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Miracle Throne

Author: Half-Drunk Wanderer

Lastchapter: Chapter 483: Seed of hope

Updated: 2019-01-22 13:52

Chapter 483: Seed of hope
Chapter 482: Large crisis
Chapter 481: Wiped ou
Chapter 480: Ambush
Chapter 479: Undead radar
Chapter 478: Completely falling ou
Chapter 477: Blown away
Chapter 476: Negotiations
Chapter 475: Threa
Chapter 474: Crisis in the city
Chapter 473: Cell phone
Chapter 472: Miracle City’s changes
Chapter 471: Young miss
Chapter 470: Strategy and planning
Chapter 469: Zero’s strength
Chapter 468: The side effects of bloodlines
Chapter 467: Discussions
Chapter 466: Yin Spirit’s despair
Chapter 465: Yin Spiri
Chapter 464: Hostage
Chapter 463: Great Zhou Princess
Chapter 462: Yingying’s strength
Chapter 461: Wild provocation
Chapter 460: Meeting old friends
Chapter 459: Great Zhou Kingdom
Chapter 458: Divine swindler
Chapter 457: Let’s get married
Chapter 456: Damage control
Chapter 455: Taking back land
Chapter 454: Rocket missile
Chapter 453: Forest guests
Chapter 452: Casually destroying
Chapter 451: Super intelligence
Chapter 450: The world is a small place
Chapter 449: Artificial intelligence
Chapter 448: Forest Production Park
Chapter 447: Steady earning, no losses
Chapter 446: Miracle Banking!
Chapter 445: Subduing the Druids
Chapter 444: Falling into a trap
Chapter 443: Star Marrow Pill
Chapter 442: Hunting Star Elementals
Chapter 441: Searching for star ore again
Chapter 440: The second stage
Chapter 439: Trial Field
Chapter 438: Virtual arena
Chapter 437: Large conscription
Chapter 436: Transport Tower
Chapter 435: Miracle City
Chapter 434: Seizing the altar
Chapter 433: Bone Dragon
Chapter 432: The Druid’s support
Chapter 431: Divine Servant
Chapter 430: Fierce battle
Chapter 429: Beginning the attack
Chapter 428: Death ruins
Chapter 427: Self destruct
Chapter 426: Abomination
Chapter 425: Slash to kill
Chapter 424: Necromancers
Chapter 423: Eye of the Star
Chapter 422: Starlight Mine
Chapter 421: Underground world
Chapter 420: Research base
Chapter 419: City Lord’s troubles
Chapter 418: Acting City Lord
Chapter 417: Shaman’s internal war
Chapter 416: Surrounding the Shaman temple
Chapter 415: Battle begins
Chapter 414: Poisoned
Chapter 413: Druids
Chapter 412: Green Protector
Chapter 411: Lobbying
Chapter 410: Shaman witchcraft
Chapter 409: Set goal
Chapter 408: Green City
Chapter 407: Union
Chapter 406: Bought
Chapter 405: Condition
Chapter 404: Trade
Chapter 403: Minotaurs
Chapter 402: Religion
Chapter 401: Demonic God’s arrival
Chapter 400: Monkey
Chapter 399: Going to Green City
Chapter 398: Accept
Chapter 397: The Elven Kings gift
Chapter 396: Eternal Forest
Chapter 395: Heavens Punishment
Chapter 394: Clone Slash
Chapter 393: Forest conference
Chapter 392: Technological combat
Chapter 391: Marauders
Chapter 390: Encountering trouble
Chapter 389: Great results
Chapter 388: Safely returning
Chapter 387: Demanding compensation
Chapter 386: Alliance with the Flower Fairies
Chapter 385: Spiritual technology
Chapter 384: Fairy Wine
Chapter 383: Lost Woods
Chapter 382: Protector of the forest
Chapter 381: Argument
Chapter 380: Forest court
Chapter 379: Flower Fairies
Chapter 378: Tree of Life Tribe
Chapter 377: Elves coming to take people
Chapter 376: Initial results
Chapter 375: Alliance prototype
Chapter 374: Forest Alliance
Chapter 373: Mayor Chu Tian
Chapter 372: Crushed
Chapter 371: Preparing to battle
Chapter 370: Communication airship
Chapter 369: Oldman Small Town
