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Chapter 1005: Cut Off (5)

 Chapter 1005: Cut Off (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The housekeeper took a step back in fright, not daring to utter a peep.

Han Zhifan didn't make things difficult for the housekeeper and blurted out, "I'll make the preparations myself." He raised his chin as a signal for the housekeeper to leave first.

The housekeeper didn't stay a moment longer. Upon seeing Han Zhifan's signal, she fled down the stairs.

Every now and then, the sound of Cheng Han's laughter escaped the baby's room, coupled with Cheng Weiwan's affectionate laughter.

While Han Zhifan had admired these sounds earlier, he now felt like he was being stabbed in the heart by a sharp dagger. The pain smothered his chest.

He didn't listen any longer; he quickly turned around and walked into the study.

With one hand, he held the bracelet he bought from the mall and with the other hand, he clasped a cigarette. He stared out at the night sky out the window as he stood there with a gloomy expression for a long time. It wasn't until all the lights surrounding the villa turned off that Han Zhifan put the bracelet back into his pocket. Leaving behind a floor covered with various cigarette butts, he walked out of the study.

He pushed open the door to the bedroom. Cheng Weiwan still hadn't slept. She was sitting against the headboard, looking at her phone.

She heard the sound of the door being pushed open then she raised her head. With just one glance at the door, she saw Han Zhifan. Unlike before, her expression didn't reveal resistance and confusion. Yet she didn't appear too intimate, but she smiled with a really distant and polite expression.

There was a bowl of glutinous rice balls in sweet fermented rice wine soup on the bedside table beside her. It must be the supper the housekeeper prepared for her.

Perhaps it was because the room was too quiet, or perhaps it was because she saw Han Zhifan glancing at the glutinous rice balls, but when he walked over to the bed, she pointed at it. "Would you like to eat some? Shall I go down to get you a bowl?" she softly asked him.

Didn't she start to show signs of taking the initiative to speak to me only in the past two days...?

Rationality told him not to bother with Cheng Weiwan, but when it came to his actions, Han Zhifan silently shook his head at her.

When Han Zhifan withdrew his gaze, he cast a glance at Cheng Weiwan's illuminated phone. The phone number for "Dad" appeared.

Dad... Cheng Weiguo? Is she calling her dad?

Han Zhifan furrowed his brows slightly and saw a series of phone calls in the call log. They were all from that day from noon until now. Some were one hour apart and others were two hours apart.

Han Zhifan's fingers instinctively trembled as his lips tightened.

Cheng Weiwan saw Han Zhifan's head shaking, but she didn't say anything else. She lowered her head to stare at her phone screen for a while and gave Cheng Weiguo a call.

Han Zhifan watched this and took a hard gulp. Then he turned around and walked into the changing room.

When he stepped out after changing his clothes, Cheng Weiwan put the phone to her ear. He didn't know if the call was picked up and she heard Cheng Weiguo's voice, or if the call hadn't gone through at all.

Han Zhifan didn't stay a second longer in the bedroom. He grabbed the keys he casually tossed on the dresser earlier then he strode out of the villa.

It wasn't until Han Zhifan slammed on the gas pedal and drove a distance away from the villa that Cheng Weiwan lowered the phone from her ear.

Nobody picked up yet again...

From noon until now, she called at least ten times, but her father didn't pick up. He didn't even call her back.

In actuality, it had been a really long time since she called her father. She only called today because it was her birthday... She didn't hope for her father to remember her birthday, but on that day, she wanted to hear a relative's voice...