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Versatile Mage

Author: Chaos

Lastchapter: 1251 Just Marry Me if You Want to Thank Me

Updated: 2020-05-23 17:39

1251 Just Marry Me if You Want to Thank Me
1250 Fanxue Mountain
1249 Bet For A Kiss
1248 The Hindrance from the Local Tyran
1247 Hand of Silent Thunder
1246 The Era of the Totem Beasts
1245 Shameless Bearing
1244 An Out-And-Out Devil
1243 The Unstoppable Fire!
1242 The Laws of Natural Predators
1241 Carnelian-Head Spider
1240 The Truth Behind the Waterway
1239 Man-Eating Monster
1238 The Identity of the Moth Woman
1237 The Beautiful Lady Under the Moonligh
1236 Butterflies at Night?
1235 The Lake Without Reflections
1234 Teacher Mo Fan, Part Two
1233 Teacher Mo Fan, Part One
1232 The Man That Could Not be Schemed
1231 He Lost to Mo Fan?
1230 Deserted by All
1229 The Wings of Two Fires
1228 Wild Disaster, Shi Qianshou
1227 Barrier Core
1226 Food Preferences
1225 The Army that Faced Destruction
1224 The Fallen Town
1223 Adding Hail to Snow
1222 To Eat Ones Own Bitter Frui
1221 Eliminating Zhang Qihu
1220 Facing a Hundred Soldiers!
1219 The Scum in the Army
1218 The Strength of the Ardent Sunset!
1217 Poison Seal, Chased by the Demon Locusts
1216 Earth Pistil
1215 Ardent Sunset, New Soul-grade Fire!
1214 Little Flame Belles Resurrection
1213 The Buried Relay Station?
1212 The Burning Mountains
1211 The Burried Eleven Years
1210 The Man with the Firepower of a Team
1209 Instant Kill with Lightning
1208 Sandstorm Demon Locusts
1207 Man-Eating Sand
1206 The First Night in the Deser
1205 Danger Below the Sand
1204 Night Terror Pseudomorphing Demon
1203 Setting Foot on the Yellow Sand
1202 Vacation with Three Girls
1201 Its Difficult to be a Perver
1200 Digging Their Own Grave
1199 Tactful Words of Advice
1198 Not A Single One is Spared!
1197 There Is No One I Dont Dare to Kill!
1196 Battle Against the Enforcement Union!
1195 Unforgivable!
1194 Threatened
1193 Assembling the Team for the Wasteland
1192 Taklamakan Deser
1191 Competing for the Role of the Goddess
1190 The Final Judgmen
1189 I Told You Im Going to Take Your Life
1188 The Spell of Resurrection
1187 Allow Me to Fight for You Until the Very Last Momen
1186 Crashing into Hell!
1185 Brawling Hayla in Blood!
1184 The Deadly Worms Invade the City
1183 The Trembling Citadel of Athens, Part Two
1182 The Trembling Citadel of Athens, Part One
1181 The Sacrifice on the Plate
1180 The God of Death, Hayla
1179 The Fire Demon!
1178 The Soul of the Parthenon Temple
1177 The Wolf Soul Demon
1176 Holy Judgment, the Dark Execution Ground
1175 The Army of Destruction!
1174 Wen Tais Death
1173 The Resurrection
1172 The Body
1171 A Life for a Life
1170 I am Salan!
1169 The Magic Formation on the Sacred Mountain
1168 Battle Against the Parthenon Temple!
1167 Black Snake, the on the Sacred Mountain
1166 Confronting the Holy Judgment Court!
1165 Xinxia? Salan?
1164 The Funeral on the Mountain Top
1163 Fight Until the Limi
1162 Battle Against the Titan!
1161 Silver Moon Tyrant Titans
1160 Demon Servan
1159 Bola, of the Blood Tribe!
1158 The Summoning Tide
1157 The Demon-Horned Statue
1156 The Bronze Beast of Greece
1155 Barging into the Sacred Mountain
1154 Unsure of Their Own Identities
1153 Xinxia is Salan?
1152 Another Soul
1151 Blessing of the Gods Seal
1150 Meeting in Secre
1149 The Starry Mountain Path
1148 The Gigantic Island Beas
1147 The Assassins
1146 Zhao Manyans Worry
1145 First Place!
1144 The Weakness at the Head
1143 Giant Tactile Centipede Demon
1142 Taking the Pharaoh Spring Away
1141 Thousand Lightning Arcs and Chains With a Single Though
1140 Giving Eight Hundred Million Away
1139 An Experienced Man of War!
1138 The Rate of Summoning is Slower than Killing
1137 Specter Pries
1136 Dark Red Mummies
1135 The Strength of the Parthenon Temple
1134 Victory!
1133 Darkness Against Ice!
1132 Level-Exceeding Power
1131 Counterattack with Will!
1130 Defeating Zorro!
1129 Receiving His Own Lightning
1128 A Deadly Trap
1127 Nothing is Too Deceitful in War
1126 Mo Fan VS Asharuiya
1125 Ai Jiangtu VS Zorro
1124 The Strongest Participant, Part Two
1123 The Strongest Participant, Part One
1122 Raising the Sword and Slashing the Enemy
1121 The Tables Have Turned
1120 The Way of Survival by Fighting with All They Had!
1119 Cunning Vixen
1118 A Mixed Battle
1117 The Egyptian Team Won Again
1116 The Apology from the Chairmans Secretary
1115 Defeating the German Team
1114 The Unyielding Spirit of Men
1113 The Scariest Man on the German Team
1112 Mo Fans Destructiveness!
1111 Flanked by Four People
1110 Ill Blast Them to the Ground!
1109 A Full Set of Defensive Equipment!
1108 Controlling the Inferior Dragon
1107 Hallucination
1106 The Turtle Shell Mage of the Zhao Clan
1105 The Offense that Ignores Defense
1104 Battle Against a Strong Country!
1103 Malevolen
1102 Just a Rank Higher!
1101 Dark Mystical Beast, Hayla
1100 The Death of the Candidate
1099 He Took Advantage of Me
1098 Grand Treasure, A Rare Stone of Will
1097 The Way Ou
1096 The Heart-Devouring Hellish Demon!
1095 Evil Weaving Silk
1094 A Hole Worn Down by Dripping Blood
