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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

Author: Fat Bread

Lastchapter: Chapter 413: The Prediction of the God of Wisdom

Updated: 2019-01-22 10:52

Chapter 413: The Prediction of the God of Wisdom
Chapter 412: The Truth of Norn
Chapter 411: Alpha’s Doub
Chapter 410: The Thread of Fate
Chapter 409: Sun Bird
Chapter 408: The Golden Red Ligh
Chapter 407: Orfina’s Feeling
Chapter 406: Different Tengen
Chapter 405: Identity Is Exposed?
Chapter 404: 1+1
Chapter 403: It’s Impossible!
Chapter 402: Terrible Alpha
Chapter 401: Clutch Goal
Chapter 400: The Same Tengen
Chapter 399: The Disaster of Sky and Earth
Chapter 398: The Secret of Tengen
Chapter 396: Maha Mystery
Chapter 395: 47 Chess Players
Chapter 394: The Easy-to-understand Star Go
Chapter 393: The Tutorial of Starry Sky Chessboard
Chapter 392: When the Legend Starts
Chapter 391: Starry Sky Chessboard
Chapter 390: The Real Sky Tower
Chapter 389: Dreamlover
Chapter 388: The Hard Entry Qualifications
Chapter 387: The Library
Chapter 386: The Basics of God Sword
Chapter 385: The Sword God’s Dairy
Chapter 384: The Road of the Sword God
Chapter 383: Explain the Tao
Chapter 382: White Lotus Sword Master
Chapter 381: Smiling, girls!
Chapter 380: The War in the Pas
Chapter 379: That Summer
Chapter 378: The Growth of the Seed
Chapter 377: Getting Closer
Chapter 376: The Super High Speed Seed
Chapter 375: Hua Huo’s Suspicion
Chapter 374: The Invisible Thread
Chapter 373: The Third Godlike Talent
Chapter 372: Mumu’s Change
Chapter 371: The Girls’ Great Goal
Chapter 370: Dragon Plant
Chapter 369: The Holy Beetle
Chapter 368: One Day in the Life of the Maid “Mei” (3)
Chapter 367: One Day in the Life of the Maid “Mei” (2)
Chapter 366: One Day in the Life of the Maid “Mei” (1)
Chapter 365: The Battle God’s Gift
Chapter 364: The Gravel of Time
Chapter 363: The Swing Style
Chapter 362: The New Talent
Chapter 361: Triumph in the Skies
Chapter 360: The Star Spirit Team
Chapter 359: This Is the Bud Garden
Chapter 358: Death and Rebirth
Chapter 357: The Real Target
Chapter 356: The Evil God’s Power
Chapter 355: The Prideful Prince
Chapter 354: The Aura of the Evil God
Chapter 353: The Pleasant Princess
Chapter 352: Black Dog
Chapter 351: Elf Illness
Chapter 350: The Figure of the Past
Chapter 349: The Legendary Hero
Chapter 348: Kingfisher
Chapter 347: The Princess
Chapter 346: Meet Elf Again
Chapter 345: Talent
Chapter 344: Awakening
Chapter 343: The Sound of the Secret Treasure
Chapter 342: Nobody Beats
Chapter 341: Nobody Beats
Chapter 340: Carry Them Out!
Chapter 339: Challenge
Chapter 338: Announcement
Chapter 337: The Legend of Seven Towers
Chapter 336: Sky Tower
Chapter 335: A Small Temptation
Chapter 334: Treasure Ship Style
Chapter 333: The Practice of the Battle God Genre
Chapter 332: Beneath the Moonlight
Chapter 331: The Firebird Who Is Chasing After Them
Chapter 330: On the Road Again
Chapter 329: Ouroboros’ Prediction
Chapter 328: The Innocent Fantasy Creature Overlords
Chapter 327: Two White Emperors (2)
Chapter 326: Two White Emperors (1)
Chapter 325: Dream or Reality
Chapter 324: The Water God’s Blessing
Chapter 323: Desperate Fight
Chapter 322: The Godlike Skill
Chapter 321: Hopeless Situation
Chapter 320: The Disappearing Sword
Chapter 319: Fight Hand to Hand
Chapter 318: The White Emperor’s Fighting Stance
Chapter 317: Angry Hua Huo
Chapter 316: I Don’t Agree!
Chapter 315: Do You Want to Be My Disciple?
