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Chapter 999: Hug (14)

 Chapter 999: Hug (14)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Lili's diary carefully detailed the events from when Cheng Weiguo drugged and raped her till when Cheng Weiguo blackmailed her with those videos if she ever dared to go public with the truth. Thereafter, Cheng Weiguo used those videos time and time again to force her to submit to him.

The diary mentioned how she entered the darkest nightmare of her life and she couldn't escape even though she wanted to.

She even mentioned Han Zhifan in the diary. She said she really wanted to tell her big brother these things, but she was afraid that if the video came out, he would do something to break the law.

Not just once, she asked in the diary how she was going to make this nightmare end, how she was going to live the rest of her life, if she could still have a beautiful romance, and if her future husband would look down on her.

About two months ago, she realized she was pregnant. In her diary, she endlessly asked what she should do. She said she asked the hospital to abort the child, but because it was too late in the pregnancy, it wouldn't be an easy operation. She said she didn't dare give birth to the baby and she didn't want the demon child because she felt she and the child were dirty. In the last two entries of her diary, she mentioned many times how she didn't want to live in this world...

Even though this incident happened a really long time ago, Han Zhifan's body couldn't help but gently tremble when he thought back to it again.

He protected Lili since she was little and she practically hadn't seen the dark side of society.

She must've been very scared when she met Cheng Weiguo. He knew she wasn't very brave, so she must've had nightmares every night during that time. She definitely hugged her comforter and secretly cried in the night.

At the time, she must've felt helpless and hopeless, right?

When he was abroad and received a call from her crying in the middle of the night, that was when she found out she was pregnant, right?

How could he be tricked by her and believe that it was stress from school? If he had returned to China, everything would've changed and his little sister wouldn't have left him...

Also, she was stupid. How could she have not told him about these things? He could've protected her...

When he got sick in the past, thirteen year old Lili watched over him all night. When he woke up, she said, "Big brother, don't leave me," and he said, "I won't ever leave you." But, in the end, what happened? He didn't leave her, but she left him first... His pretty and intelligent little sister was killed just like that by Cheng Weiguo. How could he not hate him? How could he not hate him?!

He was unable to legally convict him, so all he could do was use despicable methods to take revenge on him!

So everything Lin Sheng said was wrong. He wasn't in love with Cheng Weiwan. He hated her!

With that thought, Han Zhifan pursed his lips.

He looked at Lili smiling in the photo, and he repeatedly told himself he wouldn't like her, he wouldn't like her, he definitely wouldn't like her...


The things Lin Sheng said at the office made Han Zhifan not return to his villa for the next few days.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day before Cheng Han's operation.

Han Zhifan finished his work and glanced at the time. It was already two in the morning. Unable to sleep no matter what, he randomly drove on the main road until he turned into the gates of his villa without noticing it.