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Chapter 1058: Swayed (9)

 Chapter 1058: Swayed (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He probably asked her something. She didn't say anything, so he quickly spoke up again. "I'll take you to the hospital."

With that said, he reached his hand out, wanting to carry her.

His fingers just about touched her arm when she snapped to her senses. She suddenly shifted her body back and quickly shook her head. "No thanks. I'm fine," she replied.

Han Zhifan felt empty-handed.

He stared at his own fingers and forcefully pursed his lips. He wasn't annoyed by her rejection. Instead, he was a little impatient as he softly said, "Then let me take a look at it."

This time, when he finished speaking, he didn't give her any chance to dodge him and removed the hand covering her ankle.

It was just as she said. Although her ankle was incredibly red, it wasn't severely twisted. He was afraid it would be difficult for her to walk for a while.

Han Zhifan raised his head and glanced at the twenty-four-hour pharmacy ten meters down the road. Then he quietly told Cheng Weiwan, "Wait here for a minute." He got up and walked into the pharmacy.

Soon enough, he walked back to Cheng Weiwan with a bottle of safflower oil. He first bent down and picked up each and every item she bought that had fallen everywhere and placed them back into her bag. Then without explanation, he bent over and carried her to an area not too far ahead.

On the way there, Cheng Weiwan told Han Zhifan to put her down several times.

Han Zhifan pretended not to hear her cries.

He'd been to her place, so he drove with great familiarity to her front door.

He didn't have the keys. She kept on saying thank you and asked him to leave. He thought about how she went to the supermarket alone. She wouldn't leave Hanhan alone at home, so she must've hired an hourly worker. Without her permission, he reached his hand out and pressed the doorbell.

The hourly worker quickly ran over to open the door.

She was stunned to see that Cheng Weiwan was in Han Zhifan's arms, so she asked with worry, "Miss Cheng, what happened?"

"I'm fine. I was just accidentally hit and sprained my ankle."

By the time the hourly worker replied to Cheng Weiwan, Han Zhifan already put Cheng Weiwan down on the living room sofa. He kneeled with one leg in front of her, held onto her injured ankle, and carefully helped remove her shoe and sock.

Cheng Weiwan's feet instinctively shrank but she couldn't avoid his clutches. "I can rub it on my own. You really don't have to go through all the trouble," she couldn't help but cry again.

Han Zhifan was analyzing her injury when he slightly pursed his lips and eventually chose to ignore what she said.

After he made sure her ankle really wasn't broken and he didn't need to call Dr. Luo over, he then grabbed the safflower oil. He poured some into his palms, rubbed it until it was warm, then he started to gently rub her ankle.

She tried to persuade him to leave several times. From start to end, he didn't make a sound until he more or less finished rubbing her ankle. That was when he raised his head and told her, "I'm going to use your bathroom for a second."

She pursed her lips but didn't give him a reply.

He got up on his own accord and walked into her bathroom. After he washed his hands, he came out and before he could speak, she cried, "Thank you for taking me back. I just gave Muqing a call. She's free today, so she'll be over in a moment. I really don't need to trouble you to stay here."

Han Zhifan didn't give her an answer, but he didn't ignore what she just said either. "Remember to apply the medicine. Try your best not to walk for two days. If you can't take care of Hanhan, I can get the housekeeper to come help for a few days..."