Chapter 314: The Lamia Queen’s Gaze
Chapter 313: The Caelian Queen’s Whisper
Chapter 312: The Mermaid Girls Like NTR(2)
Chapter 311: The Mermaid Girls Like NTR(1)
Chapter 310: The Witness
Chapter 309: The Battle God Comes
Chapter 308: The Melancholy of the White Emperor
Chapter 307: The Sorrows of Lu Lu
Chapter 306: Hua Huos Consciousness
Chapter 305: What A Strange World
Chapter 304: Yun Xis Choice
Chapter 303: Rebuilding the World
Chapter 302: Parting
Chapter 301: The Revived Sailing Jellyfishes
Chapter 300: The Truth of This World
Chapter 299: Judgement
Chapter 298: The Magnificence of Sky Dance
Chapter 297: Destroy the World? Save the World!
Chapter 296: Rigidness and Flexibleness
Chapter 295: Adaptation and Evolution
Chapter 294: Deadly Combos
Chapter 293: The Battle Gods Martial Arts
Chapter 292: Fierce Fighting
Chapter 291: The Battle God and the Guardian
Chapter 290: The Last Marriage Contract
Chapter 289: The Watcher
Chapter 288: Yummy Time
Chapter 287: Intertwine
Chapter 286: Shayas Recipes
Chapter 285: Furious Yun Xi
Chapter 284: For the World
Chapter 283: A Bigger Miracle
Chapter 282: Revive
Chapter 281: Water Gods Bride
Chapter 280: The Water Gods Real Name
Chapter 279: Descending
Chapter 278: Summon
Chapter 277: The Last Phase
Chapter 276: Red Lotus Killing Intention
Chapter 275: The Gears are Revolving
Chapter 274: The Decisive Battle Has Begun
Chapter 273: Immortality
Chapter 272: His Smell
Chapter 271: Her Name
Chapter 270: How to Strike Up a Conversation With a Dragon (3)
Chapter 269: How to Strike Up a Conversation With a Dragon (2)
Chapter 268: How to Strike Up a Conversation With a Dragon (1)
Chapter 267: The Mist Demons Real Appearance
Chapter 266: The Guides
Chapter 265: The Flying Butterflies of Death
Chapter 264: See the Mist Tide Again
Chapter 263: Absolute Superiority
Chapter 262: Burn With Rage
Chapter 261: The Worlds Enemy
Chapter 260: Seal Hua Huo
Chapter 259: Crafting Mode
Chapter 258: At the End of Fantasy
Chapter 257: Fierce Fighting
Chapter 256: The White Emperors Power
Chapter 255: Reforge the Sword
Chapter 254: The Sword Is Broken
Chapter 253: Continuous Attacks
Chapter 252: The Crimson Hound
Chapter 251: Landing
Chapter 250: I Will Protect You
Chapter 249: Hua Huo Arrives at the Battlefield!
Chapter 248: The Third Phase
Chapter 247: The Frightening Army
Chapter 246: Embark on the Road
Chapter 245: The Broken Hearted Boys
Chapter 244: You Will Be the Emperor
Chapter 243: A Million Brides
Chapter 242: The Girls Who are Studying Hard
Chapter 241: Sailing Jellyfishs Robe
Chapter 240: The Little Rabbit in the Morning
Chapter 239: The Water Gods Song
Chapter 238: A Good News and A Bad News
Chapter 237: The Three Queens Charm
Chapter 236: Blessing
Chapter 235: Canary
Chapter 234: Her Wish
Chapter 233: The Origin of the Mist Tide
Chapter 232: That Day
Chapter 231: The Door of Memories
Chapter 230: Her World
Chapter 229: The Bell Is Ringing
Chapter 228: The Mermaid Queen Likes Immorality
Chapter 227: The Mermaid Queens Requirement
Chapter 226: Escape From the Mist Island
Chapter 225: The Sky Swords Footsteps
Chapter 224: Sweet Whisper
Chapter 223: Resonance
Chapter 222: Requirement
Chapter 221: The Queens True Body
Chapter 220: Summon
Chapter 219: Their Hope
Chapter 218: Jealousy
Chapter 217: The Excited Lamias
Chapter 216: A Small Promise
Chapter 215: His Identity was Revealed
Chapter 214: Lamias Game
Chapter 213: Three Targets
Chapter 212: The Water Mist Field Is Expanding!
