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Chapter 1010: Cut Off (10)

 Chapter 1010: Cut Off (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Because the two of them walked out of the house together, Cheng Weiwan didn't hear the end of their conversation.

She waited until they left the house before listening in on what the woman was saying.

Cheng Weiwan instinctively glanced out the window. She saw the woman clutching onto Han Zhifan's arm as they walked up to the car.

Han Zhifan helped pull the door open for the woman. After she sat inside, he helped her shut the door then got in too.

The driver waited for the two of them to sit then started the car up.

Cheng Weiwan didn't avert her gaze back to Cheng Han until she saw that the car had disappeared.

Cheng Weiwan felt like that woman looked really familiar like she had seen her somewhere before, but she couldn't remember where. She played with Cheng Han for a while, but when she replied to Cheng Han's questions, she suddenly remembered. Han Zhifan brought that woman home when she was pregnant with Cheng Han and stood in Yongyi Gardens outside Han Zhifan's apartment.

She clearly remembered how they got intimate that night in front of the window.

So over two years had passed, yet they were still in contact... It seemed like he treated her well... She might not know how he acted when he treated a woman at his very best, but at the very least, she knew he treated that woman far better than her.

With that thought, the corners of Cheng Weiwan's lips curved into a mocking smile.

How could she compare herself to that woman? She really did overestimate herself. To him, any woman on the street was better than her, right?

"Mummy, what are you laughing about?" asked Cheng Han. He lifted his head when he heard Cheng Weiwan laughing.

Cheng Weiwan shook her head and rubbed Cheng Han's head. She didn't say anything but continued to play with the toys with Cheng Han.

Han Zhifan returned and with a woman no less, but it didn't affect Cheng Weiwan at all. After the housekeeper went upstairs to tell them dinner was ready, she took Hanhan to wash his hands clean then walked downstairs to have dinner.

After they were full, Cheng Weiwan walked around the park in the neighborhood for a while like usual.

When they returned home, Cheng Weiwan gave Cheng Han a shower. After she put Cheng Han in the crib, Cheng Weiwan went downstairs to grab Cheng Han a glass of warm milk then she headed back upstairs.

She watched as Cheng Han finished the milk then she grabbed a storybook and started to read him a bedtime story.

The door to the baby's room was open. There were maids taking care of the plants in the sunroom with the doors also open. Their conversation traveled to the baby's room every now and then.

"Did you see that woman Mr. Han brought back this afternoon?"

"No, I didn't, but I heard from the housekeeper that she's very pretty."

"She's not just 'pretty.' I hear that the woman was a model and she has a great figure. While cooking dinner, I incidentally overheard the housekeeper and the wet nurse's conversation. The housekeeper said the woman is Mr. Han's fiance..."

Cheng Weiwan stopped reading the storybook

"Fiance? Mr. Han wants to get married?"

"Yeah. The housekeeper said there's no doubt about it. I hear the housekeeper is busy preparing for Mr. Han's wedding right now!"

"Then what about Miss Cheng? She's the young master's biological mother..."

"What can be done? She's definitely going to be kicked out and just like before, he won't let her see the young master..."