1093 The Treasure Thirty-Two Years Ago
1092 The Miasma of the Lake Valley
1091 The Greatest Treasure
1090 Taking The Enemy Out, One by One!
1089 Explosion of the Ice Soul!
1088 Unyielding, the Limit of the Will!
1087 Lightning, Another Primary Element!
1086 You Shouldnt Mess with Me!
1085 One Versus Six!
1084 Abandoned Again
1083 The Six-Nation Alliance
1082 Its a Trap!
1081 Fan Xue Bandit Group!
1080 First Crime
1079 Robbed!
1078 The Worm and Tree Symbiosis
1076 Essence Crystal of the Black Tree
1075 Huge Teleporting Portal
1074 Flying Creek Snow Wolf!
1073 Soul of the Highest Quality
1072 Breaking Through the Barricade of the Summoning Elemen
1071 Scramble over the Treasure
1070 Treasure Hunt!
1069 Blessing of the Gods Seal
1068 He Still Has Two Elements That He Hasnt Used
1067 Slashing the Enemy with the Flame Sword
1066 Catastrophe Wave
1065 Rain of Burning Fists
1064 Fire Against Fire, Obvious Winner!
1063 Giant Whirlpool Under the Water!
1062 Throwing Money Away Recklessly!
1061 Dragon Fangs Dueling Ground
1060 The Demon Orb is Filled
1059 The Riot of the Plague
1058 The Undying Monster
1057 Little Red Demon!
1056 The Demon Orb Lights Up
1055 Surprises Everywhere
1054 Trouble from the Great Muse!
1053 The Candidate for the Goddess
1052 Hitting on Someone Maliciously
1051 First Match, Victory!
1050 Overpowering their Opponents!
1049 Heaven Spider Ice Locking Formation
1048 Domain: Icy Wind Nirvana
1047 The Poison in the Wind
1046 Team Battle
1045 The First Opponent from the Draw
1044 The Heart Never Turns Cold
1043 Earthquake, Lightning Storm
1042 Crushed, One Versus Four!
1041 They Are Done For!
1040 Tears of Snow in the City of Canals
1039 Nothing Lef
1038 The Bow of the Contrac
1037 Black Dragon Emperor
1036 Mount Tyrants Top
1035 Tyrant Call!
1034 The Soul-Grade Lightning Seed in the Mountain Crack
1033 Wind Flame Lightning Vultures
1032 Salans Ironclad Proof
1031 Mount Tyran
1030 Asharuiya
1029 I Wouldnt Want Her Even If She Volunteers!
1028 The Zhao Brothers
1027 Mo Fans Set-up
1026 Victory
1025 The Battle Between Rulers
1024 Possess, Flame Belle Empress
1023 The Dark Contract of a Duel, Part Two
1022 The Dark Contract of a Duel, Part One
1021 Dark Swordmaster!
1020 The Last Five Kilometers
1019 The Sphinx
1018 Just a Single Person!
1017 Dark Puppet Ar
1016 Brutal Sword Death Servants!
1015 Immune To Poison!
1014 Attack the Pyramid!
1013 Pyramid, Mirage
1012 Are There Female Knights?
1011 The Woman of the Hall of the Goddess
1010 The Sandstorm Vengeful Spirit, a Supremely Powerful Creature!
1009 Exiting the Maze
1008 Summon Silver Rhino Herd!
1007 Sixth-tier Fleeing Shadow, Shadow Bird
1006 The Tribes That Wage War Against One Another Because of the Slightest Conflict!
1005 Sandfear Fox!
1004 The Wild Sandstorm!
1003 The Vanished Nanyu
1002 The Illusion in the Deser
1001 Rescue Operation in the Sahara
1000 Domain Soul-grade Seed
999 Ultimate Lightning Conduct, Explosion!
998 The Maggot Turns Into a Drake
997 The Drake Turns Into Bones!
996 Claw of Raging Waves
995 The Thrilling Fight Deep In the Ocean!
994 Must Eliminate All Potential Threats!
993 The Drake of the Black Sea
992 Cant Afford to Offend
991 The Crappy Job!
990 The Cause of the Drowning Curse
989 The Jellyfish Evil Maggo
988 Drowned in Blood
987 The International Reward Pool
986 The Return of the Drowning Curse
985 The Giant Skeleton at the Beach
984 Killing Two Birds with One Stone
983 Thousand Feathers Fiery Phoenix
982 New Calamity Fire, Possess!
981 The Betrayer of the Sacred Hall of Liberty
980 Soul Extraction Trap!
979 The Executioner!
978 Purple Wind Sacred Hall Mage
977 Strong Foe, The Culprit Behind the Hail!
976 They Only Learn When They Are Beaten Up
975 One Against Many!
974 Volcanic Eruption!
973 Little Flame Belle Is Awake
972 Not a Single Loss
971 Blue Blood Bizarre Magic
970 The Person that was Awakened in Tianshan Mountain
969 More Monstrous Than A Monster
968 I Want Half of It!
967 Whos Got the Most Equipment?
966 Crazily Talented Studen
965 Meat Armor, Poison Flesh
964 Battling Against Casso!
963 Charge!
962 I Just Want to Kill Them
961 Unable to Distinguish Between Right and Wrong
960 Out of Control
959 Sadly, Youre a Bandi
958 SOS Signal
957 The Three Teams Gather
956 Three National Teams Teaming Up
955 Silent Deadly Ray: Lightning Arm
954 A Shameless Liar!
953 Ive Changed My Mind
952 Asking for Money From Both Sides!
951 The Utterly Arrogant Leader
950 The Amazon Jungle, Kingdom of Demon Creatures
949 Li Fans Descendan
948 A Huge Bet!
947 Force Our Way In?
946 Endless Mysteries
945 The Geoglyphs in Nazca!
944 Off to Nazca
943 Its Not the Last Time
942 One Versus A Hundred Thousand!
941 Time, Flame Belle Empress
940 Bird Corpses Filling the Ocean
939 The Ancient Castle on the Cliff
938 Disaster, Horde of Strange Birds
937 Time Liquid
936 Heart-Warming Intelligence!
935 The Ward in the Storm
934 Advanced Shadow Spell, Nyx Regime
933 Strange Birds Filling the Sky
932 Lightning Storm Circle
931 Killing Without Hesitation!
930 The Undying Mo Fan!
929 Rumble in the Canyon, Awaken!
928 Peru Desert Valley
927 Treating Me as a Punching Bag?