Chapter 368: Assassination
Chapter 367: Spider people
Chapter 366: Oldman mines
Chapter 365: Spider count
Chapter 364: Hotel
Chapter 363: Little town
Chapter 362: Forest of Chaos
Chapter 361: Forerunners
Chapter 360: Berserker
Chapter 359: Barbarians autonomous region
Chapter 358: Subduing the barbarians
Chapter 357: Unexpected calamity of the barbarians
Chapter 356: Testing the Space Warehouse
Chapter 355: Void Escaping
Chapter 354: Vivian makes her move
Chapter 353: Central States siege battle
Chapter 352: Completely crushed
Chapter 351: Demon of war
Chapter 350: Indiscriminate bombing
Chapter 349: Chu Tian heads off to battle
Chapter 348: Decisive battle starts
Chapter 347: Space Warehouse
Chapter 346: The Fang Kings premonition
Chapter 345: Officially joining
Chapter 344: New world
Chapter 343: Trading cultivation technique for medicine
Chapter 342: Giving medicine
Chapter 341: Important decision
Chapter 340: Another worshipper
Chapter 339: Little princess Vivian
Chapter 338: New king succeeds the throne
Chapter 337: Starting to prepare for battle
Chapter 336: Flames of war raging across the land
Chapter 335: Falling again
Chapter 334: Imperial City siege
Chapter 333: Great war begins
Chapter 332: Large army sieging the city
Chapter 331: Large crisis
Chapter 330: Going all out
Chapter 329: Endless Purgatory
Chapter 328: Malim charging in
Chapter 327: The complex young miss
Chapter 326: Giving up ones life to save another
Chapter 325: Chased down
Chapter 324: Completely being fooled by the enemy
Chapter 323: Fang King
Chapter 322: Putting down rebels
Chapter 321: Danger approaching
Chapter 320: Crisis
Chapter 319: The War Hounds attack
Chapter 318: Sudden situation
Chapter 317: The worries of an old soldier
Chapter 316: Frontline fortress
Chapter 315: First battles victory report
Chapter 314: Transcounty communication
Chapter 313: Going to battle
Chapter 312: Urgent military development
Chapter 311: Ruthlessly trampled
Chapter 310: Divine Blood Yin Corpses strength
Chapter 309: A bet
Chapter 308: Heroic Martial Marquis
Chapter 307: Battle Dragon Army
Chapter 306: Rising From the Ashes
Chapter 305: Familys internal battle
Chapter 304: Participating in the royal banquet
Chapter 303: Northern attack plan
Chapter 302: Elven guest
Chapter 301: Additional income
Chapter 300: Series
Chapter 299: Severely wounded prince
Chapter 298: Flame Demon Transformation!
Chapter 297: Prince
Chapter 296: Complete success
Chapter 295: Begin broadcasting
Chapter 294: Production complete
Chapter 293: Movies
Chapter 292: Chu Tian and the Mad Dog Party
Chapter 291: Royal court heated debate
Chapter 290: Yingying was angry
Chapter 289: Consequences of being arrogant
Chapter 288: Arriving in Imperial City
Chapter 287: Dying together
Chapter 286: Cleaning up the mess
Chapter 285: Scarlet blood head venerate
Chapter 284: Plundering at will
Chapter 283: Scarlet blood temple
Chapter 282: Three way melee
Chapter 281: Sitting on the mountain watching tigers fight
Chapter 280: Scarlet Swamp
Chapter 279: Scarlet blood leader
Chapter 278: Various experts
Chapter 277: Scarlet blood headquarters
Chapter 276: Ambush
Chapter 275: Remnants
Chapter 274: Leaving
Chapter 273: Leaving Central State
Chapter 272: Imperial City vanguard
Chapter 271: Coming to an end
Chapter 270: Submachine gun
Chapter 269: A large misunderstanding
Chapter 268: The Calm Martial Ruler arrives
Chapter 267: Capturing the Southern State army
Chapter 266: The reinforcements that fell from the sky
Chapter 265: City assault battle!
