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Chapter 1051: Swayed (2)

 Chapter 1051: Swayed (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The housekeeper nodded then bent over and picked up Cheng Han. They walked out of the baby's room then entered the study.

The doors to the study were shut, so the housekeeper didn't barge right in there. Instead, she knocked on the door with one hand.

Soon after, Han Zhifan cried from the inside, "Come in."

The housekeeper pushed the door open and took just two steps with Cheng Han in her arms when she smelled the cigarette smoke. She instinctively stopped and cried out to Han Zhifan, who was standing at the balcony. "Mr. Han..."

When Han Zhifan heard the housekeeper's voice, he turned his head back and took a glance. The moment Han Zhifan saw the housekeeper carrying Cheng Han in her arms, he immediately put out the cigarette between his fingers. He reached out and pushed the window open in front of him.

After the smoke dissipated a little, Han Zhifan then asked, "Yes?"

"Miss Cheng asked me to bring the young master over for you to say goodbye," replied the housekeeper.

Han Zhfian heard this and pursed his lips. "She's going just like that?"

The housekeeper hesitated for a moment then said, "Yes."

Han Zhifan didn't speak, but he was quite composed.

Cheng Han, who was in the housekeeper's embrace, didn't understand what the two adults were saying. All he remembered was that he came to say goodbye to his dad. When he saw that Han Zhifan wasn't saying anything, he cutely cried out, "Daddy."

Han Zhifan snapped back to reality and responded to Cheng Han then shot the housekeeper a look.

The housekeeper understood what Han Zhifan meant and immediately walked over to Han Zhifan with Cheng Han still in her arms.

Han Zhifan reached out and took Cheng Han from her. After he carried him into his arms, he asked a question despite knowing the answer. "Why is Hanhan here to see Daddy?"

"Mummy wanted to take me to see Aunt Muqing and told me to come and say goodbye to Daddy." Cheng Han repeated what Cheng Weiwan said with all seriousness then looked at Han Zhifan and said with a serious look on his face. "...Daddy, goodbye."

Goodbye... Will we never see each other again?

Han Zhifan stared warmly at Cheng Han for a while then gently smiled as he said, "Goodbye, Hanhan."

Upon hearing this, Cheng Han drew close to Han Zhifan's face like he usually did when they were saying goodbye and gave him a kiss.

Han Zhifan's arm trembled slightly while carrying Cheng Han. He continued to hug Cheng Han for a while, unlike how he used to immediately hand Cheng Han back to the housekeeper. "Hanhan, you have to treat mummy really well from now on."

Cheng Han didn't understand what Han Zhifan meant by that, but he obediently nodded and said, "I love mummy the most."

"Hanhan's really good..." Han Zhifan smiled at Cheng Han for a while then said, "...When Hanhan grows up, you have to be a real good man. Protect mummy and don't bully mummy like daddy did."

Cheng Han looked at Han Zhifan like he didn't quite understand. He blinked his eyes for a short while and obediently nodded as he replied, "Hanhan's the most obedient."

Han Zhifan knew he might as well have not said anything, but he added anyway, "Hanhan must listen to what mummy says and not make mummy mad."

Cheng Han nodded deeply and mumbled, "Mhm."

Han Zhifan didn't say anything more. He stroked Cheng Han's head and handed him back to the housekeeper.

When the housekeeper took Cheng Han, she stood on the same spot for a while and softly cried, "Mr. Han, I'll be leaving now."

Han Zhifan knew that after the housekeeper left, Cheng Weiwan would take Cheng Han with her.

He didn't actually want the mother and son to leave; he actually really wanted them to stay, but he tightly pursed his lips and tightly clenched his fists. He held his breath for a while and gently nodded at the housekeeper.