926 Ambushed by Demon Creatures in the Air
925 Asking to Surrender?
924 Summoning the Beast Tide!
923 Golden Griffin
922 Four Versus Four!
921 The English Team
920 Space Rhythm: Time Stasis
919 Alive, Dead?
918 Someone is Giving Money!
917 Settling with a Single Punch! Part Two
916 Settling With a Single Punch! Part One
915 Utter Defea
914 Dominating Sayed!
913 One Versus Three!
912 The Egyptian Teams Reattemp
911 Count the Money!
910 Trash Like You
909 Advanced Spell, Lightning Beam!
908 Mutated Monster
907 Who Do You Think I Am?
906 Scarlet Red Wind, Liu Ru!
905 Controlling Rocks with Telekinesis
904 Inescapable Ne
903 Kill Yourself
902 Probationary Blue Deacon, Zhou Xian
901 Tearing the Cursed Beast Apart with Bare Hands!
900 Killing the Evil Brutally, Part Two
899 Killing the Evil Brutally, Part One
898 Something Scarier
897 The Frozen Kiss
896 Break the Cauldrons and Sink the Boats
895 The Poison Strikes Again
894 Busted
893 The Boss Here
892 Curse Pool
891 Beautiful Like a Flower, but Has The Heart of a Poisonous Scorpion!
890 Dark Beast Monsters
889 Zhao Pinlin, Something's Wrong About Him!
888 The Source of the Poison, Part Two
887 The Source of the Poison, Part One
886 The Demon's Nes
885 The Deadly Black Blood
884 The Dark Ritual
883 Golden Battle Hunters
882 Things Are Not Looking Good
881 The Kingdom of Death
880 A Sacrifice
879 A Fickle Person
878 Worshiping A Person
877 Making Dreams Come True
876 Scum, I Was Talking About You!
875 Traces of Broken Bones
874 The Hunters Are Here
873 A Secret Base
872 The Order in the Dark
871 Stories Exchange
870 Master Mintian
869 The Mansion at the Field
868 The Seven Cardinals
867 They Are All Sheep
866 The Place That Salan Escaped To
865 Advanced Level Lightning!
864 A Nation of Savages
863 Reaping What Was Sown
862 The Unstoppable Ice Magician
861 The Mummy's Weakness
860 Pacing in the Air
859 Frozen Iron Mummy!
858 Mu Ningxue's Challenge
857 Defender, Mu Ningxue
856 Bone Saber Mummy, Part Two
855 Bone Saber Mummy, Part One
854 Gray-Cloth Iron Mummy
853 Egypt's Undead Elemen
852 Infuriating the Entire Hall
851 Challenging the Training Hall Solo
850 Little Loach Is Fully Responsible
849 The Legend of the Totem Beasts
848 The Advancement of Little Loach
847 Accepting A Big Job!
846 I'm Afraid that I'll Tear Him into Pieces
845 I'm Leaving the Team, Too
844 The Lingering Abomination
843 Double Hi
842 The Day of Disqualification
841 The Authoritative Figure Behind Mo Fan
840 The Factions Behind the Members
839 The Factions on the Team
838 Galaxy Vein
837 I Don't Know You
836 As Energetic as an Ox
835 The Tide Fall, Retreat of the Sea Monsters
834 Adding Misfortunes to an Unfortunate Person
833 Advanced Meteorite Fis
832 Rocket Wings
831 Working Together to Kill the Demon!
830 Void Slash
829 Attracting Lightning by Oneself
828 The Bewitching Evil Voice
827 Chased by the Ferocious Beast!
826 Fierce Shark Demon
825 A Monster with Disguise
824 The Power of the Magic Cat!
823 In a Pinch After Being Surrounded
822 Relapse of the Deadly Poison
821 Wind Disc Trap
820 Killing Note, Bow!
819 Rare Species, Night Rakshasa
818 A Narrow Escape
817 White Sobbing Demon!
816 The Approaching Tide
815 Without a Sign
814 The Drowning Curse of the East Maritime Fortress
813 Taking Over the Supervision of a Zone, Part Two
812 Taking Over the Supervision of a Zone, Part One
811 The Price of The Arrow
810 On The Precipice of Death
809 Fighting the Sea Monsters in the Maritime Fortress
808 The Weakness of the Monsters
807 Blue Valley Ferocious Beas
806 The Flying Pillar!
805 Resources Wont Be Given to the Substitutes
804 The Truth About the Island
803 Escorting the Evil Orb
802 The First Red Demon
801 One Escaped
800 A Parasitic Evil Demon
799 Big Trouble!
798 The Evil Essence Orb!
797 The Nightmare Cell
796 One Stem, Two Flowers
795 Sneaking into the East Guardian Tower at Nigh
795 Chapter 795 - Sneaking into the East Guardian Tower at Nigh
794 Settle the Peep in Private!
793 Scattered Ashes and Dispersed Smoke
792 A Gigantic Creature in the Ocean
791 Theres a Beast in the Sea
790 Having an Intimate Talk with Knees Together
789 Element Compatibility
788 Fire Domain
787 He Doesnt Have a Brain
786 Counterattack with Lightning
785 Clash Between Strong Magicians!
784 Seed Implanted Inside the Body
783 Control of the Plant Elemen
782 Give You Advantage By Using One Less Elemen
781 Fight, Fight, Fight!
780 Three is Enough
779 Stamp Your Face With My Fee
778 No Entry, East Guardian Tower
777 I Will Tear Your Tower Down!
776 The Four Great Maritime Battlefields
775 Lifetime Vessels
774 A Stronger Vessel
773 Eliminated by the Fiery Sword
772 Youve Crossed the Line!
771 Evil Spirit and Red Demon
770 So Youre That Kind of a Monk
769 The Monks Are In Trouble
768 The Non-Existent Island, Part Two
767 The Non-Existent Island, Part One
766 Using the Fragrance as a Clue
765 Searching for the Demon in the Illusion
764 The World Inside the Vessel
763 Vessel Demon Spiri
762 The Soul Eater Is Back
761 Im Sleeping with Mu Ningxue
760 Testing the Poison with Names
759 May I Know Her Name?
758 The Strange Incident in the Temple
757 Soul Eater
756 You Cant See Her?