Chapter 264: The invading army reaches the city
Chapter 263: Southern States army!
Chapter 262: This old man hurting me!
Chapter 261: Trap
Chapter 260: Photograph technology
Chapter 259: Use of the Hidden Image Stone
Chapter 258: Press conference
Chapter 257: Great scholar entering the city
Chapter 256: The great scholars rage
Chapter 255: The Calm Martial Rulers excitement
Chapter 254: Convincing the Calm Martial Ruler
Chapter 253: Imperial City
Chapter 252: A large success
Chapter 251: Four directional lightning array
Chapter 250: Gold coin invasion
Chapter 249: Vaccine
Chapter 248: True expert!
Chapter 247: Mister Qiu
Chapter 246: Qing States difficult situation
Chapter 245: One cant touch an old tigers butt
Chapter 244: Beast crisis
Chapter 243: Qing State
Chapter 242: Returning to South Sky City
Chapter 241: Miracle Airship
Chapter 240: Rewriting the history of inventions
Chapter 239: The appearance of the Source Energy Weapons!
Chapter 238: Royal proclamation being sent
Chapter 237: Giving help to the Heavens Alliance
Chapter 236: Full force expansion
Chapter 235: Confiscate their possessions! Confiscate their possessions!
Chapter 234: Still in chaos
Chapter 233: Chaos in Central State
Chapter 232: Golden Flood Dragon versus Flame Demon
Chapter 231: Sword and flame
Chapter 230: The final fight
Chapter 229: A storm approaches
Chapter 228: Accepting the duel (extra)
Chapter 227: Returning to Central State
Chapter 226: Becoming famous once again
Chapter 225: The saviour of Thunder State
Chapter 224: Duel
Chapter 223: Demon lackey
Chapter 222: Swallowing the Abyss Flame!
Chapter 221: Killing the demon with an array
Chapter 220: Luring the enemy
Chapter 219: Unbeatable
Chapter 218: The city of death
Chapter 217: Demon Flame Soldier
Chapter 216: Abyss Demon Soldiers
Chapter 215: Fighting Wu Yang
Chapter 214: Instantly killed with a fist
Chapter 213: Thunder State
Chapter 212: Father has money
Chapter 211: Boss Yu
Chapter 210: Deep in the enemys nest
Chapter 209: Giant Shark Gang
Chapter 208: Mysterious pirates
Chapter 207: The cursed lake
Chapter 206: Abyss Demon
Chapter 205: Emergency mission
Chapter 204: New Yun Sect
Chapter 203: Using money to buy strength
Chapter 202: Blood drinking sword
Chapter 201: Press conference
Chapter 200: Chu Tian secret research facility
Chapter 199: Divine Blood Yin Corpse
Chapter 198: Being attacked once again
Chapter 197: The winner is the king!
Chapter 196: Going from weak to strong
Chapter 195: A fierce confrontation
Chapter 194: Live broadcast
Chapter 193: Preparations
Chapter 192: Setting a time to fight
Chapter 191: Sending out a challenge
Chapter 190: Exchanging for rewards
Chapter 189: The tenth eye
Chapter 188: Ancient Gods remains
Chapter 187: Miracle!
