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The Empress is Gigolo

Author: Xiu Lijian

Lastchapter: 351 Express Bomb Delivery

Updated: 2019-01-23 11:27

351 Express Bomb Delivery
350 Poisoned
349 Your Majesty, Your Money Was Stolen!
348 My Money Was Actually Stolen?
347 Type 82-2 Grenade
346 Exhausting One’s Limited Abilities
345 I Am Just Trying To Frighten Them
344 Pinned To The City Wall
343 Attack
342 Give Them A Head Start of 700 Meters
341 Night Attack Continues
340 Night Attack
339 Test Fire
338 Mortar
337 Wu Shenghou
336 Catapults
335 Formidable Ren Baqian Who Rides On Hot Wheels
334 Extermination
333 Asura’s Hell
332 Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!
331 The Strategy of Great Xia and the Idea of Forming a Militia
330 The Situation After Two Weeks
329 Clothes as Red as Blood
328 Ready To Set Off
327 Do You Really Think That I’m Made Of Mud?
326 Dayao’s Letter Of Credence
325 Success
324 Battle Losses On Both Sides
323 How Are You Going To Explain This To Her Majesty?
322 Creating Problems When There Are No Problems
321 The Black Pool
320 Bonfire
319 Ascending The Mountain
318 The First Group Chat In The Other World
317 Treat It Like An Arrogant Young Master
316 There Is Too Much Information
315 The Metal Chain
314 Arrogant Young Master, Can You Release Me?
313 Where’s My Immortal-binding Chain?
312 Radio Station
311 The Empress Leads Her Soldiers Into Battle
310 Small Battle in Ziyue City
309 Street Lamps
308 Great Xias Reinforcements
307 Planning For The Future
306 Too Ugly
305 Fists the Size of Punching Bags
304 Punishmen
303 The Diary of Willful Students
302 Motorbike
301 Du Laoliu
300 The Boiling Point Of Water Is 110 Degrees Celsius
299 A Refined And Pure Individual
298 Broken, Broken!
297 The Sight of Blood Makes Me Feel Sick!
296 Erhu Lives Again
295 Difficult The First Time, Easy The Second
294 Anger
293 Intuition
292 Deserving To Be Your Majesty
Chapter 291: A Glorious Gardener
Chapter 290: The Theory Of All Living Things
Chapter 289: The Four Subjects
Chapter 288: Punishing An Individual As An Example To Others
Chapter 287: The Opening of Black Bamboo Academy
Chapter 286: Uncultured But Meaningful Words
Chapter 285: No More Desires?
Chapter 284: Four Martial Arts Manuals
Chapter 283: The Shoe From The Sky
Chapter 282: Dumbstruck
Chapter 281: Before The Contest
Chapter 280: What Are We Doing Here?
Chapter 279: The Palace Hall in Fairy Tales
Chapter 278: The Objective of the Lantern-Grabbing Contest
Chapter 277: I’m Not the Only One Who Can’t Defeat a Ten-Year-Old Child
Chapter 276: Still Short of Three People
Chapter 275: He Who Teaches Me for One Day Is My Father for Life!
Chapter 274: Advancing to Man Wheel Level
Chapter 273: The Eve of Leveling Up
Chapter 272: Celebrating the Chinese New Year
Chapter 271: Eighteen Million Catties
Chapter 270: That’s Right, Do Whatever That Pleases You
Chapter 269: The Worth of the Elongation Saber
Chapter 268: Little Fist Hammering Your Chest
Chapter 267: I Have Acrophobia
Chapter 266: Molten Iron
Chapter 265: East Sea
Chapter 264: At a Loss
Chapter 263: Conversation
Chapter 262: Ordinary People, Witness my Strength!
Chapter 261: She Is Wu Zetian
Chapter 260: Guessing the Beginning Correctly but Not the Ending
Chapter 259: What’s Going On?
Chapter 258: Educational Institution?