755 A Monk and a Teenage Girl
754 Punishment of the Ocean
753 Unknown Creature
752 The Shadow Under the Water
751 Hell Scorpion
750 A Dirty Move
749 An Extremely Ragged Feather Robe
748 The Body is Hones
747 Killing the Commander, Part Two
746 Killing the Commander, Part One
745 Emergency Relief
744 Fighting the Scarlet Demon Commander
743 Intense Fight on the Reef Island!
742 Pursuit in the Distant Sea!
741 The Timidest Demon Creature
740 Speed of Life and Death
739 Missing Cases!
738 Conniving with the Sea Monsters?
737 Luring Ashore to Kill
736 Flanking the Rending Demon
735 Did We Forget Something?
734 Advanced Spell, Sky-Flame Funeral
733 Fire Star Constellation
732 Her First Kiss is Mine
731 Blasting the Rending Demon Flying
730 Scarlet Rending Demon
729 The Frozen Island
728 Why Bother Making It Difficult For Yourself?
727 Space Element, Telekinesis
726 Blink
725 The Avengers!
724 The Enraging Food, Part Two
723 The Enraging Food, Part One
722 This is Violence!
721 How About a Bet?
720 Scarlet Soaring Demon
719 Underwater Wood, Bamboo Shoot Reefs
718 Going Out to the Sea to Get Rid of Evil
717 The Sea Monsters That Hindered the Growth of the City
716 The Things that The Others Cant Do
715 Fishing Village, Spotting of Sea Monsters
714 Tough Training
713 Getting Fresh
712 Substitute, Mo Fan
711 Moth Woman
710 The Strange Incident in Wuzhen
709 Well-Behaving After Being Beaten Up
708 The Intimidating Black Snake
707 Stop Provoking Mo Fan!
706 Demon Tree Hand
705 Kidnapping Xinxia!
704 Parthenon Temple College
703 Heading Down the Mountain!
702 Ice Bow, Absolute Strength!
701 Competition Between the Institutes
700 Secluded Cultivation in Mount Hua
699 Mo Fan, the Precious Gem
698 The Most Admired Person
697 The Falling Tide of Undead
696 Slaying the Mountain Zombie!
695 Soul Shadow, Adult Phase Flame Belle!
694 Evil Battle Robe!
693 Blood Emperor Throne, the Ancient King
692 Throat, Weakness!
691 Contract, Fire Demon!
690 The Brawl Above the Inner City!
689 Fighting the Mountain Zombie, Part Three
688 Fighting the Mountain Zombie, Part Two
687 Fighting the Mountain Zombie, Part One
686 Wolf Soul Shadow, Harvest!
685 The Return of the Demon Elemen
684 Self-Awakening!
683 Paved into an Ocean!
682 Mountain of Bones Under the Feet!
681 Blood Skeleton Official
680 Death Sentence?
679 Blazing Fire Sword!
678 Bone Spikes Skeleton Formation
677 Chest Burning with Anger!
676 Thousand Piercing Fire Feathers!
675 The Disaster in the Space of Death
674 Losing Hope, Skeleton Pack!
673 The War Machine Among the Magicians
672 Endless Battle, Part Two
671 Endless Battle, Part One
670 Advanced Level Transformation
669 The Living Path is Cleared by Killing!
668 The Space of Death
667 Raining Undead
666 The Bridges of Death
665 Nine Bridges to Death, One to Life, Part Two
664 Nine Bridges to Death, and One to Life, Part One
663 Advanced Fire Magician!
662 Breaking Through the Barricade of the Advanced Level
661 The Eternal Wicked Lotus
660 The Spiritual Art Corridor
659 Wicked Eye Copper Mirror
658 White Palace Tomb
657 Jumping into the Dark Abyss!
656 Vortex of Chill Wind
655 To the Dark Abyss!
654 Space Compass, Axis of Death!
653 Tremble, the Mountain Zombie!
652 Clearing a Path with Brute Force!
651 Slaughtering Wind Slash
650 The Resolution to Stay Alive
649 Do Something
648 The Descendants of the Ancient King
647 The Apotheosis Ceremony
646 The Dark Abyss Strikes the City
645 Ocean Emperor Tsunami!
644 The Whole City as Hostage!
643 Hu Jin Shows Up
642 Pulling the Snake from Its Hole, Part Two
641 Pulling the Snake from Its Hole, Part One
640 The Erased Memory
639 The Undeads Ancestor
638 The Inescapable Danger
637 The Helpless City
636 The Catastrophe Thats Just Around the Corner!
635 Zhang Xiaohous Disguise
634 Traitor
633 Sanguinary Red Skeleton!
632 Leave None Alive!
631 Little Flame Belle, Friendly Fire Mode On!
630 The Sacrificial Pig or Lamb
629 Time is Shor
628 Mo Fan, Burning with Rage!
627 Less Than Two Kilometers!
626 Detaining the Authorities
625 Bo City and the Ancient Capital
624 A Test Run
623 The Kiss in the Middle of the Disaster
622 The Fearsome Magician
621 Blasting the Corpse Official Away!
620 49 Stars!
619 Killing the Little Phantom General Instantly!
618 Same as a Team!
617 Refining the Corpses to Produce Skeletons!
616 Seven Hundred People Crossing the Dead Stree
615 White Ants Fighting to Stay Alive
614 The Dead Stree
613 Flesh Mound in the Way
612 A Clean Kill!
611 Demon of Disaster
610 Imperial Magicians
609 Zombies from Above!
608 City in Grave Danger
607 Giant Ruler, the Mountain Zombie
606 City of Undead, Purple Alert!
605 The Seemingly Familiar Nightmare
604 Victory
603 A Mysterious Stalker
602 Returning Kindness with Ingratitude
601 So You Are A Monster Too...
600 Revenge, Truth!
599 Tsk tsk, Six Elements!
598 Leaving the Battlefield
597 Icebound Coffin
596 Puncture, Imperious Meteorite Fist!
595 Poison Tumor Corpse General
594 Killing Zombies to Level Up!
593 You Corpse Generals, I Corpse Official
592 Black Sandstorm, Corpse Official
591 Undead, Endless of Them
590 Fighting a Bloody Way Ou
589 38 Stars!
