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Chapter 1013: Departure (3)

 Chapter 1013: Departure (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

When Han Zhifan caught sight of Cheng Weiguo on TV, his lips suddenly pursed.

Is she watching her father's interview?

As that thought flashed across Han Zhifan's mind, the host started to compliment Cheng Weiguo. "Mr. Cheng isn't only a talented individual, but you've also contributed greatly to the medical field. I hear Mr. Cheng also created a trust fund for the impoverished. It can't go unmentioned that Mr. Cheng, you're truly extraordinary and worth everyone's admiration..."

A talented individual? Extraordinary? Worth everyone's admiration?

Han Zhifan looked like he heard a hilarious joke as his lips raised into a cold smile.

Cheng Weiguo was a hypocrite. Everything he portrayed and represented to everybody was all fake. Behind his fake act, the real him was dark, dirty, and inhumane!

The image of Lili in a pool of blood at the hospital and the image of Lili's diary flashed endlessly in Han Zhifan's mind. The host repeatedly saying "Mr. Cheng" coupled with the sound of Cheng Weiguo's voice suddenly ignited another fire which blazed hotter and hotter in Han Zhifan's heart.

The cameras panned onto Cheng Weiguo once again. When he put on a warm and elegant smile, Han Zhifan finally couldn't take it anymore and walked up to the TV, reached his hand out, and yanked out the plug.

Cheng Weiwan hadn't noticed a thing because she was focusing on sending her text to Cheng Weiguo. Just then, she sluggishly realized Han Zhifan was back.

She waited a long time for Cheng Weiguo's reply. While she was in the middle of sending Cheng Weiguo another text, she stopped typing, raised her head and looked over at Han Zhifan.

His facial expression looked unusually drab as the green veins on his forehead jumped out like he was seriously suppressing some kind of fiery rage.

Han Zhifan stared dead at Cheng Weiwan for a while then strode closer to her one step at a time.

Cheng Weiwan instinctively clutched her phone in fear. She gulped and didn't dare to speak a word. As Han Zhifan drew closer, she instinctively backed up.

However, she only managed to back up an inch when Han Zhifan suddenly reached out and snatched the phone from her fingers.

He lowered his head and glanced at her phone screen. After reading the texts she sent to Cheng Weiguo, his pupils started to dilate and contract as the rage within his entire body unleashed and the flames roared higher.

It wasn't that Cheng Weiwan had never seen Han Zhifan angry before, but his current state left her trembling in fear. She didn't know what he was going to do next, so her first thought was to turn around, climb out of bed and run to the bedroom.

Her attempted avoidance of him angered Han Zhifan even more as he suddenly raised his hand and slapped Cheng Weiwan's phone to the floor. After that, he then grabbed Cheng Weiwan's ankle and dragged her to him.

He didn't know if he was mad because of Cheng Weiguo, or if it was because she tried to escape. Anger rushed into his chest and wouldn't dissipate no matter what.

He wanted to vent but he didn't know how. His furious eyes stared at her for a long time, and under the influence of alcohol, he suddenly pushed her down with his body. He viciously bit her lips and forcefully tore off her pajamas.