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Chapter 994: Hug (9)

 Chapter 994: Hug (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Han Zhifan went to the office early in the morning.

He opened his laptop in hopes of getting his mind off things and focusing on work, but he stared at the wall of text on the laptop screen for a long time without reading a single word.

At eight, the secretary reminded him he had an early morning meeting.

He wasn't sure if it was because he hadn't slept all night or what, but as he sat in the meeting room of company employees talking non-stop for an hour, he didn't take in a single word.

After the meeting was over, he walked back to the office. Han Zhifan drank a cup of coffee and felt a little more comfortable albeit with much difficulty. He opened a file, wanting to give it a read, but he ended up barely reading two pages before slamming the file on the table. Then he angrily ruffled his hair, grabbed the landline, and gave his house a call.

The person who picked up the call was the housekeeper.

He actually wanted to ask how Cheng Weiwan was. But he couldn't manage to get the words out. In the end, all he said was, "How are things at home?"

When did Han Zhifan ever call home to ask how things are? The housekeeper was stunned for a long while before she replied, "Pretty good."

"Are things truly pretty good? Is everything fine?"

"Things are truly pretty good. Everything's fine."

"Oh," responded Han Zhifan. After a while, he hung up the phone.

Han Zhifan simply couldn't get into a working state of mind, so he leaned back into his chair as he let his mind wander.

With much difficulty, he stayed like that until noon. Han Zhifan called home again.

He said the same thing and the housekeeper gave the same answer.

However, he felt uncomfortable. After he put down the phone, he hesitated a while and picked it back up again.

This time, his call wasn't to his house. Instead, it was a call to Lin Sheng.

Lin Sheng quickly picked up the call, but Han Zhifan didn't wait for him to speak before blurting out, "Come to my office."

Lin Sheng thought Han Zhifan had urgent business, so he came over quickly.

After Han Zhifan signaled for him to sit down, he wasn't in a hurry to speak.

Lin Sheng couldn't help questioning Han Zhifan on why he called him out. Finally, Han Zhifan cried, "Go abroad and help me pick up a doctor to take back to China."

"That's it?" Lin Sheng instinctively asked in return after he heard this.

Han Zhifan shook his head as if to say no.

"Is that freaking it?! You told me nothing over the phone! Why did you tell me to come over?" Lin Sheng felt like he was being played.

Han Zhifan didn't say anything and lit a cigarette.

Lin Sheng saw that he was smoking, prompting his addiction to flare up. He also lit up a cigarette and after two puffs, he asked, "Have you called the doctor? Is it okay to just go see him?"

"Mhm," responded Han Zhifan absent-mindedly.

"Do you want to get the doctor to treat your son?" asked Lin Sheng.

Han Zhifan shook his head. Then after a few seconds, he said, "It's a psychiatrist."

"A psychiatrist?" Lin Sheng pondered as he spoke frankly. "Your son got a mental illness too?..."

Lin Sheng hadn't finished speaking as a flash of ferocity crossed Han Zhifan's gaze.

Lin Sheng instinctively stopped talking.

After a while, Lin Sheng couldn't help but curiously ask, "If it's not to treat your son, who's it for?"

Han Zhifan seemed to not be bothered with Lin Sheng and didn't say anything.

"It's definitely not a problem with you..." Han Zhifan didn't say and Lin Sheng didn't mind, so he started to guess. "...For you to ask an overseas doctor to come here, it definitely can't be an ordinary person. That person must have some deeper connection with you... deeper connection..."