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The Legend of Futian

Author: Jing Wu Hen

Lastchapter: 513 Want a City

Updated: 2019-01-23 18:21

513 Want a City
512 Another Figh
511 Encountering Ones Archenemy
510 Together on the Holy Road
509 Zhongzhou Lands
508 Intentional Recruitmen
507 Enticemen
506 Mount Jiuxian
505 Holy Road
504 News of Death
503 Learning in Secre
502 Recovery
501 A Sudden Deadly Attack
500 Shooting Off Ones Mouth
499 The Wolf with the Winning Game
498 Overwhelming the Nine Cloud Palace
497 A Huge Uproar
496 Refusal to Cooperate
495 Arres
494 Hin
493 Hidden Mastermind
492 Killing One’s Son
491 Undercurrents
490 Guard the Door
489 Taken Away
488 The First Battle with One of the Noble Plane
487 A Question
486 Truly a Pity
485 Indomitable
484 The Divine Destruction Polearm
483 The Birthday Banque
482 The Zhaixing House
481 The Polearm of Divine Destruction
480 Good News
479 A Familiar Ruse
478 Battling the Pinnacle of the Arcana Plane
477 Dominating the Generation
476 A Crushing Defea
475 I Refuse
474 Let’s Invite the Son
473 Sanctification
472 Can You Do It?
471 Suppor
470 Confession
469 Divine Ligh
468 Investigation
467 Collapse
466 The Ultimate Land
465 Worship Me Like a God
464 Conflict Outbreak
463 Acquiremen
462 Fishing in Troubled Waters
461 Guidance?
460 The Truth Behind the Martial Arts Fate
459 Rob Martial Arts Fate
458 Within The Battlefield
457 The Top Three Schools Gather
456 The Martial Fortune Battleground
455 Go Easy on Him
454 Becoming Famous
453 Long Mu‘s Words
452 Gu Yunxi’s Words
451 Sweeping Victory
450 A Familiar Scene
449 Awkward Situation
448 Combat Assessmen
447 College Assessmen
446 Arrival of a Beauty
445 Divine Spiritual Sorcerer
444 Ye Futian’s Gif
443 Do You Qualify?
442 Ye Futian’s Style
441 Birthday
440 Extreme Price
439 Auction at the End of the Year
438 Pioneer
437 West Mountain Dragon Fledgling
436 Genius
435 Talen
434 Pleasure-Seeking?
433 The Celestial Pavilion’s New Owner
432 Swindled
431 Dragon Master
430 Later, He Died
429 Have You Never Seen a Beauty?
428 Divine Sky City
427 Unscathed
426 Secret Escape
425 Death of Shang Hai
Chapter 424: Start Fighting
Chapter 423: Dragon Residency
Chapter 422: Fight for It
Chapter 421: Meet Senior Brother Again
Chapter 420: See the World
Chapter 419: Wang Yuqing
Chapter 418: Are You Satisfied Now?
Chapter 417: Don’t Insult a Swordsman
Chapter 416: Gamble Showdown
Chapter 415: Correction
Chapter 414: Drop Dead
Chapter 413: The Siblings’ Terror
Chapter 412: Outshined in all Fields
Chapter 411: Who Wants the Third Place?
Chapter 410: Avatar of God
Chapter 409: Xing Feng Out
Chapter 408: Not Allowed to Win?
Chapter 407: Keeping a Low Profile
Chapter 406: Wang Linfeng’s Victory
Chapter 405: Apologize
Chapter 404: First Battle, Yu Sheng
Chapter 403: Wang Linfeng’s Decision
Chapter 402: Battle of the Four Top Forces
Chapter 401: Undercover
Chapter 400: Show the Door
Chapter 399: Common Man
Chapter 398: Barren State, Yunyue City
Chapter 397: When the Music Stops, the People Go
Chapter 396: Parting
Chapter 395: The Reappearance of Donghuang
Chapter 394: The Thousand Thundering Illusions
Chapter 393: The Eastern Barren Territory United Under One
Chapter 392: Disaster of Donghua Clan
Chapter 391: Removal of the Ban
Chapter 390: Reason For Becoming a Disciple
Chapter 389: Is It Not Good To Be Alive?