Chapter 186: Some families are happy and some are worried
Chapter 185: Full force fight
Chapter 184: Decisive battle with Chu Xinghe
Chapter 183: The hidden door
Chapter 182: The fishermans benefit
Chapter 181: Mirror and demon
Chapter 180: Treasure room
Chapter 179: Raging Flame Craftsman God
Chapter 178: Craftsmen palace
Chapter 177: Secret puppet room
Chapter 176: Minds Lamp
Chapter 175: Mind Energy
Chapter 174: Honeycomb
Chapter 173: The life stealing bridge
Chapter 172: Hidden map
Chapter 171: Escaping in a secret passage
Chapter 170: The giants hard work
Chapter 169: Dangerous trial space
Chapter 168: Giants labyrinth
Chapter 167: Knowledge is power!
Chapter 166: Beginning of the trial
Chapter 165: Eternally lost problem
Chapter 164: The canned food raid
Chapter 163: Yingyings brand of delicious canned food
Chapter 162: Two young misses coming by cart
Chapter 161: The abduction plan
Chapter 160: Conclusion
Chapter 159: Critical moment!
Chapter 158: The Chu Familys bastard!
Chapter 157: A shocking fight
Chapter 156: Who is crazier?
Chapter 155: Ranking tournament
Chapter 154: Blue Luan versus the Fire Phoenix
Chapter 153: Luo Jinshi and Ye Hen
Chapter 152: The first fight
Chapter 151: Breakthrough
Chapter 150: Selection round
Chapter 149: Participation
Chapter 148: Snowflake source spirit
Chapter 149: Participation
Chapter 148: Snowflake source spirit
Chapter 147: Killing with a borrowed knife
Chapter 146: Chen Bingyu coming for a lecture
Chapter 145: Large trouble
Chapter 144: Popular
Chapter 143: Qilin Hall
Chapter 142: The most broken class in history
Chapter 141: The advent of the phonograph
Chapter 140: Chu Tians new business
Chapter 139: Flood smashing the dragon kings palace
Chapter 138: Wild challenging demon
Chapter 137: Storms arising in the academy
Chapter 136: Enhancing ones strength
Chapter 135: The devils special training
Chapter 134: Bringing you to pretend
Chapter 133: Yun Familys young master
Chapter 132: Causing trouble at the Yun Sect
Chapter 131: Letting them lose together
Chapter 130: A shocking talent
Chapter 129: Challenging the Yun Sect
Chapter 128: Magnetic sound tower plan
Chapter 127: Enemies often meet on a narrow path
Chapter 126: Mechanical Insect
Chapter 125: Wanting to become stronger
Chapter 124: Causing a stir in Central State
Chapter 123: Heavenly Sword Young Master
Chapter 122: Advancing into Central State
Chapter 121: Ten thousand houses lighting up
Chapter 120: Lighting up South Sky City
Chapter 119: Radio
Chapter 118: Electromagnetic broadcast tower
Chapter 117: Successful return
Chapter 116: Flickering Netherworld Flames
Chapter 115: Being questioned
Chapter 114: Harvest
Chapter 113: Fusing with the Netherworld Flame
Chapter 112: Heavenly Demon Cult
Chapter 111: Demons lair
Chapter 110: Heavenly Demon Art
Chapter 109: Trap
Chapter 108: Black Wind camp bandits
Chapter 107: Stealing the goods
Chapter 106: Comparing to see whos more ruthless!
Chapter 105: Ten thousand cavalry pressuring the city
Chapter 104: Forcing ones soul awake
Chapter 103: Annoy the King of Hell, do not annoy Chu Tian
Chapter 102: Eighteen trapped dragon array
Chapter 101: The phoenix family
Chapter 100: Conflict breaking out
Chapter 99: Mirror Source Spirit
Chapter 98: Super speaker
Chapter 97: The anger of the Heavenly Wolf Young Master
Chapter 96: The value of the hidden sound stones
Chapter 95: Forcing to buy and sell
Chapter 94: Comparing notes in martial arts
Chapter 93: Negotiations
Chapter 92: Acquiring the basin
Chapter 91: Heavenly Book Source Spirit
Chapter 90: The Central State vanguard
Chapter 89: Guest Official
Chapter 88: Who is Lu Ren?