Chapter 257: Every Dog Will Have Its Day
Chapter 256: The Enhancement of Strength
Chapter 255: We Need a Husky
Chapter 254: Feeling
Chapter 253: A Rapturous Applause
Chapter 252: Looking for the Woman Dressed in Red
Chapter 251: My Hand Is Swollen!
Chapter 250: Rampaging on the Road to Death
Chapter 249: Your Majesty… the Affairs of the Nation Are Important!
Chapter 248: Lian Family, Ning Caichen
Chapter 247: Almost Becoming a Fugitive Again
Chapter 246: Lian Family, Ning Caichen
Chapter 245: Reunion
Chapter 244: An Erhu Rendition of “Pomp and Circumstance”
Chapter 243: On the Run
Chapter 242: I Am Also Very Wronged
Chapter 241: Trouble!
Chapter 240: The Bricks Are Fired
Chapter 239: This Is Indeed a Magical Artifact!
Chapter 238: Treasure Saber
Chapter 237: Begging for Forgiveness With an Injury
Chapter 236: Back at the Laboratory Once Again
Chapter 235: Shameless
Chapter 234: I Need a Change of Opponent
Chapter 233: [Boxing of Death]
Chapter 232: The Good Days Have Come to an End
Chapter 231: Changes in the Body
Chapter 230: Counterattack
Chapter 229: Split the Loot
Chapter 228: I Must Have Missed You Too Much, Your Majesty
Chapter 227: Your Majesty, Hear Me Out!
Chapter 226: I Will Help You Shoulder the Blame
Chapter 225: The Four Great Courtyards
Chapter 224: House Yunyan
Chapter 223: Friends Are Like Clothing
Chapter 222: It Is Indeed Terrifying to Have No Culture
Chapter 221: Beautiful Moons
Chapter 220: The Iron Ores are Ready
Chapter 219: I Hate Wang Jiawei
Chapter 218: Assistant Minister of Agriculture and Livestock
Chapter 217: Ten Times
Chapter 216: The Sweet Potatoes Have Ripened
Chapter 215: Returning to Lan City
Chapter 214: Voyeurism Milestone
Chapter 213: Arriving at Ping City
Chapter 212: Returning to Dayao
Chapter 211: Harbinger of Doom
Chapter 210: Qi Zi Ga...?
Chapter 209: Exposed
Chapter 208: White Dragon River
Chapter 207: Killing People by Poisoning Them
Chapter 206: Magical Object
Chapter 205: Scouting with a Drone
Chapter 204: Stunned
Chapter 203: Drones
Chapter 202: Route
Chapter 201: Returning to Dayao
Chapter 200: Head-To-Head Battle
Chapter 199: Overpowering All Kinds of Weapons
Chapter 198: Boobs Bigger Than Yours
Chapter 197: A Coincidental Encounter
Chapter 196: Full of Confidence
Chapter 195: The Couple Tour in Istanbul
Chapter 194: Shocked the World
Chapter 193: The Destruction of Nine Pavilions
Chapter 192: Poison Gas
Chapter 191: Pulverized
Chapter 190: I Will Grant You Your Wish
Chapter 189: One’s Reputation Provides Protection
Chapter 188: Nine Pavilions
Chapter 187: Mission Accomplished
Chapter 186: Pretending to Faint
Chapter 185: She Missed!