Chapter 388: Start Killing
Chapter 387: Final Day for Qin Yu
Chapter 386: Do You Deserve It?
Chapter 385: Exposed
Chapter 384: Off the Mountain
Chapter 383: Battle Between the Best
Chapter 382: Game Between the Best
Chapter 381: The Demon Bird on Sky Mountain
Chapter 380: General
Chapter 379: The Opportunity
Chapter 378: Win Over
Chapter 377: Low-class Clan
Chapter 376: Descend Upon Book Mountain
Chapter 375: A Person Who Can Change the World
Chapter 374: A Carriage Pulled by the Responding Dragon
Chapter 373: Another Year
Chapter 372: Training
Chapter 371: Roar of the College Chief
Chapter 370: Wife
Chapter 369: Move Clan
Chapter 368: Sister-in-Law
Chapter 367: Mockery
Chapter 366: Arriving in Moon Clan
Chapter 365: Gossip in the Cottage
Chapter 364: Set-up
Chapter 363: Swordsman
Chapter 362: The King of Qin
Chapter 361: Continuous Ringing
Chapter 360: Magical Bell and the Demon Bird
Chapter 359: Mystery of Sky Mountain
Chapter 358: Bloody
Chapter 357: Ten Musical Masterpieces
Chapter 356: Writing the World
Chapter 355: Gazing at the Mountaintop
Chapter 354: Evil Eyes
Chapter 353: Stubborn Conviction
Chapter 352: Demonic Possession
Chapter 351: Intensification
Chapter 350: Dancing Snow
Chapter 349: Extreme Breakout
Chapter 348: Time
Chapter 347: Go Straight Forward
Chapter 346: I Have a Question for You
Chapter 345: On Sky Mountain
Chapter 344: Someone on Sky Mountain
Chapter 343: Uproar
Chapter 342: The Summoning of the Great Emperors
Chapter 341: To Claim for Oneself
Chapter 340: Battlefield in the Ancient Barren World
Chapter 339: Teacher Is Very Lazy
Chapter 338: Extremely Fragile
Chapter 337: A Foregone Conclusion?
Chapter 336: Mr. Du’s Aspiration
Chapter 335: Declaration of War
Chapter 334: The Tree Desires Calmness But the Wind Will Not Cease
Chapter 333: When the Cottage Is Unreasonable
Chapter 332: Shaking the Heavens
Chapter 331: Arrogant Qin Yu
Chapter 330: Pessimistic
Chapter 329: Storm Incoming
Chapter 328: Kill
Chapter 327: Outrageous Murderous Intent
Chapter 326: Conspiracy
Chapter 325: Turtle Hermit
Chapter 324: Madman
Chapter 323: Battle on Turtle Mountain
Chapter 322: Climb the Mountain
Chapter 321: Turtle Mountain
Chapter 320: The Proposal
Chapter 319: All Here
Chapter 318: Lowly Man
Chapter 317: The Qin Dynasty’s Proposal of Marriage
Chapter 316: The Giant with Innate Strength
Chapter 315: Training Field Cultivation
Chapter 314: Teaching
Chapter 313: End of the Nandou Nation
Chapter 312: Conflict
Chapter 311: Lin Qiu
Chapter 310: Let Me Help You Measure It
Chapter 309: Ended
Chapter 308: The Death of Luo Junlin
Chapter 307: Combat Ability
Chapter 306: Duel
Chapter 305: Eye For Eye
Chapter 304: You Can Try
Chapter 303: Zhe Song
Chapter 302: A True Man
Chapter 301: Debt Collection
Chapter 300: See You Off
Chapter 299: Every Single One of Them
Chapter 298: The Supercilious Nandou Tai
Chapter 297: Death of the Six Emperors
Chapter 296: How Overpowering
Chapter 295: Rage
Chapter 294: Betrayal
Chapter 293: Everyone’s Attitudes
Chapter 292: A Storm of Change Is About to Hit
Chapter 291: Not Modest at All
Chapter 290: Within the Moon Clan
