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Chapter 1017: Departure (7)

 Chapter 1017: Departure (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Yes. I'm Cheng Weiguo's daughter, yet I don't know my own father's schedule...

The lady at the front desk didn't dare let Cheng Weiwan go up to Cheng Weiguo's room. She noticed Cheng Weiwan hadn't said a word and thought of a compromise. "How about this? I'll give Mr. Cheng a call. If he wants to see you, I'll ask someone to escort you upstairs. Would that be okay?"

Cheng Weiwan hurriedly nodded. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." The lady at the front desk replied to Cheng Weiwan with a smile then picked up the mouse and clicked a few times. She then picked up the phone beside her and made the call.

Cheng Weiwan could tell by the numbers the lady at the front desk pressed that she was calling Cheng Weiguo's phone number.

The phone rang twice before it was picked up. The lady at the front desk politely said, "Mr. Cheng. Hello, it's the front desk of the hotel."

I called him so many times, but he never picked up. Now an unfamiliar landline number called, yet he picked up so quickly...

After hearing what the lady at the front desk said, Cheng Weiwan's fingers couldn't help but clutch her sleeves tighter.

She didn't know what Cheng Weiguo said over the phone, but the lady at the front desk spoke again. "It's like this, Mr. Cheng. There's a woman called Cheng Weiwan at the front desk and she says she's your daughter. She wants to see you, so I'm calling you to ask if we should have a member of staff escort Miss Cheng upstairs for you?"

Cheng Weiguo must've said something over the phone as the smiling expression of the lady at the front desk became astonished. She looked like she couldn't believe it. After a while, she replied, "Alright, Mr. Cheng. Understood."

"Sorry to disturb you, Mr. Cheng."

"Goodbye, Mr. Cheng."

With that said, the lady at the front desk hung up.

The lady at the front desk looked torn about something as she hesitated for a while. Then she raised her head and looked at Cheng Weiwan. "Miss Cheng, Mr. Cheng said he doesn't want to see you."

Doesn't want to see... I'm already downstairs at the hotel he's staying in, yet he doesn't want to see me?

Cheng Weiwan bit her lips but didn't say anything.

"Mr. Cheng even said he's here on business. He doesn't want you to give him any trouble."

Give him any trouble... I'm his daughter. We haven't seen each other for over three years - not even once. Don't tell me meeting up would be considered giving him trouble?

Cheng Weiwan's eyes dropped as she tried to contain the bitterness in her eyes. She forced a smile for the lady at the front desk. "Oh," she cried then turned around and walked right out.

Emerging from the big doors of the hotel, Cheng Weiwan walked up to the sidewalk before she came to a stop.

She lowered her head then stared and stared at her feet as a single tear crashed down from the corner of her eye.


Han Zhifan had a meeting with a client today at the first-floor cafe of the Four Seasons hotel to talk business.

Mid-conversation, the client had to step out for a phone call.

The call was quite long. Bored of waiting, Han Zhifan stared out at the people walking by the window to pass the time.

When Cheng Weiwan appeared in his field of sight, he initially thought it was an illusion.

He blinked hard but realized it really was her. His gaze started to follow and encircle her subconsciously.

The cafe was surrounded by glass, so he could see her walking into the hotel lobby and to the front desk.

Why did she go to the hotel? To book a room?

Han Zhifan furrowed his brows then stared transfixed at Cheng Weiwan.

Because he was quite far away, he didn't know what she said at the front desk.

However, he saw that after the lady at the front desk grabbed the phone, Cheng Weiwan looked like she suffered a serious blow. Her expression turned desolate and lifeless.