Chapter 184: Trampled to Death
Chapter 183: Encountering People
Chapter 182: Objective: Sarin Gas
Chapter 181: Problem
Chapter 180: Laboratory
Chapter 179: Regaining Consciousness
Chapter 178: Shock in the Imperial Court
Chapter 177: Torment
Chapter 176: Assassination
Chapter 175: The Ministry of Works
Chapter 174: The Final Verdict
Chapter 173: Demonstration
Chapter 172: Small Scale Solar Furnace
Chapter 171: Daring
Chapter 170: Chatting Freely
Chapter 169: Zixiao
Chapter 168: Countercharge
Chapter 167: Taking a Photograph
Chapter 166: I Am a Good Samaritan
Chapter 165: An Extraordinary White Flower
Chapter 164: Chatting Idly in the Palace
Chapter 163: Flower Hawks
Chapter 162: Cloud Crystal
Chapter 161: Bichi
Chapter 160: The Existence of the Mountainside
Chapter 159: Solar Furnace
Chapter 158: Success
Chapter 157: Two Plans
Chapter 156: Mining Iron Mountain Is Hard
Chapter 155: Mount Damo
Chapter 154: On the Road
Chapter 153: Pretty Awesome
Chapter 152: Eating Hotpot in Yangxin Palace Hall
Chapter 151: Money Obtained
Chapter 150: I Am Also Very Helpless
Chapter 149: You Killed My Son, I Shall Kill Your Gigolo
Chapter 148: Living Off a Woman
Chapter 147: Pour Some Wine for Me
Chapter 146: Great Elder, Junior Elder
Chapter 145: Toss and Turn in the Bed
Chapter 144: Sincerity
Chapter 143: With Me by Your Side, Its Definitely Possible
Chapter 142: I Cant Fasten Up
Chapter 141: I Promise You
Chapter 140: Showing the Empress the Explosion of an Atomic Bomb
Chapter 139: War Film
Chapter 138: Who is That Lady Behind You
Chapter 137: You Lie to Me
Chapter 136: Getting Into Hot Soup
Chapter 135: A Feast for the Eyes
Chapter 134: Initiation Stage
Chapter 133: Kill
Chapter 132: Surprise Attack
Chapter 131: Attack
Chapter 130: Killing Intent
Chapter 129: If Beauty Has a Color
Chapter 128: Seeking for a Method
Chapter 127: Ruyi Visualization (2)
Chapter 126: Ruyi Visualization
Chapter 125: Liquor
Chapter 124: Gift
Chapter 123: Arranged by Heaven
Chapter 122: Cant Conceal Any Longer
Chapter 121: He Isnt Annoying
Chapter 120: Panic
Chapter 119: Shock! Shock! Shock!
Chapter 118: Exceptional Bootlicker
Chapter 117: Extraordinary Gifts
Chapter 116: Is It Really That Tasty?
Chapter 115: What the Hell Are These?
Chapter 114: Ceremonial Robe
Chapter 113: General-in-Chief Who Supports the Nation
Chapter 112: Returning To The City, Menu
Chapter 111: Leaving the Mountain
Chapter 110: Sword Mountain, Spirit Sword, Sword Master, Sword Slave
Chapter 109: Shot Down
Chapter 108: Fraud
Chapter 107: Sword, Come!
Chapter 106: Why Is It You Again
Chapter 105: Roaming Around Once More
Chapter 104: Insane
Chapter 103: Encounter
Chapter 102: The Raw Smell of Blood
Chapter 101: Liar
Chapter 100: Too Much of a Coincidence
Chapter 99: A Tank-Like Wild Boar
Chapter 98: Babeast
Chapter 97: Im Afraid This Might the Last Time I Am Seeing Your Majesty
Chapter 96: Standing on the Right Side of Righteousness
Chapter 95: Killing the Heart with Words
Chapter 94: Hot Blooded Pig-Ignorant Teammate
Chapter 93: Why Befriend a Fool When You Can Incite Him?
