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Chapter 1050: Swayed (1)

 Chapter 1050: Swayed (1)

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"...I don't know if this is enough money. If it's not, you can seek me out at any time for more..."

When Han Zhifan finished, he stood in front of Cheng Weiwan for a moment before he left.

The only one left in the room was Cheng Weiwan. She stood there in a daze with the file in hand for a long while. She blinked softly then brought her gaze back to the file.

She stared blankly at Han Zhifan's signature on Cheng Han's custody contract before she opened it up.

It was just as Han Zhifan said - there really was a cheque inside. Cheng Weiwan pulled the cheque out and glanced at the figure. When she caught sight of the series of "0"s after the "1", her fingers couldn't help but tremble.

He actually gave Hanhan a big sum of child support money. I guess Hanhan can live a luxurious life without any worries or working too hard.

Why did he do it?

It was just like how he drunkenly said her name and kept apologizing the night before.

Could it be that he really didn't lie to me and he really fell for me? Does he really want to start over with me?

Cheng Weiwan's heart was rattled once again, just like last night.

No... I can't think like that... When we first got together, he treated me equally as well. He even saved me and I was so touched by that. But in the end, I was lied to...

Yes. Don't have hope. That way, I won't be disappointed ever again... Now he's giving Hanhan back to me and giving up Hanhan's custody, so the biggest problem on my mind's resolved. From here on out, I can go back to the peaceful life I once lived, mutually dependent on Hanhan like before. Those days were amazing and far better than I could've imagined, so I don't need to think much more. Nor do I need to make too many unreasonable requests...

With that thought, Cheng Weiwan shut her eyes and slowly took a deep breath.

She waited for her heart to calm down before she put the contract back into the file. Then she walked over to the changing room, took out the bag she brought with her when she moved in and started to pack her clothes.

Cheng Weiwan didn't bring many things with her, so she packed very quickly.

She put the bag on the bed then walked out of the bedroom and into the baby's room.

When she dropped Cheng Han off at Han Zhifan's home, she didn't bring any of Cheng Han's things. Everything Cheng Han ate and used were all things bought by the housekeeper and wet nurse. She didn't need to pack his things, but she prepared the medicine Cheng Han now had to take every day.

After she finished packing the things she was going to take with her, Cheng Weiwan walked over to the baby's room.

Han Zhifan must've spoken with the housekeeper and the wet nurse. The two of them saw her coming in and immediately got up then left Cheng Han.

Cheng Weiwan walked up to Cheng Han, who was playing with his toys, and stroked his head. "Hanhan?"

Cheng Han stopped playing with the toy, lifted his head and cried "Mummy" in a clear voice.

Cheng Weiwan showed a slight smile. "Hanhan, didn't you want to see Auntie Muqing? Mummy will take you back home today. We'll find Aunt Muqing to play, okay?"

"Okay," Cheng Han heard what Cheng Weiwan said and immediately dropped the toy.

"Before we leave, how saying goodbye to daddy?"

"Okay," said Cheng Han as he got up.

Cheng Weiwan raised her head and glanced at the housekeeper who was standing beside her. "Please take Hanhan to him."