588 Throat-slicing Horned Demon
587 Imperious Baby, Little Flame Belle
586 Intruding into the Tomb
585 Pin It Down, Blast It To Death!
584 Cloth-Wrapped Corpse General
583 Black Rotten Corpse Army
582 Living Dead
581 Stepping Out of the Walls
580 Forced to Join
579 Senior Hunter
578 Disaster of the Undead Ruler
577 The Dark Abyss Appears Again!
576 Assembling Signal
575 What Kind of Defense Is That!?
574 Youre Not the Only One With Spikes
573 Fierce Bone Undead General
572 Nice Fronting
571 Gathering of the Old Classmates
570 Green Tea Man
569 Six Villages Were Erased
568 The Undead Kid
567 Ambushed in the Day
566 Escorting the Villagers
565 Moving Away
564 Display of Prowess
563 Wind...Wind Disc!
562 Invaded by Undead
561 Mutated Undead
560 Who Would Complain About Having Too Many Girls?
559 Its Daytime
558 The Dark Knigh
557 Black Snake Magic Armor
556 Fighting the Corpse General in the Rain
555 Giant Corpse General!
554 The Vanished Sunny Goat Village
553 A Thousand Year Emperor
552 Black Silk Lady
551 Dead and Alive
550 The Black-hearted Guide
549 Ancient Capital
548 The Vampires Are Considered Undead, Too
547 Mo Fans True Strength
546 Possessed by the Flame Belle
545 News of Death
544 Opponent, Dongfang Lie!
543 I Can Afford to Take Care of You
542 Shameless Man
541 The Black Devil, Ai Jiangtu
540 Three Slaps!
539 Dont Let Him Cast The Spells!
538 Ive Always Hated the Summoning Elemen
537 The Unexpected Fire Burs
536 Strange Movemen
535 Youre the One Whos Hopeless
534 A Torrent of Abuse!
533 That Bitch!
532 Impersonating
531 The Nomination Tournament!
530 Dark Abyss, Ten Thousand Corpses Pit, Part Two
529 Dark Abyss, Ten Thousand Corpses Pit, Part One
528 Why Did You Leave Me?
527 Critical Breathing!
526 The Trick to Avoid the Undead
525 The Strange Village
524 Hatchet Corpse General
523 Ambushed by the Walking Dead!
522 Red Across the Map!
521 The Undead Burial Moun
520 The Quiet, Handsome Man
519 It was Meant for External Application
518 Counterattacking with the Focus Necklace!
517 Unrestrained Innate Talen
516 Mo Fan versus Ding Yumian
515 My Opponent is Ding Yumian?
514 Innate Talen
513 Huang Ranking
512 Beheading the Darkwing Wolf!
511 For the Sake of the Kid
510 Not For Sale!
509 Little Flame Belle
508 Possess, Demon King! Part Two
507 Possess, Demon King! Part One
506 Mind Control
505 Psychic Element VS Psychic Elemen
504 Team Up Against the Enemy!
503 The Unvarying Hear
502 The Truth Behind the Fire
501 White-Clothed Person, Psychic Element!
500 The Constellation Made of Eight Star Patterns
499 Calamity Fire, Dark Flame
498 Sea of Fiery Leaves
497 Demon-Sealing Ice Formation
496 The Empress of the Burning Valley Arrives, Part Three
495 The Empress of the Burning Valley Arrives, Part Two
494 Fire Across Shanghai, Part One
493 Fleeing with the Treasure!
492 Wrath of the Sorceress
491 Natural Beauty, Nanyu
490 The Deadly Fores
489 Soul-Grade Material!
488 Human In White Cloth
487 The Starry Tree
486 Ruler of the Burning Valley!
485 Fiery Sorceress
484 Racing against Time!
483 Fright in the Mountain Path, Part Two
482 Fright in the Mountain Path, Part One
481 Fire Calamity Frui
480 Chen Yis Secre
479 Soul Seeds, a Small Entree
478 Gold Everywhere
477 The Feast in the Burning Valley
476 Fire Calamity, Part Two
475 Fire Calamity Part One
474 Assaulting the Beauty at Nigh
473 Clearing the Giants
472 The Synergistic Trio
471 Entrapping Teammates!
470 Fourth-Tier Fleeing Shadow, Part II
469 Fourth-Tier Fleeing Shadow, Part I
468 The Wild Formation of the White Sand Giants
467 The Inescapable Dangerous River
466 Two Kilometers At Mos
465 Psychic Element: Pacify!
464 Panic in the River
463 Dreadful River
462 Drifting Sand River
461 The Fifth Tier?
460 Hunting the Demon Tiger
459 Sand Howl Tigers!
458 Dunhuang
457 Forming the Team
456 Flame Belle
455 Secret Tipping Scroll
454 Linglings Secre
453 The Soul with a Different Color
452 Avenged
451 Breaking the Fangs!
450 Perfect Defense!
449 Battle Against the Vampire in Rage!
448 Try Touching Her Again!
447 Whose Blood Did She Drink?!
446 Bristle with Anger
445 The Blood Ritual
444 Solid Evidence!
443 A Sly Trick
442 Provocation!
441 The Hunting Plan