Chapter 289: Chu Lian
Chapter 288: Ye Futian’s Decision
Chapter 287: The Empress’s Plan
Chapter 286: Newcomer to the College
Chapter 285: Behind the Assassination
Chapter 284: Location: Nandou Nation
Chapter 283: Xirous Death
Chapter 282: Arrival of the Fifth Lord
Chapter 281: He Xirou
Chapter 280: Second Sister Down the Mountain
Chapter 279: Storm is Brewing
Chapter 278: Sacrificial Lamb
Chapter 277: Murderous Intent
Chapter 276: An Even Wilder Strike
Chapter 275: Weak and Fragile
Chapter 274: Battle of Music
Chapter 273: Thunderous Moves
Chapter 272: Modest or Proud
Chapter 271: Evil Fourth Senior Brother
Chapter 270: A Prepared Battle
Chapter 269: Group Battle
Chapter 268: Guard
Chapter 267: Win or Lose
Chapter 266: Top Match
Chapter 265: My Turn
Chapter 264: River Sunset
Chapter 263: Martial Arts Platform
Chapter 262: Arrival
Chapter 261: Small Tricks?
Chapter 260: Chapter 260 - Obliteration
Chapter 259: Just Learned Nothing
Chapter 258: Joke?
Chapter 257: Resonance
Chapter 256: Lifting the Tripod
Chapter 255: Demonic Tripod
Chapter 254: Warlock Gu Zhiqiu
Chapter 253: Tit-for-Tat
Chapter 252: Chapter 252 - Set Off
Chapter 251: Moon Clan
Chapter 250: Slayed
Chapter 249: Swordmaster
Chapter 248: Apology
Chapter 247: The Name of Ye Futian
Chapter 246: Letter
Chapter 245: No Status
Chapter 244: A Great Disturbance
Chapter 243: The Junior Is More Thoughtful
Chapter 242: Who Dares to Bully?
Chapter 241: The Fourth Disciple of the Cottage
Chapter 240: Questioning
Chapter 239: Coming for Someone
Chapter 238: Attending the Ceremony
Chapter 237: Getting Serious
Chapter 236: Growing Intensity
Chapter 235: A Disturbance Triggered by a Guqin Recital
Chapter 234: Fury
Chapter 233: Overpowered
Chapter 232: You Dont Know About Music
Chapter 231: Dating?
Chapter 230: Accomplished Beauty
Chapter 229: History of Fame of the Cottage
Chapter 228: Crown Prince and His Son
Chapter 227: Down the Mountain With the Fifth Brother
Chapter 226: The Qin Dynastys Invitation
Chapter 225: Life Is So Wonderful
Chapter 224: What a Close Call
Chapter 223: Disciple of the Cottage
Chapter 222: College
Chapter 221: The Sky of an 18-Year-Old
Chapter 220: Ye Xiaos End
Chapter 219: Cangye Dynasty
Chapter 218: Right?
Chapter 217: Speaking Humbly
Chapter 216: Each Party Arriving
Chapter 215: Paying a Formal Visit
Chapter 214: Watch and See
Chapter 213: Does Your Father Know?
Chapter 212: Return
Chapter 211: Enemy at the Gates
Chapter 210: Escort
Chapter 209: What Are You Looking At?
Chapter 208: Waves
Chapter 207: In the Name of Cangye
Chapter 206: Murderous Intent of the Royal Xuan Temple
Chapter 205: Lethality
Chapter 204: Arrived
Chapter 203: Burning Arm
Chapter 202: You Are Not Qualified to Understand My World
Chapter 201: Those Who Know Me Understand My Arrogance
Chapter 200: Surpassed by None?
Chapter 199: Xiao Wuji
Chapter 198: Choosing Clans
Chapter 197: Fanatic
Chapter 196: Bear It or Not
Chapter 195: Witch Requiem
Chapter 194: A Bet
Chapter 193: Pull Close
Chapter 192: The Body of the Sword
Chapter 191: There Is Wind
Chapter 190: I Am the Least Competent
Chapter 189: Slave?
