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Chapter 1026: Heartache (6)

 Chapter 1026: Heartache (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Han Zhifan glanced at the incoming call screen. It was the housekeeper calling.

After taking the call, he heard the housekeeper's voice from the phone. "Mr. Han, Miss Cheng went out..."

So what if she's gone out? It's not like I was restricting her freedom... thought Han Zhifan deep down.

He wanted to ask the housekeeper: "Has her fever gone down?"

But the housekeeper beat him to it. Before he could ask, the housekeeper said, "...Miss Cheng's fever hasn't gone down yet. I wanted to call Dr. Luo over so he could check on her, but she didn't want him to and insisted on going out..."

Her fever hasn't gone down, yet she went out?

Han Zhifan furrowed his brows then said with an angry tone of voice, "You didn't stop her?"

"I tried to stop her. I followed her and tried to talk her out of it for a long time, but it didn't work. She was insistent on going out..." Perhaps it was because Han Zhifan got angry, but the housekeeper's voice sounded a lot less confident over the phone. "...I was afraid something might happen to Miss Cheng, so... so I called you..."

She's practically garbage! Why am I paying to support her?!

As Han Zhifan complained to himself angrily deep down, he didn't give the housekeeper a reply. He hung up the phone, grabbed his jacket and walked out of the office.

When he reached the underground parking lot, Han Zhifan entered the car and started it up. That was when he seriously thought about it. Where could Cheng Weiwan have gone with a fever?

He thought about last week. When I returned home that night, she was watching an interview about Cheng Weiguo on TV... Today's Tuesday and Cheng Weiguo's giving a lecture at Beijing University of Medicine at two in the afternoon... She didn't get to see Cheng Weiguo yesterday at the Four Seasons Hotel. She couldn't have gone to the Beijing University of Medicine today, right?

Han Zhifan thought about it, turned the steering wheel, and drove towards Beijing University of Medicine.

It was one o'clock by the time he reached Beijing University of Medicine.

Han Zhifan found a parking lot nearby then walked into Beijing University of Medicine.

The university was filled with adverts and directions to Cheng Weiguo's lecture. Han Zhifan easily found the auditorium of the Beijing University of Medicine.

Quite a few students walked out of the auditorium carrying notebooks.

Han Zhifan saw Cheng Weiwan with just one glance in the heavily crowded auditorium. She was standing right by the entrance.

So she did go to see Cheng Weiguo...

She didn't look too well; it must've been because she still had a fever. She wasn't in good spirits as it looked like she could faint at any moment.

Han Zhifan didn't walk up and disturb Cheng Weiwan.

He was standing in a rather discreet spot; she wouldn't be able to see him.

At ten to two, there were very few people at the auditorium entrance. Students who wanted to listen to the lecture were already seated in the auditorium.

Nearby, a group of well-dressed people walked in.

Edging closer, Han Zhifan saw that the person in the middle was Cheng Weiguo. The people all around him were probably all leaders at Beijing University of Medicine.

Cheng Weiguo turned and smiled right at a man about his age as they chatted.

Hatred rose from the deepest part of Han Zhifan's heart. Han Zhifan stared at Cheng Weiguo as his fingers couldn't help but clench into fists.

When a row of people drew closer, Cheng Weiwan straightened up.

She was standing at the entrance area and Cheng Weiguo's group was able to see her.

Everyone saw Cheng Weiwan as a student and didn't bother too much with her. After they swept her a look, they withdrew their gaze one after the other.

When Cheng Weiguo's gaze finally fell upon Cheng Weiwan, the smile on his lips didn't change nor did he stop talking. He acted as though he didn't recognize her. He withdrew his gaze and walked past Cheng Weiwan, talking and joking around, as he walked into the auditorium.