440 A Different Kind of Breathtaking
439 No Prey Shall Escape!
438 Goddammit, Strange Uncle
437 Theres Hope In Getting the Armor!
436 Ill Give You My Hear
435 A Special Fetish
434 What Did She Bump Into?
433 Isnt She Alive?
432 For Justice!
431 Have You Heard of a Vampire Before?
430 Your Snake Scales Are Trash
429 Strange Body Composition
428 Incomplian
427 Scared of the Transfer Studen
426 Fight back!
425 Almost Wiped Ou
424 Big Demon King
423 One-Sided Battle!
422 Which Element was he From?
421 Violent Nine Halls!
420 Battle Against the Fire School, Part Three
419 Battle Against the Fire School, Part Two
418 Battle Against the Fire School, Part One
417 Next, Whos Next!?
416 Youve Made Me Mad
415 The Challenge from the Weakes
414 The Challenge Week
413 Loving One Another Wholeheartedly
412 Volunteer Son-in-Law
411 Humiliation to His Dignity
410 Overdid It!
409 Fire Schools First Rank
408 Transfer Student, Fire School
407 World College Tournamen
406 The Jerk, Mo Fan
405 Put On Your Clothes
404 Pure Hear
403 Leaving Everyone in Awe!
402 Hes Our Guardian!
401 Black Totem Snake vs Silver Skyruler, Part II
400 Black Totem Snake VS Silver Skyruler, Part I
399 The Cold-Blooded Skyruler!
398 The Power of the Snake God, Part II
397 The Power of the Snake God, Part I
396 Wrath of the Totem Beast, Part II
395 Wrath of the Totem Beast, Part I
394 Red Heavenly Eagle
393 Silver Skyruler
392 Hes Not Worthy to be Called A Human!
391 The Ambitious Councilman
390 Retrieving the Antidote in Danger
389 Feeding the Snake His Pills
388 Is the Snake Turning On Hacks?
387 Theres Still One Heavenly Eagle Lef
386 The Truth Behind the Invasion
385 The Aler
384 An Important Breakthrough
383 Tracking Down the Councilman
382 Its Indeed Him
381 Rising to the Surface
380 Vermin Spotted!
379 Emergency Suppor
378 The Angry Crowd, Kill the Snake!
377 Suppress the Snake, the Lightning Punishmen
376 Killing the Snake
375 Summoned Back to West Lake
374 The Betrayal of the Heavenly Eagles
373 Misfortune Does Not Come Singly
372 Escort Successful
371 The Fifth-ranked Innate Talen
370 Youre Welcome to Avenge Yourself
369 Fourth-Tier Fire Burst!
368 Blue Flame, Dongfang Ming
367 The Chase
366 Im Your Yi Zhiping
365 Victims
364 Plague
363 The Interns of the Magic Courts
362 Outstanding Sense
361 Running Away with the Snake Boss
360 Threat-Elimination Strategy
359 The Enforcement Union
358 A Vicious Plo
357 Ecdysis
356 Totem Beas
355 We Call It A God
354 Tangyues Secre
353 The Haze of Fear
352 The Terrified City, the Skyscraping Snake
351 The Astounding Figure
350 The Best Ride
349 A Wife That Ive Raised Up Since Young
348 Shes a Brocon and Im a Siscon
347 The Man Without Grace
346 Frightening Kingdom
345 Natural Enemy
344 Commander-level Soul Remnant!
343 The Battle Between the Commanders
342 Giant Lizard vs Giant Centipede
341 The Life-Saving Vortex
340 The Real Appearance, Xuanwu Giant Lizard!
339 Little...Little Poisonous Bug?
338 A Perfect Plan
337 Kill the Giant Beast in the Swamp?
336 Holy Shit, Xiaohou?
335 The Giant Beast in the Swamp
334 The Wolf-like Youth
333 The Deathbringer of Dongting Lake
332 Bumping into a Woman
331 Hes a Soldier!
330 A Set-up
329 Dongting Lakes Strange Occurrence
328 Forcing into Marriage
327 Soul Breakdown
326 Tearing Lu Nian Apar
325 Go to Hell
324 The Retreat of the Lizards
323 Chasing After the Commander-level Beast!
322 Massacring the Lizard Ocean!
321 Battle Against the Razortail Drake
320 Spit It Out!
319 New Element, Demon!
318 This is the Blood Sarira
317 Constellation, Advanced Magic!
317 This is the Blood Sarira
316 Just in Time, Zhan Kong!
315 Nine Halls Fiery Fist!
314 Breaking Through, Escaping from Danger!
313 Blood Sarira
312 Fighting the Lizards Solo
311 Ants on the Same String
310 Razortail Drake
309 The Nests of the Giant Lizards
308 Tyrant Earth Lizard
307 Soul-Grade Ice Seed!
306 The Life-Risking Arrow!
305 The Best Test Subjec
304 Ill Let One Live
303 The Evil Battlemages
302 Killem All!
301 The Teams Collapse
300 Taking Advantage of the Precarious Situation
299 Ice Crystal Bow
298 Poisonous Rain
297 Epic Battle Against the Giant Spider
296 The Bewitching Magic Spider
295 Fighting One Another
