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Chapter 986: Hug (1)

 Chapter 986: Hug (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Following a loud *bang!*, the remote control smashed into the television and broke into pieces on the floor.

The housekeeper was away from the room, so she didn't know what happened, but after she heard the noise, she hurriedly opened the bedroom door. She ran out, assuming something had been accidentally broken.

"How..." The housekeeper let out just one word when she sensed there was something off about the atmosphere in the bedroom. She instinctively shut up then glanced at Cheng Weiwan, who was standing in front of the sofa with pursed lips. Then she looked over at Han Zhifan. When her gaze met the man's dark expression, she instinctively took several steps back and hid in her own room after gently shutting the door behind her.

The second after the housekeeper disappeared from the living room, Han Zhifan moved his lips and spoke with a harsh and sarcastic voice. "If you're really not happy, get out now!"

"I'm only letting you through the doors because of my son's illness. Did you really think you're all that to be negotiating terms with me? Why don't you check if you have the right to do that first?!"

Han Zhifan said this while angrily getting up and walking over to the stairs.

When he passed by Cheng Weiwan, he felt he hadn't vented enough of his anger yet. "You ungrateful woman!" he added with gritted teeth as he walked up the stairs.

His anger must've not subsided yet because the ear-splitting sound of the door slamming shut was heard after he walked into the bedroom.

Silence returned to the living room.

After a while, the door to the housekeeper's room was softly cracked open.

Han Zhifan roared particularly loudly just now, so the housekeeper could hear everything crystal clear from behind the door. She stood obviously awkward by the door for a while then walked out.

Having sensed her movements, Cheng Weiwan turned and looked over.

When the housekeeper met Cheng Weiwan's gaze, she stopped. "Miss Cheng, are you alright?" she said quietly with a comforting expression on her face.

Cheng Weiwan lowered her eyes to hide the hurt in them. She forcefully pulled on the corner of her lips then replied, "I'm fine." Without waiting for the housekeeper to speak, she pointed upstairs and said, "I'll go up and check on Hanhan." She kept her head low and hurriedly walked upstairs.

After taking just a few steps, the housekeeper cried out to Cheng Weiwan, "Miss Cheng."

Cheng Weiwan stopped in her tracks but didn't turn her head.

The housekeeper seemed to be hesitant about something. After a while, she then said, "Miss Cheng, Mr. Han is actually easy to talk to and he's really soft-hearted. Stop constantly going against him and making him angry, then your days will be better... I mean nothing by it, Miss Cheng. I..."

Cheng Weiwan knew the housekeeper meant well. Even though she was upset, she still turned her head and thanked the housekeeper. Then she turned around and quickly walked up the stairs.

The housekeeper didn't say anything else, but she gently shook her head and let out a sigh when Cheng Weiwan disappeared around the corner of the stairs. She walked over to the television, crouched down, and started to clean up the scattered pieces of the remote control.


That night, Cheng Weiwan stayed in Cheng Han's room for a long time before heading into the master bedroom.

All the lights were off in the room aside from a night lamp on the bedside table.

Han Zhifan laid motionlessly flat on the big bed.

Cheng Weiwan wasn't sure if Han Zhifan was asleep or not, but she didn't want to call out to him. She stood at the door for a short while then softly shut the door. She picked up her bag and walked into the bathroom.