty Qin, Insulting My Little Brother?
Chapter 92: Lord Jiu Said, That’s Right, I Came to Insta-kill You!
Chapter 91: Almighty Qin Says, Who Does He Think He Is? Daring to Challenge My Little Brother?
Chapter 90: Wanting To Coach Lord Jiu On Playing Games?
Chapter 89: Face Slapping? Need Your Brother To Control the Situation For You?
Chapter 88: You Are Merely Pretty
Chapter 87: Turned Gay?
Chapter 86: About to Canoodle?
Chapter 85: With Almighty Qin’s Support, You Can Slap Faces Even Harder
Chapter 84: CEO Being Abnormal, Mistaking Someone for Another
Chapter 83: Eating Together, Cloud and Mud
Chapter 82: Almighty Qin Asks Fu Jiu to Call Him Big Brother
Chapter 81: Almighty Qin Playing Tricks on Lord Jiu
Chapter 80: Almighty Qin Backs Up Lord Jiu
Chapter 79: Fu Jiu Wants Alone Time with Almighty Qin
Chapter 78: Almighty Qin’s Thoughts
Chapter 77: Almighty Qin’s Guilt
Chapter 76: Young Master Qin’s Limits
Chapter 75: Lord Jiu Flirts with Almighty Qin
Chapter 74: Almighty Qin Is Coming, Lord Jiu...
Chapter 73: Young Master Qin, Lord Jiu’s First Partner
Chapter 72: Almighty Qin Asks Where Was Fu Jiu, She’s Eating Hot Pot
Chapter 71: CEO Qin Is Enraged. You Told Him to Leave, Who Do You Think You Are?!
Chapter 70: CEO Qin Went to Look for Fu Jiu, But...
Chapter 69: CEO Qin Decided to Check on That Guy’s Test Result
Chapter 68: Lord Jiu Tears the Report Sheet to Pieces
Chapter 67: Manager Puts Obstacles in Fu Jiu’s Way
Chapter 66: Almighty Qin Said No More Flirting at The Company!
Chapter 65: Almighty Qin Asked What Were You Doing, Fu Jiu Replied: I’m Flirting!
Chapter 64: You Are Precisely The One Being Fooled!
Chapter 63: Bullying Young Master Fu? Courting Death!
Chapter 62: Lord Jiu Is About to Slap Faces
Chapter 61: What If He Turned Gay?
Chapter 60: Flirted With Almighty A Little Before Bed
Chapter 59: The Oppressive Pressure Coming from the Almighty
Chapter 58: Someone Wanted to Raise Fu Jiu Onto A Pedestal as an Almighty
Chapter 57: Putting up Almighty’s First Night for Auction
Chapter 56: Almighty Qin Is Online, The World Explodes!
Chapter 55: The Almighty Is Dating Online?
Chapter 54: Almighty Said, This Is a Gay Meetup Gift
Chapter 53: Logging In to Flirt with the Almighty
Chapter 52: Kept Flirting with the God
Chapter 51: Fu Jiu Flirts with the Almighty Again
Chapter 50: Qin Mo: Let Me Take You Home
Chapter 49: Have A Control On Him When You Need To, Almighty Qin!
Chapter 48: Give the Bill to Your Lord Jiu
Chapter 47: Why Have A Gay Meetup?
Chapter 46: CEO Qin, Do You Really Think Fu Jiu Is Spade Z?
Chapter 45: Fu Jiu: Almighty Qin, Do You Need Me to Take Off Your Pants For You?
Chapter 44: Taken to the Men’s Room by Almighty Qin
Chapter 43: Black-bellied Almighty Qin, Following Fu Jiu to the Restroom?
Chapter 42: Almighty Qin Touched Fu Jiu’s Head...
Chapter 41: If You Are Under Me, I’ll Consider It
Chapter 40: Qin Mo Took Fu Jiu To Dinner!
Chapter 39: Don’t Bully Little Kids!
Chapter 38: Fu Jiu & Qin Mo, Gay Meetup 2
Chapter 37: Fu Jiu & Qin Mo, In the Middle of Their Gay Meetup 1
Chapter 36: Where Are You Going, Young Master? Fu Jiu: Meeting Up With Qin Mo~
Chapter 35: Complete Change of View! Fu Jiu!
Chapter 34: Stay in Contact, Young Master Qin Said, You Get in My Car Directly
Chapter 33: Before A Gay Meetup, Fu Jiu Flirts With Girls
Chapter 32: Give You a Taste of Liking Someone!
Chapter 31: Qin Mo Asked: Before A Gay Meetup, Are You A Boy Or A Girl?
Chapter 30: Almighty Qin, What About a Gay Meetup?
Chapter 29: Young Master, Stop Kidding! How Could You Know How to Play Games?
Chapter 28: Qin Mo, About to Find Him!
Chapter 27: Fu Jiu: But It Will Never Be Absent!
Chapter 26: Fu Jiu: Justice Might Be Late...
Chapter 25: Everything Has Just Begun
Chapter 24: Fu Jiu’s Most Handsome Side
Chapter 23: Fu Jiu Flirts With Qin Mo
Chapter 22: Fu Jiu and Qin Mo’s Encounter
Chapter 21: CEO Qin, Found Spade Z! (Love and Hate)
Chapter 20: Fu Jiu’s Real Power, Cool!
Chapter 19: Fu Jiu, Let Them Come Beg Me!
Chapter 18: Fu Jiu Was Furious
Chapter 17: Fu Jiu, You Better Not Regret
Chapter 16: Made CEO Qin Stumble, Keep Looking!
Chapter 15: Spade Z Was No Teacher, But A Student!
Chapter 14: What If I Wanted to Sleep With You?
Chapter 13: Praising Me by Touching Me?
Chapter 12: Fu Jiu Ate Young Master Qin’s Tofu
Chapter 11: Fu Jiu Crashed Into Qin Mo’s Arms
Chapter 10: Fu Jiu and Qin Mo’s First Official Encounter 3
Chapter 9: Fu Jiu and Qin Mo’s First Official Encounter 2
Chapter 8: Fu Jiu and Qin Mo’s First Official Encounter 1
Chapter 7: Young Master Qin Lifted His Eyebrow, Was He Rejected?
Chapter 6: Hacker in Action and Meeting Qin Mo in Games
Chapter 5: Keeping a School Male God?
Chapter 4: Direct Face Smacking, Cool!
Chapter 3: Meeting an Old Enemy, Slap in the Face
Chapter 2: A New Fu Jiu, Cool
Chapter 1: Hacker Queen Becomes a High School Student