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Chapter 1070: Return (2)

 Chapter 1070: Return (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

At the time, she was young, so she never cared too much about whether her father liked her. But now, thinking back, Cheng Weiguo seemed more flustered than disgusted by her.

Flustered... He was afraid I would get my hands on the USB...

She remembered that in Lili's diary, there was more than one occasion when she mentioned, "He used the videos on the USB to threaten me."

She was little at the time and didn't really know better, yet he was so scared of her touching the USB. Don't tell me this USB was the same USB Lili mentioned?

Cheng Weiwan stared at the USB in deep thought for a while before eventually opening the hotel laptop and inserting the USB.

There was a password on the USB, so there was simply no way to see what was on it. Cheng Weiwan didn't know much about Cheng Weiguo, so she didn't know what the password was. She attempted multiple passwords - she tried his birthday, her mother's birthday, and numbers relating to her mother and his marriage and their birthdays. Seeing as they were all incorrect, she shut the laptop and pulled out the USB.

If a USB only had some innocent data on it, it wouldn't have a password. Unless there really was some unspeakable secret stored on it...

Cheng Weiwan stood by the laptop and stared unwaveringly at the USB then put it into her pocket. Without even greeting Cheng Weiguo, she left the hotel.

Lin Muqing had a friend who was an expert with computers. After Cheng Weiwan left the hotel, she immediately grabbed the phone and called Lin Muqing.

Soon enough, Lin Muqing called Cheng Weiwan back and gave her the address of the laptop expert.

Cheng Weiwan hailed a cab and headed right for the target location.

Lin Muqing had given her friend a heads up, so as soon as Cheng Weiwan arrived, he immediately welcomed her in. He turned on the laptop and started to guess the password.

Lin Muqing's friend was really awesome. In less than ten minutes, he was able to crack the USB password.

When he cracked the password, he probably scanned something in the USB, because the expression on his face looked visibly off. When he handed the laptop to Cheng Weiwan, he said, "Take your time looking. I still have some things to do" as a redness climbed up his ears.

When Lin Muqing's computer expert friend walked into the study, Cheng Weiwan took the laptop he left behind and clicked on the USB folder.

It was filled with videos. Cheng Weiwan randomly picked one and caught sight of an unconscious girl lying on the bed as a man stripped her clothes.

Cheng Weiwan was more than familiar with that man. He was her biological father... Cheng Weiwan.

Cheng Weiwan's face turned instantly pale.

She didn't have the courage to watch all those revealing videos. She only watched the beginning then closed the video.

The USB had over a hundred videos and each video was of a different girl... which also meant that her father had molested over a hundred girls?

These videos shocked Cheng Weiwan. In comparison to when she accidentally read Han Zhili's diary at Han Zhifan's office, this was a bigger shock.

She really never imagined that her own father actually did something so deranged...

The corners of Cheng Weiwan's lips trembled as she stared at the laptop screen for a long time. That was when her fingers shook and she clicked those videos again.

She watched one video after another, carefully searching for a long time before she finally found Han Zhili's video...