Chapter 211: Her Odour
Chapter 210: The 108th Bride
Chapter 209: The Birth of the King
Chapter 208: Black Obsidians Choice
Chapter 207: The Unsuccessful Proposal
Chapter 206: Will You Accept Me?
Chapter 205: Familiar and Strange
Chapter 204: The Mysterious First One
Chapter 203: The Girls Are Coming
Chapter 202: The Three High Priestesses
Chapter 201: Turning Point
Chapter 200: The King City
Chapter 199: Expansion Plan - A Million Brides!
Chapter 198: Yun Ques Decision
Chapter 197: Jealousy
Chapter 196: Retreat
Chapter 195: Phase Spider
Chapter 194: White Emperor
Chapter 193: Mist Souls
Chapter 192: Jealousy and Impulsion
Chapter 191: Save Yun Xi
Chapter 190: Silence and Hotness
Chapter 189: In the Deep Dark Cave
Chapter 188: The Queens Threat
Chapter 187: The Queens Satisfaction
Chapter 186: Dangerous Encounter
Chapter 185: Water Mist Field
Chapter 184: The Situation is Out of Control
Chapter 183: The Second Fallen One
Chapter 182: Mei Lans Jealousness
Chapter 181: Ling Ling Agreed
Chapter 180: Ling Ling is Tempted
Chapter 179: Dangerous Target
Chapter 178: Yun Ques Warning
Chapter 177: The Birth of a Queen
Chapter 176: King of Spiders
Chapter 175: Terrible Non-combat Careers
Chapter 174: Strategic Materials
Chapter 173: Yun Ques Anger
Chapter 172: Twelve Candidate Brides
Chapter 171: Imprint
Chapter 170: Upgrading!
Chapter 169: Yun Xis Gifts
Chapter 168: Lu Lus Love Diary
Chapter 167: How to Propose
Chapter 166: Side Quest Four
Chapter 165: Bride Expansion Plan
Chapter 164: Yun Xis Decision
Chapter 163: Three Phases
Chapter 162: Slimes Legend
Chapter 161: Sky Sword
Chapter 160: The Gap Between Their Experiences
Chapter 159: Ceremony
Chapter 158: The Wedding Gown
Chapter 157: The First Fiancee
Chapter 156: Separate and Go Different Ways
Chapter 155: Proposal
Chapter 154: Lu Lus Sadness
Chapter 153: Tigers Power
Chapter 152: Lu Lu
Chapter 151: Water Gods People
Chapter 150: The Second Apostle
Chapter 149: Familiar Person
Chapter 148: Water Mist
Chapter 147: Fake
Chapter 146: Mask
Chapter 145: Water Gods World
Chapter 144: Transformation of the Stars (2)
Chapter 143: Transformation of the Stars (1)
Chapter 142: The Monster
Chapter 141: Mumus Expectation
Chapter 140: The Tale of the Storm
Chapter 139: Eye of the Storm
Chapter 138: For Bread! Rated Battle!
Chapter 137: Dark Shadow Gems
Chapter 136: The Scent of Milk
Chapter 135: Flying Yun Xi
Chapter 134: Spread
Chapter 133: Upgrade
Chapter 132: Invasive Creatures
Chapter 131: Starwings
Chapter 130: Destiny Knot
Chapter 129: Synchronous Reaction
Chapter 128: Girls Chat
Chapter 127: Innocent Paradise (2)
Chapter 126: Innocent Paradise (1)
Chapter 125: Flying Swallow, and Flying Swallow!
Chapter 124: Enemies Forever
Chapter 123: Yun Xis Bread
Chapter 122: Hunger Crisis
Chapter 121: Abandoned Child
Chapter 120: Silver-haired Girl
Chapter 119: Tropical Temptation
Chapter 118: Bite
Chapter 117: Xiao Cao In the Moonlight
Chapter 116: Search and Rescue
Chapter 115: In Stranded
Chapter 114: The Apostle Comes
Chapter 113: Intruder
Chapter 112: The Door in the Clouds
Chapter 111: The Big Big World
Chapter 110: Setting Sail
Chapter 109: The High Wall
Chapter 108: The Evil Gods Sacrifice
Chapter 107: The Girls Scroll
Chapter 106: The Girls Group Portrait
Chapter 105: The Evil God Comes
Chapter 104: Dawn and Darkness
Chapter 103: Dream or Reality?
