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Chapter 1037: A Joke (8)

 Chapter 1037: A Joke (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He stared at her eyes for a while then said, "Wanwan, can we still go back to how things were?"

Can we still go back to how things were?

Such a simple question, yet Cheng Weiwan thought about it for a long time, trying to figure out what Han Zhifan really meant.

Han Zhifan's Adam's apple shifted as he repeated what he just said. "Wanwan, if I told you that I loved you, could we still go back to how things were?"

If I said I loved you... I love you...

Cheng Weiwan stood stunned on the spot for a good while before she realized what "I love you" meant. Her first thought was that she hallucinating.

Did my depressen worsen because I've been feeling terrible lately? I must be pretty sick to hallucinate the impossible...

Cheng Weiwan thought about it and a self-taunting smile was plastered across her lips.

Looks like I'm going to have to see a psychologist tomorrow for a check up...

Although Cheng Weiwan didn't say anything, she smiled, which let Han Zhifan know she didn't believe him.

Before he came, he thought Cheng Weiwan wouldn't believe him. Even though he thought it was difficult to say, and even though he felt he was being far too shameless, he said what he should've said.

"Wanwan, I know you don't believe me and I know that if it were any other person who experienced what you did, they wouldn't believe me either. But what I said is all true, I..."

Han Zhifan wanted to tell Cheng Weiwan that everything he did was because of Lili and because of that trash, Cheng Weiguo. Cheng Weiguo's cruelty and despicable nature killed his biological little sister. However, when the words approached his mouth, he thought back to how Cheng Weiwan looked when she went to see Cheng Weiguo yesterday and how she hoped to speak peacefully with him; he also thought about every little detail Lin Sheng told him about her.

Even though Cheng Weiguo didn't treat her very well, she was probably still full of hope for her father deep down.

If I told her about these things... She'd be really hurt and probably wouldn't believe me, right?

Just like in the beginning, he mercilessly abandoned her. He clearly planned to tell her about the monstrous things her father did, but in the end, he gave up on the idea. At the time, he didn't know why he didn't tell her, but thinking about it now, he probably couldn't bear to do it back then... Just like how he didn't dare to personally force her to abort the child and sent his secretary instead. He was afraid he would back out at the last minute and drag her down from the operating table. He didn't think twice about cutting all contact with her because he was afraid of himself; afraid that he wouldn't be able to control his emotions...

Bloody revenge for Lili still needed to be carried out, but he was afraid he'd need to think of a different method.

At the very least, he needed to find a way that wouldn't affect Cheng Weiwan...

With that thought, Han Zhifan decided to brush over these grudges. "...I don't want to explain my previous actions too much, because the past me was a real douchebag. I also know it's obviously stupid for me to say these things now, but I'm serious. Wanwan, I truly love you and I really want to start all over with you. Could you give me another chance? Just this once. I promise I won't make you sad, I won't let you down again, and I'll treat you really well. From now on, I'll make up for all the times I mistreated you..."