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Chapter 1009: Cut Off (9)

 Chapter 1009: Cut Off (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Unlike Cheng Weiwan, who got shy easily, Lin Na was always outgoing and bubbly. Lin Na finished listening to what he had to say and bluntly replied, "Yes, I really want to marry you, Zhifan. But you aren't willing to marry me."

Han Zhifan couldn't help but tighten his grip on his phone.

He didn't reply for a long time. "Zhifan?" cried Lin Na.

Han Zhifan heard Lin Na's voice but still didn't respond.

After a while, he gulped hard and shut his eyes. Then with a clear voice, he said, "I'll marry you."

"What?" Over the phone, Lin Na must've clearly heard what he said, but she didn't dare to believe it.

After hesitantly asking him this, she didn't wait for him to say anything more and added, "Zhifan, what did you say?"

"I said..." Han Zhifan paused for a moment then moved his lips. "...I'll marry you."

This time, Han Zhifan didn't wait for Lin Na to speak up again and continued, "Let's get married, Lin Na. The sooner the better."


It was a Friday night when Han Zhifan was seen again.

Cheng Weiwan was in the baby's roo, playing with Cheng Han when she heard the familiar sound of the car coming from downstairs.

She could tell it was the sound of Han Zhifan's car. She was sitting in front of the window, so without a second thought, she turned and glanced out the window.

Just then, Han Zhifan's car happened to come to a stop and he got out of the car.

The housekeeper saw Han Zhifan in the courtyard and immediately welcomed him in. "Mr. Han, you're back?"

Han Zhifan gently nodded, but he didn't give the housekeeper a reply and walked into the house.

"Mr. Han, are you having dinner tonight?" asked the housekeeper.

Just as the housekeeper's voice fell, another door of the car was pushed open. A beautiful young woman stepped out. "Zhifan?"

Han Zhifan's footsteps stopped then he first replied to the housekeeper. "No. I came back to pick up some files, and I'll be leaving immediately." Then he looked over at the beautiful woman.

He didn't say anything, but he probably gave the woman a look in response. The woman walked over to him in her high heels.

The woman was smart and polite as she walked up to the housekeeper and smiled. Then she turned to Han Zhifan and cried out, "I want to use the restroom."

Han Zhifan glanced at the housekeeper beside him. The housekeeper immediately understood what Han Zhifan meant - she made a hand gesture to welcome the beautiful young woman then escorted her inside.

Han Zhifan stood on the spot for a moment then also entered the house.

Soon after, Cheng Weiwan heard the sound of Han Zhifan's footsteps on the other side of the door of the baby's room.

The door to the baby's room wasn't shut. Han Zhifan had to pass by the door to the room en route to the study.

Cheng Han's sharp eyes caught sight of Han Zhifan while he was playing with his toys. He then immediately cried out "Daddy" in a cute voice.

Han Zhifan's footsteps came to a stop and he replied "Son" to Cheng Han, who was lying spread out on the rug. Then he raised his eyes and happened to meet Cheng Weiwan's gaze.

It was just for a second, and Cheng Weiwan avoided Han Zhifan's line of sight. After she raised her eyes, the silhouette of Han Zhifan disappeared from outside the door.

He didn't stay in the study for long. He grabbed the file and stepped back out.

He didn't stop when he passed by the door again.

The young woman must've emerged from the toilet as she bumped right into Han Zhifan on his way downstairs. In the baby's room, Cheng Weiwan vaguely heard the woman affectionately crying out "Zhifan."

Han Zhifan didn't say anything, but the woman continued talking.