Chapter 87: My clan will prosper not die
Chapter 86: Chu Tians anger
Chapter 85: Cutting to kill
Chapter 84: Tearing ones face to pieces
Chapter 83: Reaching the limits of ones patience
Chapter 82: Leaving
Chapter 81: Returning to the Black Market
Chapter 80: Mysterious little fox
Chapter 79: Fox faced Corpse King
Chapter 78: Chaotic fight in the Corpse King Palace
Chapter 77: Black Jade Coffin
Chapter 76: Stuck in a dilemma
Chapter 75: Soul Controlling Bell
Chapter 74: Netherworld Sword
Chapter 73: Spirit King
Chapter 72: Nether Spirit Palace
Chapter 71: Wraith Palace
Chapter 70: Successfully obtaining the treasure
Chapter 69: Abyss of Death
Chapter 68: Ten thousand corpses ancient tomb
Chapter 67: Birth of dual source spirits
Chapter 66: Birth of a Source Spirit
Chapter 65: Black market
Chapter 64: Escaping from danger
Chapter 63: Hundred Year Old Corpse
Chapter 62: Hunting and killing Yin Corpses
Chapter 61: Lying low until the dust settles
Chapter 60: A large harvest
Chapter 59: Standing still to let you chop
Chapter 58: Competing in martial arts
Chapter 57: Heavenly Thunder is billowing
Chapter 56: Symbol arrangement techniques
Chapter 55: Competition of poisons
Chapter 54: Interrogation
Chapter 53: Came looking for trouble
Chapter 52: Openly Conspiring to Steal
Chapter 51: Curing the Chronic Injury
Chapter 50: Starlight Immortal Body
Chapter 49: Popular Business
Chapter 48: Source Energy Hot Pot City
Chapter 47: Central State Chu Family
Chapter 46 : Arrogant Domineering
Chapter 45 : Meteorite Grass
Chapter 44: Magic Battery
Chapter 43: The Mayors Shock
Chapter 42: Luring the Mayor
Chapter 41: The Crystal Treasure
Chapter 40: Chu Tians Dream
Chapter 39: End of the Summit Meeting
Chapter 38: Product Release
Chapter 37: Emergence of Miracle Commerce
Chapter 36: One Versus Three!
Chapter 35: Madman Chu Tian
Chapter 34: Diamond Vein Slashing Finger
Chapter 33: The Three Talents
Chapter 32: Disabling Your Two Hands
Chapter 31: Tian Nan Summit Meeting
Chapter 30: Before the Summit Meeting
Chapter 29: Crisis Contract
Chapter 28: Big Cousin Brawl
Chapter 27: Family Meeting
Chapter 26: Spring of Life
Chapter 25: Nine Deaths, One Life
Chapter 24: Youre Already Dead
Chapter 23: Encountering Dangers
Chapter 22: Help Me Kick His Ass
Chapter 21: The Birth of Miracle Commerce
Chapter 20: Eradicating the Han Family
Chapter 19: Counter Attack
Chapter 18: Finding the Real Culprit
Chapter 17: Turning the Tide
Chapter 16: Vicious Scheme
Chapter 15: Too Late For Regret
Chapter 14: The Ashamed and Enraged Da Xiao Jie
Chapter 13: Self-Humiliation
Chapter 12: A Big Slap to the Face
Chapter 11: A Gamble
Chapter 10: Super Drug Refinement Array
Chapter 9: The Mayors Miscalculation
Chapter 8: You Dont Have Long to Live
Chapter 7: The Violent Chu Tian
Chapter 6: The Grand Moneymaking Scheme
Chapter 5: Master Shocked
Chapter 4: Master Shocked
Chapter 3: Expelled
Chapter 2: Meng Qing Wu
Chapter 1: Mysterious Boy