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Chapter 949: I Have One Condition (4)

 Chapter 949: I Have One Condition (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Cheng Weiwan didn't dare to directly tell the taxi driver to go to Jiayuan. Instead, she asked him to stop about five hundred meters from Jiayuan, in front of a bank.

After the taxi drove off, Cheng Weiwan then rushed over to Jiayuan.

Maybe she was paranoid, but she felt that the people who worked in the lobby were giving her odd looks.

She didn't dare to speak loudly or look other people straight in the eye. All she did was quietly give her name and Han Zhifan's name.

Soon enough, a male attendant came over and escorted Cheng Weiwan to the first floor. Then he walked her up to the door of a room on the top floor.

After the male attendant knocked on the door, he left.

Not long after, Cheng Weiwan heard the sound of the door opening from the other side of the wooden door.

Her hand instinctively balled up into fists as she held her breath.

She didn't dare look straight at the door as her entire body tensed up and she lowered her head, staring at her own toes.

She held this stiff pose for a long period of time but didn't hear any further movements. Then she carefully raised her eyelids, glanced ahead and realized that the large door was open. Han Zhifan, who opened the door, had long walked back into the room.

She bit her lips, lowered her head again, and walked into the room.

She reached out and shut the door. At the empty entrance, she composed herself for some time before slowly walking into the living room.

Han Zhifan was standing leisurely in the counter with a tall wine glass, nonchalantly tasting the wine.

He detected her presence, so he swept a look at her body. Without a moment's hesitation, he raised his chin in the direction of the bathroom.

By this gesture, she knew he was telling her to go take a shower.

Cheng Weiwan pursed her lips forcefully and continued to stand on the spot for a short while before turning around and walking into the bathroom.

Cheng Weiwan locked the door from the inside then leaned against the door. She stared at the mirror directly in front of her for a long while before reaching out and stripping her clothes. She walked under the showerhead and turned it on.

She was a little scared, so she showered for a really, really long time. When she felt like it was long enough, she turned the water off and grabbed a towel to wipe the water off from her body.

She didn't put on the bathrobe hanging beside her. Instead, she picked up her own clothes and put them back on, one item at a time.

Coming out from the bathroom, Cheng Weiwan quickly lowered her head when she caught a glance of Han Zhifan, who was still drinking wine by the counter.

"Wait in the bed!" This time, he spoke quickly with a colder, annoyed voice.

Cheng Weiwan clutched her sleeves and didn't utter a word. Then she walked over to the bedroom door.

Her silence and compliance enraged Han Zhifan as he stared at the silhouette of her back walking towards the bedroom. Before she opened the door, he purposefully made things difficult for her by saying, "Strip all your clothes off and lay on the bed. I don't want to go through all that trouble just for a f*ck!"

He saw her back trembling.

He thought she would stop walking, but she didn't. Instead, she pretended as though he hadn't said a word as she gently pushed the door open and walked in.

Han Zhifan became even madder. He swung his hand, throwing the wine glass aside.

As the glass shattered with a *crash,* he picked up the wine bottle on the table and raised it to his lips. He took big gulps then slammed it onto the counter, got up, and charged towards the bedroom.