Chapter 188: Liu Chenyu
Chapter 187: Barren City, Mirror Mountain
Chapter 186: Very Likeable
Chapter 185: Qian Yangs Death
Chapter 184: One Sword per Person
Chapter 183: The Empress Anger
Chapter 182: Sage Intent
Chapter 181: Making a Decision
Chapter 180: Chopped Arm
Chapter 179: Danger
Chapter 178: Sun and Moon
Chapter 177: The Ultimate Battle
Chapter 176: Encircle and Annihilate
Chapter 175: Great Power
Chapter 174: Youve Received My Recognition
Chapter 173: You Actually Think Youre Worthy?
Chapter 172: Nosy
Chapter 171: The Soldiers Mound
Chapter 170: Entering the Relic
Chapter 169: Loulan Relic
Chapter 168: You Cant Take It
Chapter 167: Realization of Dharma
Chapter 166: Someone of the Noble Fate
Chapter 165: Did I Allow You to Leave?
Chapter 164: How Presumptuous
Chapter 163: Like a Hot Knife Through Butter
Chapter 162: Trio
Chapter 161: Then Die
Chapter 160: Head Hunting in Public
Chapter 159: I Hope You Can Take It
Chapter 158: Fate Level
Chapter 157: To Take Your Life
Chapter 156: Shocked
Chapter 155: Do You Have a Death Wish?
Chapter 154: Stone Wall Sword Techniques
Chapter 153: An Unordinary Guy
Chapter 152: Poetry on the Wall
Chapter 151: Qianmeng City
Chapter 150: Living a Good Life
Chapter 149: Arrival
Chapter 148: Marriage
Chapter 147: Influence
Chapter 146: Emperor Yes Attitude
Chapter 145: One Swing of the Rod, One Dharma
Chapter 144: Low-key Ye Futian
Chapter 143: Top Pride of the Cangye Kingdom
Chapter 142: My Name Is Yu Sheng
Chapter 141: Ive Got Your Back
Chapter 140: The Decisive Battle
Chapter 139: The Birth of Wings
Chapter 138: Barren Ancient World
Chapter 137: The Royal Xuan Temple
Chapter 136: Much Better-behaved
Chapter 135: Indifferent
Chapter 134: Cant Live for Long
Chapter 133: Do What You See Fit
Chapter 132: Tit for Tat
Chapter 131: The Tingfeng Banquet Begins
Chapter 130: Take Ye Futian Down
Chapter 129: Attending the Banquet
Chapter 128: Emperor Luo Against Fate
Chapter 127: The Imperial Advisor
Chapter 126: Confer
Chapter 125: A Pretty Nice Guy
Chapter 124: The Emperors Ranking
Chapter 123: Cultivating During Battle
Chapter 122: One at a Time
Chapter 121: Something to Remember For the Rest of His Life
Chapter 120: Beg Forgiveness from the Emperor
Chapter 119: Anger
Chapter 118: First Battle
Chapter 117: Looked Down On
Chapter 116: Advice Taken
Chapter 115: I Look Forward to It
Chapter 114: Dancer
Chapter 113: The Dinner
Chapter 112: Fight While Holding Hands
Chapter 111: Talents Displayed
Chapter 110: Fenghua Banquet
Chapter 109: Lin Yueyao
Chapter 108: Bai Qiu of the Qin Clan
Chapter 107: Cangye College
Chapter 106: Goal
Chapter 105: One Who Wants the Crown, Bears the Crown
Chapter 104: Execution
Chapter 103: The Light of an Emperor
Chapter 102: A Heroic Death
Chapter 101: A Chaotic Nation
Chapter 100: The Last Song
Chapter 99: Nandou Tais Decision
Chapter 98: Reappearance of the Emperor
Chapter 97: Shock
Chapter 96: Tragic Melting Palm
Chapter 95: Stir Up Some Trouble
Chapter 94: A Group of Idiots
Chapter 93: I Am Fated to Be Emperor
