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Chapter 1029: Heartache (9)

 Chapter 1029: Heartache (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Han Zhifan didn't know exactly why he sat in the car aimlessly like that for so long. Another call came in on his phone.

At first, he thought he was hearing things, so the phone rang for quite a while before he realized it was actually real.

He pulled out his phone and glanced at the screen. It was Lin Sheng calling.

He was probably calling about Cheng Weiwan and Cheng Weiguo's situation...

Han Zhifan wasn't sure why his heart suddenly felt a little afraid as he let the phone in the palm of his hand continue to vibrate. After a while, he finally swiped the screen.

The call went through and Lin Sheng's voice came from the phone. "Zhifan, I investigated what you asked me to do."

"You're at the office, right? I'll be there in about ten minutes."

Han Zhifan gulped then moved his lips. "I'm not there..."

"Huh? Where are you then? I'll come find you." Following his reply, Lin Sheng's instructions to his driver were heard over the phone. "Wait, I might not go..."

Han Zhifan knew Lin Sheng was about to say his office's name, so he didn't hesitate before saying, "You don't have to come find me. I'm about to head back to the office."

"Oh. Alright then. If I get there first, I'll wait at your office for you."

After hanging up the phone, Han Zhifan sat stunned in the car for a while before starting it up again and getting on the main road.

After Han Zhifan reached the underground parking lot of his office and parked his car, he smoked a cigarette inside his car. Then he walked into the elevator.

When Han Zhifan reached the floor of the general manager's office and emerged from the elevator, the secretary ran over with several files. "Mr. Han, Mr. Lin is here and he's waiting for you in your office."

Han Zhifan didn't say anything but took the secretary's documents and pulled out a pen from his pocket and signed them.

Thereafter, the secretary held the signed documents to her chest and asked, "Mr. Han, you have a meeting later. WIll you see Mr. Lin or have the meeting first?"

"I'll see him fir-"

Before he could finish the word "first," Han Zhifan stopped.

He thought about it for a moment then changed his mind. "...I'll have the meeting first."

"Yes, Mr. Han."

After the secretary left, Han Zhifan didn't head to his office. He headed straight for the conference room.

Throughout the meeting, Han Zhifan was absent-minded.

At the conference table, it looked like his attention was long gone.

He didn't take in a single word of what was said at the meeting. It wasn't until the secretary discreetly nudged him when the meeting was over that Han Zhifan realized it was over. That was when he uttered his first word since the meeting started. "Meeting adjourned."

The conference room was quickly emptied out.

Han Zhifan stared out the window in a daze for a while before getting up and walking out of the conference room and headed to his office.

Lin Sheng must've not slept well as he was laying on the sofa with his eyes shut, catching up on some sleep.

The secretary following behind Han Zhifan instinctively wanted to call Lin Sheng but was stopped by Han Zhifan.

After he signaled for the secretary to leave the office, Han Zhifan walked over to his desk.

Just as he sat in the chair, Lin Sheng woke up. "Are you done with work?"

After hearing what Lin Sheng said, Han Zhifan's body tensed up for no reason. That was when he let out an "Mhm" to Lin Sheng.

In the past, whenever Lin Sheng was asked to help him investigate something, Lin Sheng couldn't wait to report back to him with the results. However, this time, Lin Sheng didn't say anything after Han Zhifan's response.