Chapter 92: The Teacher Who Does Not Have Fighting Skills Is Not a Good Cook
Chapter 91: The Alto Among the Luxurious Cars
Chapter 90: Turning the Tables
Chapter 89: Buying Firearms
Chapter 88: Some Preparations
Chapter 87: Mountain-Gazing Bird
Chapter 86: An Unreliable Way of Thinking
Chapter 85: An Urge
Chapter 84: The Trap of the Great Hunt
Chapter 83: Busy
Chapter 82: Different Types of People Have Different Thoughts
Chapter 81: A Different Style
Chapter 80: How Am I Supposed to Do My Job If All of You Are So F***ed Up
Chapter 79: Deep Thoughts
Chapter 78: Zhang Family
Chapter 77: Growth
Chapter 76: Travelling from Miles Away to Gift Ones Head
Chapter 75: A Ning Caichen That Loves to Bullshit
Chapter 74: Mister Emptiness
Chapter 73: A Fearsome Warrior
Chapter 72: Xiong Pi
Chapter 71: The Qipa at the Foreign Affairs Office Entrance
Chapter 70: Embarking on the Path of a Villainous Advisor
Chapter 69: One Should Bide Ones Time and Wait for the Right Opportunity to Seek Revenge!
Chapter 68: The Return of the Jedi
Chapter 67: Studying for the Sake of Ego-Checking
Chapter 66: The Imperial Order to Slap Others
Chapter 65: A Mysterious Task
Chapter 64: The Caretaker Shi that Was Beaten Up by Eight People
Chapter 63: Caretaker Shi, the Man Who Single-Handedly Fought Eight Persons
Chapter 62: Returning Home
Chapter 61: Fear
Chapter 60: Patriotism Education
Chapter 59: In the Garden
Chapter 58: Qingxin Palace Hall
Chapter 57: No Matter What, Being Promoted is Always a Good Thing
Chapter 56: What Official Position is This?
Chapter 55: Past Events
Chapter 54: Changing the Story to Investiture Of the Gods
Chapter 53: A Blatant Attempt To Destroy Evidence
Chapter 52: Swatted to Death by a Single Slap
Chapter 51: An Expert From a Distant Land
Chapter 50: Shaved Ice Shop
Chapter 49: Dayao Peoples Electricity Resistance Test
Chapter 48: Well Salt
Chapter 47: Black Pool
Chapter 46: Carving the Starry Night on the Box
Chapter 45: A Poor Judgement
Chapter 44: A Manually Operated Air Cooler
Chapter 43: A Professor Is One Rank Higher Than a Saint
Chapter 42: As a Professor, You Have the Final Say
Chapter 41: The Humiliation of Earthlings
Chapter 40: Northeastern Specialty Dishes
Chapter 39: Respect
Chapter 38: Hugging the Doctor is Strictly Prohibited
Chapter 37: Condoms Save Lives
Chapter 36: Consolation Prize
Chapter 35: I Am Not a Mute
Chapter 34: Drunken Fit
Chapter 33: Class Reunion
Chapter 32: The Empresss Magnanimity
Chapter 31: Red Braised Meat and Cumin Mutton
Chapter 30: Call Me Brother Ren
Chapter 29: Back At The Imperial Kitchen
Chapter 28: Penicillin
Chapter 27: Bringing Back A Bunch of Things
Chapter 26: Classmate
Chapter 25: Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Chapter 24: Getting Hold Of A Shop
Chapter 23: Indigenous Electric Fan
Chapter 22: Shaved Ice Business
Chapter 21: Shaved Ice
Chapter 20: Spices
Chapter 19: A Dinner Treat
Chapter 18: Bought Two Pandas
Chapter 17: Drawing A Circle
Chapter 16: The Big Purchase
Chapter 15: Im Rich
Chapter 14: Revelation
Chapter 13: Fighting Is Its Only Strength
Chapter 12: Black Mud Cream
Chapter 11: The Manager of Odd-Job Workers
Chapter 10: Babarian
Chapter 9: Making Ice
Chapter 8: Stabbed
Chapter 7: Dont You Know Youre Being Fooled?
Chapter 6: A Small Chap Indeed
Chapter 5: Paraded Naked Through the Street
Chapter 4: Re-entry
Chapter 3: The Return
Chapter 2: Drag Him Off and Behead Him
Chapter 1: Behead Him