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Chapter 1022: Heartache (2)

 Chapter 1022: Heartache (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

She thought she was just seeing things, so she turned her head to take a look.

It really was Han Zhifan. What's more, he was staring right at her.

His gaze made her feel a little uncomfortable. She wanted to say something but the words disappeared in her mouth.

The housekeeper saw Cheng Weiwan looking over at the living room and averting her gaze. When she saw Han Zhifan, the housekeeper realized that she hadn't even told Han Zhifan about Cheng Weiwan's return. "Mr. Han, Miss Cheng is back. You can tell Lin..." she said hurriedly.

The housekeeper wanted to tell Han Zhifan to inform Lin Sheng that Cheng Weiwan had returned home safely and that he didn't need to run over. However, before she could finish, Han Zhifan knew what she was going to say and coldly interrupted her. "So what if she's back? What's it got to do with me?"

Why would it have anything to do with him...? He was obviously in a rush earlier... Why did he turn into a whole different person? He's so cold; it seems like that helplessness and panic he felt was just my imagination.

The housekeeper was confused for a while then moved her lips.

Han Zhifan was afraid the housekeeper was talking nonsense. He didn't wait for her to speak out before saying, "Make a cup of tea."

Isn't there a cup of tea in front of him? Why does he still want me to make him tea?

Han Zhifan left the housekeeper confused.

Han Zhifan noticed that the housekeeper wasn't moving, so he cried out again. "I said make tea!" he said with increasing impatience.

"Yes, Mr. Han." The housekeeper didn't dare overthink things and ran over to the dining room.

At the blink of an eye, only Han Zhifan and Cheng Weiwan were left in the living room.

Han Zhifan just acted as though Cheng Weiwan didn't exist. He picked up his phone like he was playing a game and started to stare at the screen.

They hadn't spoken since the night she told him she'd be leaving. Cheng Weiwan was used to Han Zhifan ignoring her, so she didn't strike up a conversation. She turned around and dragged her extremely exhausted body upstairs.

She was really tired. She thought she could manage to make it upstairs, lay down and get some rest, but she overestimated herself. She forced herself to walk over to the stairs, but darkness fell before her. Without any warning, she collapsed to the floor.

Her gaze fell upon Han Zhifan the moment she turned around. Upon seeing this, he instinctively dropped his phone and ran over to Cheng Weiwan at an incredible speed.

"Wanwan?" He cried her name. Seeing that she didn't respond, he lifted the top half of her body and cried her name again.

She still showed no response.

Han Zhifan faintly sensed something wasn't right. He reached out to touch her head and realized she had a shockingly high temperature. That was when he carried her up and loudly yelled, "Housekeeper! Housekeeper!"

He cried louder and louder.

The housekeeper didn't know what happened but she hurriedly ran over and screamed "Aye!"

As soon as Han Zhifan saw the housekeeper, he couldn't help but cry out, "Call Dr. Luo and tell him to hurry over!"

The housekeeper hadn't fully understood the situation before Han Zhifan walked up the stairs, carrying Cheng Weiwan.

After just a few steps, he remembered that Dr. Luo couldn't drive. His feet didn't stop as he walked up the stairs but he called out to the housekeeper again. "Call Lin Sheng and tell him to pick up Dr. Luo!"

With that said, Han Zhifan glanced back at the housekeeper. Seeing as she wasn't moving, he impatiently added, "Hurry!"