Chapter 102: Elfs Flower
Chapter 101: The Dark Elf
Chapter 100: Emptiness God
Chapter 99: Im Looking for Your Growth
Chapter 98: Ye Lis Allure
Chapter 97: The Childhood Sweethearts (3)
Chapter 97: The Childhood Sweethearts (2)
Chapter 96: The Childhood Sweethearts (1)
Chapter 95: Profess My Love
Chapter 94: The Black-haired Girls Legend
Chapter 93: Inexplicable Sense of Crisis
Chapter 92: Sky Flying Sword
Chapter 91: Hua Huo Goes Ballistic
Chapter 90: Elfs Attack
Chapter 89: The Hidden Sword
Chapter 88: Yun Hais Legacy
Chapter 87: Obtaining The Twin Swords
Chapter 86: Blood-stained Skill!
Chapter 85: Their Seeds
Chapter 84: White Gold Rose
Chapter 83: Hua Yue
Chapter 82: Air Battle Sword Skill
Chapter 81: Instant Kill
Chapter 80: Victory! Victory!
Chapter 79: Ive Got You in My Sight
Chapter 78: Black Flying Swallow
Chapter 77: Yun Xis Seeds
Chapter 76: The Girls
Chapter 75: Xiao Cao (Little Grass)
Chapter 74: Bad Feeling
Chapter 73: Cute Girls
Chapter 72: Lucky Black Hair
Chapter 71: Yun Xi was Surrounded
Chapter 70: Step Forward Hand-in-Hand
Chapter 69: Helpless Choice
Chapter 68: The Killing Princess
Chapter 67: The Greatsword Maid
Chapter 66: The Fight Has Yet to Begin, Already Fleeing
Chapter 65: Escape Plan
Chapter 64: Their Seeds
Chapter 63: Huge Harvest
Chapter 62: The Primal Fire
Chapter 61: Tragic Asura
Chapter 60: Princess and Guardian
Chapter 59: The Tower of Song
Chapter 58: Dancing Crane Swords
Chapter 57: The Three Childes
Chapter 56: The Dawn of Victory
Chapter 55: Title at End
Chapter 54: Irresistible Force
Chapter 53: The Third District
Chapter 52: Hua Huo Joins the Team
Chapter 51: Sky Sword (TianXiang Sword)
Chapter 50: Dragon Battle-Maiden
Chapter 49: Mighty Dragon
Chapter 48: The Five Great Generals
Chapter 47: Lancers
Chapter 46: Forging
Chapter 45: Kill!
Chapter 44: Yun Xis Outbreak
Chapter 43: Blood and Death
Chapter 42: Stone Statue Legion
Chapter 41: The Trial Reopens
Chapter 40: Exit
Chapter 39: Limit Practice
Chapter 38: Flocked
Chapter 37: Regression
Chapter 36: Moon and Star Ring
Chapter 35: Love Letters
Chapter 34: Confession
Chapter 33: Love of the Stars
Chapter 32: Let Go of the Turtle
Chapter 31: Turtle Catching
Chapter 30: Poisoned Saintess
Chapter 29: Their Secret
Chapter 28: The Dangerous Sisters
Chapter 27: Captured Yun Xi
Chapter 26: The Twin Saintess
Chapter 25: Instant Kill
Chapter 24: Different Worlds
Chapter 23: Wood Chopper
Chapter 22: To Kill
Chapter 21: Coming with Evil Intent
Chapter 20: Jealous Eyes
Chapter 19: Accelerated Seeds
Chapter 18: Yun Xis Potential
Chapter 17: Precious Meier
Chapter 16: Hua Huo Arrives at the Door
Chapter 15: Hua Huos Seed
Chapter 14: Three Seeds
Chapter 13: Sleeping Beautys Kiss
Chapter 12: Hua Huos Weak Point
Chapter 11: The Older Sister That Summer
Chapter 10: Hua Huos Sword
Chapter 9: The Gatekeeper of the Dark Forest
Chapter 8: The Hippo Must Die
Chapter 7: Novice Trial
Chapter 6: The Beginning of the Trials
Chapter 5: Frightening Girlfriends
Chapter 4: The Three Spirits
Chapter 3: Heavenly Dream
Chapter 2: The Loving-Jealous Childhood Sweetheart
Chapter 1: Young Yun Xi