Chapter 92: A Bolt from the Blue
Chapter 91: Emperor Luo
Chapter 90: Public Displays of Affection
Chapter 89: Go with the Flow, Go Against the Flow
Chapter 88: The World
Chapter 87: Called Out
Chapter 86: Such Big Hatred
Chapter 85: The Assembly of Seven Schools
Chapter 84: Gathering of Heroes
Chapter 83: They Have Arrived
Chapter 82: Betrothal
Chapter 81: Masteress
Chapter 80: Plan
Chapter 79: I Will Take His Life Now
Chapter 78: Face It Holding Hands
Chapter 77: Even the Score
Chapter 76: Block the Door
Chapter 75: The Battle of Successors, Ended with One Rod
Chapter 74: Previous General Decree of School of the Emperor Star
Chapter 73: Yu Sheng Got Hurt
Chapter 72: Hua Jieyus Fate
Chapter 71: Beheaded
Chapter 70: Nine Heavenly Attacks
Chapter 69: My Family Name Is Donghuang
Chapter 68: Murderous
Chapter 67: Mu Yunxuan is Not Worthy
Chapter 66: Kiss Me
Chapter 65: Dont Mess with Women
Chapter 64: The Rumors
Chapter 63: Driving a Wedge Between Them
Chapter 62: Yu Sheng, Meet Your Master
Chapter 61: Youre Not a Man
Chapter 60: My Brother, My Shackle
Chapter 59: I Will Be Waiting for Him Here
Chapter 58: Im a Mage, But Also a Warrior
Chapter 57: The Battle of the Disciples
Chapter 56: Please, Bring It on
Chapter 55: White Feather Garments
Chapter 54: Banquet in the Luo Palace
Chapter 53: The Luo Palace
Chapter 52: Just So-So
Chapter 51: You Will Remember His Name
Chapter 50: They Finally Meet Again
Chapter 49: Violence
Chapter 48: I Wont Leave Because I Need to Find My Girlfriend
Chapter 47: Donghai Academy
Chapter 46: The Girl Was in Love
Chapter 45: Abjection
Chapter 44: The Royal Family
Chapter 43: Farewell
Chapter 42: I Am a Mandate Sorcerer
Chapter 41: Everything You Guys Said Is Correct
Chapter 40: Out the Mountain
Chapter 39: You Are Not the One I Have Been Waiting For
Chapter 38: Bad Fate
Chapter 37: The Statue and the Coiling Dragon
Chapter 36: The Crisis of Qingzhou City Has Doubled
Chapter 35: Emperor Ye Qing
Chapter 34: The Crisis of Qingzhou City
Chapter 33: Parting
Chapter 32: The First Awakening of Love
Chapter 31: Godfather
Chapter 30: The Guqin Devil and The Art Saint
Chapter 29: The Guqin Spirit
Chapter 28: Bad Temper
Chapter 27: Were in This Together
Chapter 26: The Stubborn Young Man
Chapter 25: Unparalleled Gift
Chapter 24: Who Was More Overbearing?
Chapter 23: This Is So Like Ye Futian
Chapter 22: The Arrogant Intruders
Chapter 21: Heiyan Academy
Chapter 20: A Wolf Invited into the House
Chapter 19: Aftermath
Chapter 18: General Qin
Chapter 17: I Refuse to Accept This
Chapter 16: Young and Frivolous
Chapter 15: Too Arrogant
Chapter 14: The Debate
Chapter 13: Success in a Day
Chapter 12: Fellow Brothers
Chapter 11: Set Up by the Fox
Chapter 10: The Dark Horse
Chapter 9: The Written Examinations
Chapter 8: The One with All the Attention
Chapter 7: The Inscriber
Chapter 6: The Dragon Is Coming
Chapter 5: Feng Qingxues Decision
Chapter 4: His Life Spirit Was the Sun
Chapter 3: Three Planes in a Day
Chapter 2: Three Years Had Passed in Collection Plane
Chapter 1: The Youth of the Present