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Chapter 1072: Return (4)

 Chapter 1072: Return (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Lin Sheng knew what Cheng Weiwan meant.

If anyone else saw their own little sister being bullied, they wouldn't be able to take it either, right?

Lin Sheng nodded slightly and took the USB from Cheng Weiwan's fingers. "Thank you."

Cheng Weiwan really couldn't muster out the words: "you're welcome." Even though she didn't do those deranged things, she still felt guilty.

She pursed her lips. Without saying a word, she turned around to prepare to leave.

Before she could take two steps, Lin Sheng called out to her. "Miss Cheng."

Cheng Weiwan's footsteps came to a stop, but before she could turn her head, Lin Sheng's voice rang out again. "He really does love you."

Cheng Weiwan's body swayed slightly and all of a sudden, she wanted to stop her head from turning back.

"Actually, he already liked you before he approached you with a motive over two years ago. It's just that he kept on lying to himself because of Lili."

Cheng Weiwan's fingertips couldn't help but tightly dig into her palms.

"After you left, he thought you really did abort your child, so he looked no different from before as though you really weren't important to him. However, I caught him staring transfixed at one or two-year-olds many times. His eyes always seemed really sullen and I knew he was definitely thinking about the child you shared."

"After you left, he didn't dare go to Yongyi Gardens again aside from that one time when he was drunk. I took him there but he was the one who mumbled that he wanted to go. When he stepped inside Yongyi Gardens, he cried out your name just once, but it was clear enough for me to hear it. I never dared to confront him about that."

"After you showed up again with Hanhan, he might have stolen Hanhan from you, but I could tell that he was really confused."

"Do you know why he let you go?"

"Because he found out your father didn't treat you well. He realized that his revenge plot ended up being a joke."

"He let you down and you really wanted to go, so he let you go. But did you know that there was another reason why he let you go? It was because he didn't want to let Lili down. He lost his trump card, so he wanted to tie himself with your father and ruin him by opening a financial case. However, in the process of ruining your father, it'll also ruin himself...

When Cheng Weiwan heard this, she abruptly turned around and looked over at Lin Sheng.

"...Because of this, he wanted to let you go and he also gave you and Hanhan a big sum of money... After you left, he hasn't actually been doing well. I can tell he's unhappy every day, but he probably thinks it doesn't matter since he's going to go down with Cheng Weiguo anyway..."

"But even so, he never really stopped caring about you and Hanhan. Every day, he would make me send people to follow you and Hanhan... He was afraid something would happen to the two of you and no one would be there to take care of you both..."

It was no wonder that he showed up by my side when I was crouched on the street, crying.

So he's always been paying attention to my condition.

So, although he promised to not show up outside my building again as per my request, he's still secretly watching over me and Hanhan...

If Han Zhili's situation hadn't happened, then perhaps I wouldn't be so conflicted. Han Zhili was so innocent, yet her life was taken by my father... I'm not someone who doesn't know right from wrong, nor do I not understand everything that Han Zhifan did back then...