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Chapter 1018: Departure (8)

 Chapter 1018: Departure (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The client finally finished their call and had returned.

However, Han Zhifan couldn't shift his focus back to business. Every now and then, he glanced at Cheng Weiwan through the window as she stood on the sidewalk.

She had her head down. He had no idea what she was looking at.

He didn't know if it was just an illusion, but he felt like the silhouette of her back was really lonely and pitiful.

The client spoke for quite a long time, but Han Zhifan didn't respond. Eventually, the client couldn't help but say, "Mr. Han?"

Han Zhifan snapped back to reality and apologized then signaled the client to repeat what he said.

At first, Han Zhifan listened carefully to what the client said, but midway through, his thoughts started to wander over to Cheng Weiwan, who was still standing by the road.

He saw the silhouette of her back shuddering gently... His fingers on the coffee mug couldn't help but tighten.

Is she crying?

What did the front desk staff say to actually make her cry?

"Mr. Han?" repeated the client to snap Han Zhifan out of his daze.

Han Zhifan apologized again but didn't signal the client to repeat what he just said. Instead, he continued by saying, "I'm terribly sorry. I have some urgent business that needs to be tended to. About our cooperation, if you're interested, we can find a later date to talk more about it in detail..."

As he said this, Han Zhifan got up and called the waitress for the bill.

"Mr. Han?" The client was a little dissatisfied with Han Zhifan's sudden departure.

It seemed like Han Zhifan didn't notice. He handed the waitress a couple of notes then without even collecting his change, he said "Goodbye" to the client. He then strode out of the cafe in a hurry.

Han Zhifan didn't head right out of the hotel to find Cheng Weiwan on the sidewalk, but instead, he walked up to the front desk.

The lady Cheng Weiwan just spoke to was checking in a guest, so Han Zhifan didn't disturb her. He waited until she finished her work then walked up to her. "Miss Cheng Weiwan just passed by, didn't she?"

Han Zhifan was a frequent guest of the Four Seasons Hotel, so the lady at the front desk knew him. Seeing as he asked, she answered honestly, "Yes, Mr. Han."

"What was she doing here?"

"She came to find Mr. Cheng Weiguo."

Han Zhifan furrowed his brows at the sound of those words: "Cheng Weiguo."

The lady at the front desk sensed something was wrong with Han Zhifan and continued to tell him what she knew. "But Mr. Cheng Weiguo didn't want to see her."

Didn't want to see her?

Han Zhifan furrowed his brows even tighter.

He's her biological father. Why did he not want to see her?

The lady at the front desk saw that Han Zhifan was confused, so she replied with equal confusion. "I'm not sure why Mr. Cheng Weiguo didn't want to see Miss Cheng. They're father and daughter, but I feel like they're more like strangers. Right after Mr. Cheng Weiguo took my call and heard that his daughter was looking for him, he said he wasn't going to see her without any hesitation at all. Then he told me to tell Miss Cheng that he's here on business and he hopes she won't give him any trouble."

"And then?" asked Han Zhifan as the lady at the front desk stopped mid-story.

"Mr. Cheng had nothing to say after that. Then I passed the message on to Miss Cheng. Miss Cheng looked really upset then she left."

So Cheng Weiwan came here to see Cheng Weiguo? And she was so upset when she left because Cheng Weiguo didn't want to see her?

Doesn't Cheng Weiguo treat his only daughter like she's precious?