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Chapter 1007: Cut Off (7)

 Chapter 1007: Cut Off (7)

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She didn't understand why he suddenly changed, but she didn't dare ask and she never thought about asking.

She had to admit that she quite liked the change, but she only dared to secretly feel happy about it on the inside. Aside from feeling happy, she didn't dare have any wild thoughts. Of course, she wouldn't allow herself to.

Because of her environment at home, she'd been alone ever since she was young. This made her a little guarded against others, but once she accepted someone, she treated them genuinely and sincerely.

Especially when it came to Han Zhifan. Back then, she really thought they were going to be together forever.

So after she found out their relationship was a lie, her world really came crumbling down.

At the time, her heart was utterly crushed. From then on, she knew full well that she did, in fact, have the power to love, but she didn't dare love anymore.

She didn't dare allow herself to think too much of Han Zhifan's recent acts of friendliness and care. She treated it all as if he was just doing things on a whim.

So she didn't need to overthink their interactions, because... He wouldn't love her, and as long as she didn't have hope, she wouldn't be disappointed, let alone devastated...

With that thought, Cheng Weiwan shook her head and pushed all the thoughts about Han Zhifan to the back of her head. Then she shut her eyes and forced herself to sleep.


After Han Zhifan left that night, he didn't come home for several consecutive nights.

He had several properties in Beijing. In the past, he stayed at the other places and never returned to the villa. But this time, he stayed at the office day and night.

It was like he had gone crazy. He worked day and night, making the higher execs at the company shudder. Every night, they would do overtime till midnight with him at the office before heading home.

His high performance made two workers sick in five short days. However, it was like he didn't notice a thing as he continued to work hard.

Han Zhifan's coworkers and people he was close to could tell he was acting particularly strange. He worked day and night like he was avoiding something, but no one dared to ask.

To the office workers, those "dark days" lasted a week until the Tuesday of the next week, which was when everyone finally caught a break.

Before six that morning, Han Zhifan was inside the office. He took a shower and changed into a clean suit then finished shaving his face in the mirror. After properly freshening up, he drove from the company to the cemetery in the suburbs.

Since it was early in the morning, fog enveloped the cemetery. His leather shoes were dirtied with soil as he followed the hillside up to Lili's grave.

In front of Lili's grave were a few bunches of weeds. Han Zhifan rolled up his sleeves and pulled them out himself. Then he wiped down Lili's gravestone before finally hovering his finger over Lili's photo in the center of the gravestone.

Eighteen-year-old Lili was wearing a white dress and stood in front of a bush of Japanese roses. Her head was tilted and she smiled a bright, youthful smile.

Han Zhifan stared at the photo for a long time as he gulped twice. Then he got up and placed the things he bought in front of Lili's gravestone.

After he finished visiting Lili, Han Zhifan wasn't in a hurry to leave. Instead, he found a spot in front of the grave and sat down, leaning against the gravestone.