294 Bewitching the Heart and the Soul, Part II
293 Bewitching the Heart and the Soul, Part I
292 A Beastly Ac
291 An Eerie Water Spider
290 Completing the Collection
289 Slaughtering the Demon Wolves
288 Go Big or Go Home
287 The Pseudomorphing Demon Beasts Seed
286 Leaving the Group
285 The Top of the Food Chain
284 A Terrifying Giant Lizard!
283 Hunting Prey with Traps
282 Definitely Not a Welcoming Place
281 Entering the Desolate City
280 Its D for Sure!
279 Escaping the Cave
278 Flanking from Behind
277 Charge!
276 Epic Battle Against the Cavern Slaves
275 Waking the Beasts Nes
274 Monsters in the Tunnel
273 The Dongting Lake Horde
272 Training at the Desolated City
271 A Mutated Monster
270 The Senior Hunter and his Blue Beas
270 A Mutated Monster!
269 Swift Star Wolf!
268 A Warrior Level Wolf!
267 Strengthening the Spirit Wolf Part Two
266 Strengthening the Spirit Wolf Part One
265 Defeat of the Imperial College
264 A Violent Magician!
263 Mo Fan Versus Mu Ningxue
262 Show Me Your True Strength!
261 A Passive Situation
260 Warrior Level Summoned Beas
259 Ice Elemental Domain
258 She is my Wife!
257 Where’s Your Contracted Beast?
256 As Expected, They Los
255 Chapter 255 - Pearl VS Imperial
254 Team Battle
253 Strengthening The Star
252 Condensed Spirit Essence
251 Comparing the Schools!
250 Imperial College
249 Exchange Studen
248 The Night of Sweeping!
247 Rest Assured
246 Inviting the Healing Elemen
245 Capturing!
244 You Want to Hurt Me with Your tiny Common Grade Fire?
243 Battle of Wits against the Vatican 2
242 Battle of Wits against the Vatican 1
241 Bloody Battle in the Iron Cage!
240 Reconstructing a Cursed Beast!
239 Falling into the Iron Cage!
238 Getting Attacked from all Sides!
237 Use Violence to Curb Violence!
236 This Lightning is not Common Lightning!
235 Killing the Henchmen!
234 Fiery Fist, Groundbreak!
233 Catch Everyone in One Net!
232 The Nyx Regime!
231 The Great Battle Royale 2
230 The Great Battle Royale 1
229 Spotlight!
228 I’ll Take Vengeance for You!
227 The Cursed Xu Zhaoting
226 Personally Kill Her
225 The Dark Beast with a Cursed Aura
224 Killing Someone in Your Spare Time
223 Not a Single One Remains!
222 Qianjun, Thunderbolt, Yaksha!
221 Slaughtering the Dark Beasts
220 Entering the Trap by Mistake
219 Setting a Trap!
218 The Great Hunt!
217 Those Beneath Intermediate Level do not have the Qualifications!
216 Southeast Asian
215 The Third Layered Space!
214 Abnormal Cultivation
213 Three Step Pagoda
212 Put His All Into the Fight!
211 Making a Move on the Wrong People!
210 Meeting an Ambush
209 An Excessive Commission!
208 Mo Fan’s New Bodyguard
207 Tomb of the Ancient City
206 50,000 for One Time
205 Battle against the Back Up Boy
204 Co-renting
203 The 28 Million Dollar Man
202 I’m Rich!
201 Spirit Grade Lightning, Qianjun
200 High Price, Warrior Soul Essence
199 Honor Ceremony
198 Angel in his Hear
197 Solo Kill on the Mother Beast!
196 Giant Shadow Spike!
195 Blood Boiling Raging Fist!
194 The Strength to Survive
193 Battling the Mother Scale Skin Phantom
192 Mother Beast Emerging!
191 Bloody Even
190 For the Meritorious Award!
189 Scale Skin Phantom
188 Sealing off the Area
187 Light Element Roommate!
186 Take Them Down in One Swoop!
185 Extinguishing Demons at Extreme Speed!
184 Hunter fighting the Demoness!
183 Parasitic Magical Beast on Campus
182 Following the Demoness
181 Breaking Through the Shadow Stardust!
180 Shedding Once More
179 Rescue From the Mouth of a Beast!
178 Skin Shed Demoness
177 Exposing the truth!
176 The Income is Faster than the Returns
175 Little Loli Partner
174 Clearsky Hunter Agency
173 Shanghai Enforcer Managemen
172 A Finger
171 Choose Any Magic Tool
170 Strategy
169 Overdosing On Resources!
168 You Lost!
167 Forest of Kun, Prison!
166 Thunder Attack!
165 The Storm Girl
164 Invincible
163 Cruel Thunderbolt!
162 Only you’re Intermediate?
161 Plant Element!
160 Reason to be Arrogan
159 I Want It All
158 Evolving Spirit Wolf 2
157 Evolving Spirit Wolf 1
156 Awaken, Spirit Wolf!
155 Intermediate, Emerge!
154 The Sinister Luo Song
153 The Sudden Battle Scorpion
152 Scheming Battle
151 Old Friends, New Acquaintancess
150 Supreme Magic
