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Chapter 1046: Afraid (7)

 Chapter 1046: Afraid (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Cheng Weiwan softly replied, "Alright."

Han Zhifan didn't say anything but turned around and walked towards the door.

He walked really slowly. After just a few steps, his body swayed for a moment and he almost fell to the floor. Thankfully, he reached his hand out just in time and supported himself up with the wall. After a while, he thought he could stabilize himself and walk again, but after walking not too far from where he stopped, he bumped into a cabinet beside him.

The bedroom was several dozen square feet large, but he trudged for a really long time before he made it out of the bedroom.

After he shut the door, he slumped to the floor like a deflated balloon.

How could this be?

How could everything have turned out like this?

She clearly should've hated me. The things I did were for Lili, but in the end, it was a big joke.

She loved me, she truly loved me, but when I love her and want to be with her, she no longer wants to be with me.

But who can I blame? I tore up my happiness with my bare hands...

She said she only hopes to leave me as soon as possible. I gave her so many reasons to leave, so now, what... what should I do? Should I really let her go? But what am I going to do if I let her go? If I don't let her go, what right do I have to make her stay? As I am now, I'm afraid I don't even have the right to pester her, let alone tell her to stay.

If I knew things would turn out like this, I definitely wouldn't have treated her like that back then. Nor would I have dumped her after chasing her. Moreover, I wouldn't have forced her to abort our child... I wouldn't have. Now, I'm able to think of many things I wouldn't have done, but what use is that? Time can't turn back and life can't start again. I lost her, so I lost her. No matter how painful the consequences are, I have to endure the pain of the sins I committed.

Han Zhifan slowly shut his eyes and tears poured from the corners his eyes.


Han Zhifan said he was heading out for a bit, but Cheng Weiwan didn't see him for the rest of the day. It was now already one in the morning.

Cheng Weiwan had just fallen asleep when she was woken up by the doorbell downstairs.

The housekeeper and maids were probably fast asleep because nobody went to open the door. Cheng Weiwan put on a jacket and walked downstairs. After she opened the door, she saw a completely drunk Han Zhifan being supported by the driver.

"Miss Cheng, Mr. Han's drunk and he keeps mumbling to come back here..." The driver simply explained to Cheng Weiwan.

Cheng Weiwan gently nodded and moved aside. "You better carry him upstairs."

""Okay, Miss Cheng."

Han Zhifan was so terribly drunk that he couldn't even walk, so the driver had to practically drag him upstairs.

On his way up, the driver almost fell down several times but was helped up by Cheng Weiwan beside him.

After the driver put Han Zhifan in his bed, he helped remove his shoes then said goodbye to Cheng Weiwan.

Cheng Weiwan saw the driver out then headed back up to see that Han Zhifan had rolled from the bed to the floor.

Cheng Weiwan stared at Han Zhifan for a while. In the end, she walked up to him and used a lot of strength to get him back up onto the bed. Cheng Weiwan pulled the covers over him, but just as she was about to lay down on the other side of the bed, Han Zhifan murmured, "Water, water, water..."

Cheng Weiwan laid with her back against Han Zhifan for a moment, but she eventually got up and headed downstairs to bring back a glass of water.

After she helped Han Zhifan finish his water, Cheng Weiwan put the glass down but didn't lay back in bed. Instead, she walked over to the sofa and turned the floor lamp on. She picked up the book she read during the day and started to read.