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Chapter 1059: Swayed (10)

 Chapter 1059: Swayed (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

"No thanks..." Cheng Weiwan rejected his suggestion really quickly before Han Zhifan could finish. She clearly felt the atmosphere in the room becoming a little strange. After a while, she ended up getting soft-hearted and added, "...It's the weekend tomorrow and the day after that, so Muqing won't be at work. Also, she lives downstairs, so it's really convenient. You really don't have to trouble the housekeeper to come over."

Han Zhifan didn't insist any further. Pursing his lips tightly and nodding his head, he stayed quiet for a moment then said, "I'll be off then."

Cheng Weiwan let out a soft "Mhm."

Han Zhifan didn't budge and stood his ground.

It was very quiet in the room.

After about five or six seconds, Han Zhifan said, "Goodbye."

Cheng Weiwan didn't say anything more.

Han Zhifan turned around and was about to raise his feet when Cheng Weiwan suddenly spoke again, as she suddenly remembered something while staring at his back. "Would you like to see Cheng Han?"

Han Zhifan paused his slightly raised leg in midair.

"But Hanhan's asleep. If you want to see him, then you'll have to..."

"Mm okay." Han Zhifan finished answering as he then went to Cheng Han's room.

He didn't stay in there for too long.

He didn't show signs of staying any longer and nodded at the door and said, "I'm leaving." Then he walked up to the entrance area.

For the past few days, Han Zhifan had been stressing Cheng Weiwan out a little. When he walked up to the entrance and was about to open the door, she couldn't help but cry out to him, "Han Zhifan."

Han Zhifan turned his head with a hint of a pleasant surprise in his eyes, probably because she had stopped him from leaving two consecutive times.

"Could you not loiter outside my building at night from now on?"

So, she stopped me just to tell me this... The glow in Han Zhifan's eyes instantly dulled.

"It bothers me when you're like this. I just want to live a peaceful life with Hanhan..."

Han Zhifan lowered his eyes to hide the disappointment in them. WIth a gentle voice, he let out an "Mhm" then told Cheng Weiwan, "I'm sorry. I'll never be like that again."

With that said, Han Zhifan pulled the door open and left.


When Han Zhifan reached the bottom of Cheng Weiwan's building, his footsteps came to a stop. He pulled out a cigarette and lit it up.

It was just as Cheng Weiwan said. A short while passed when Lin Muqing returned and the hourly worker emerged from inside.

The two of them bumped into each other back at Cheng Weiwan's home, so the hourly worker was stunned for a moment when she saw Han Zhifan.

Han Zhifan stared at her for a while and eventually walked up to her. "May I please discuss something with you?"

With that said, Han Zhifan reached into his pocket for a business card then handed it to the hired worker. "This is my contact information. If she's in a bad mood or if anything happens, could you please call me and let me know?"

Han Zhifan was afraid she would decline, so he reached for his wallet, pulled out a pile of notes without counting, and handed them right to the hired worker.

The hired worker agreed, took the money, and happily left without another thought.

Han Zhifan didn't linger outside Cheng Weiwan's building any longer. He put out the cigarette and left Cheng Weiwan's residential area.

Back in the car, he was deep in thought for a moment before he grabbed his phone and gave Lin Sheng a call.

"Lin Sheng, get a few people to follow her... It mustn't be easy taking care of a child. If anything happens, at least she'll have someone reliable to help her at any time."