149 The Warrior Wolf
148 Entering the Unstable University
147 Entering the Unstable University 1
146 Acting Tough Will Get You Hit By Thunder
145 Spirit Wolf vs Luo Song
144 Spirit Wolf
143 The Entrance Exams
142 Dimensional Summoning
141 Taking Exams with Summoning Elemen
140 Cultivating Four Elements Together!
139 The Fourth Element!
138 Awakening the Shadow Elemen
137 The Second Awakening
136 I Will Take Responsibility
135 Thats far too provoking!
134 Refining the Rose Flames!
133 Intermediate Lightning!
132 You f****ng dog!
131 Violent Fire Tangyue!
130 Giant Shadow Spike
129 Curse Elemen
128 Intermediate level Battle!
127 The Oriole and The Fisherman
126 Dual Element is burning money!
125 Fire Soul
124 Tangyues Background
123 Mrs. Tangyues Invitation
122 Star Trails
121 To the Magic City, Shanghai!
120 Moving Locations
119 A Fist Dropping from the Heavens!
118 Warriors of Bo City
117 The Miraculous Healing Elemen
116 Saving Xinxia
115 The Violent Fire Element, Fiery Fist!
114 Stardust becoming Nebula!
113 Losing is not Permitted
112 Ten Dark Beast Monsters
111 Meeting the Black Vatican again!
110 Clues of Bracele
109 Abandoned by the World
108 Leaving the Shelter
107 Magical Beast Entrance
106 Killing the Darkwing Wolf!
105 Drank it Like Water
104 I Want To Become Stronger
103 Battling Spirit Wolf Again
102 Sudden Traitor!
101 A Chance Encounter with Instructor
100 Warrior Class, Bone Thorned Fierce Wolf
99 Safe Passage
98 Street Battle Ape Ra
97 Sudden Death
96 Vanguard Squad
95 Attacks on Campus
94 Commander level Darkwing Wolf!
93 Bo City Dyed in Blood
92 Blood Mark Colossal Ra
91 Magical Beasts Attacking the City!
90 The Blue Aler
89 Calm Down, Little Loach Pendant!
88 Star Atlas Book
87 Amaze the World with a Single Fea
86 Fight Between the Powers
85 Innate Dual Elements
84 Lightning Strike, Wrath Shock!
83 The Duel Hasnt Finished
82 Background is also a Form of Strength
81 Fire Burst: Rupture!
80 Level 3 Ice Spread
79 Magic Duel!
78 Tonight, Supporting Role
77 The Stepping Stone for Someone Else
76 Treacherous Banque
75 Variety of Ways
74 Three years!
73 Underground Holy Spring
72 The Incredible Life Starts Now!
71 Spirit Grade Stardust Magic Tool
70 Magic Wolf Soul Essence
69 Intermediate level, Violent Wave!
68 Protecting the Residential Area
67 Advanced Magic Wolf
66 Bone Shield Saving Life
65 Brother Wolf, We Came in Peace, We Leave in Peace?
64 One-eyed Magic Wolf
63 Strange occurrences in the Old Streets
62 Underground Holy Spring
61 Advancing the Lightning Element!
60 Come Forth, Lightning!
59 Battle Ape Rat!
58 Monster of the Cafeteria!
57 Danger! Brushing past the Body
56 Missing Girl
55 City Hunter Team
54 The Rare Lightning Mage!
53 Make money, Cultivate and Marry Tangyue!
52 Magic Equipment, Bone Scythe Shield
51 Got Killed by Mo Fan!
50 Its Better to Save the Person First?
49 Crushing Using Wisdom!
48 Lightning and Fire!
47 The Spirit Wolf Goes out of Control
46 Not on the Same Level
45 Spirit Wolf
44 The Magical Beast appears!
43 Scheming everywhere!
42 Messing with the students
41 Wind Trail, Flying Cliff!
40 An Impossible Mission!
39 Chief Military Instructor, Zhankong
38 Snowy Peak Mountain Station
37 Experience outside of the City
36 Send me a Wechat Location
35 Growth-type Stardust Magic Tool
34 The Little Loach Pendan
33 Stardust Magic Tool
32 Brother Fan, where are your morals?
31 Delightful Swearing!
30 Did Water Flood Your Brain?
29 A beautiful casting, Fire Burst!
28 Its actually an S!
27 Framed Examination
26 What happened to the trust?
25 Ice Element, Ice Spread!
24 Magic Activation Exam
23 Magic B*tch
22 Curing the Superior Dog
21 Arriving at School, Mu Ningxue
20 Stardust Magic Tool
19 Wind Force, Wind Trail!
18 Teammates are importan
17 The Beautiful Female Teachers Fire Elemen
16 New Female Teacher, Tangyue!
15 Tales of the Demons
14 Heaven-defying Cultivation Speed
13 First taste of Magic!
12 Lightning Force, Lightning Strike!
11 Ye Xinxia
10 Release, Lightning Element!
9 The Seventh Star
8 Really Cant stop
7 Green Tea Man
6 Innate Dual Elements 2
5 Innate Dual Elements 1
4 Awakening of the Magic Elements
3 Opening Ceremony
2 The True Social Class
1 Huge Changes to the World