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Chapter 942: A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to You (42)

 Chapter 942: A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You (42)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Practically without any hesitation at all, He Jichen replied, "Okay."

He let go of Ji Yi and grabbed the phone to make a call.

After he hung up, he went back to the side of the bed. He tilted his head as though he was thinking about something while looking at Ji Yi.

He helped Ji Yi pull the covers over. Just as he was about to head back to the side of the bed, he asked her what she was thinking. Ji Yi stared right at He Jichen and said, "He Jichen, I've got a really cute baby name idea. Green bean (Si Ji Dou)! What do you think?"

He Jichen really wanted to reply "It's alright..." but he thought about her condition and chose to remain silent.

Ji Yi just took this as He Jichen's silent approval. She continued to talk to herself like she was given a treasure. "He Jichen, Ji Yi, (Si Ji Dou) Green Beans... heh-heh! They all have the letter 'Ji.' This nickname really sounds better the more you think about it..."

"He Jichen, don't you think I'm really awesome?"

"Hehehe~ Green beans, you have to be strong! Mummy really wants to see you..."


Thirty years later.

Recently on Weibo, a major verified user became famous all of a sudden.

Actually, this user got really famous two years ago, but this year, their popularity reached the highest point. In one short week, their fan count rose by millions.

The Weibo user was called "Green Bean Who Grew Up On Dog Food."

The account for "Green Bean Who Grew Up On Dog Food" was created five summers ago. She didn't post on Weibo every day, but whenever she did, it was about her parents' everyday lives.

Su Xia was a reporter who learned about this verified user from a friend.

That day, she wasn't very busy with work, so after she finished interviewing a popular female celebrity at five in the afternoon, she headed straight back home. It was still early after she finished dinner and she wasn't sleepy. She remembered how her friend reminded her about the seriously famous verified user then she grabbed her iPad and logged into Weibo. She entered: "Green Bean Who Grew Up On Dog Food."

The first post that came into view was posted three days ago by "Green Bean Who Grew Up On Dog Food." There were over a million followers and over hundreds of thousands of comments.

The post was composed of only words and no photos.

"During breakfast today, Mr. He saw that he was logged out of WeChat. After he entered his password, he couldn't log in. He furrowed his brows and said in confusion, 'That's odd. Why does WeChat keep saying my password is incorrect?'"

"Sitting in front of him, Miss Ji was eating congee. She lifted her head and glanced over at him before casually replying, 'You changed your password yesterday.'"

Mr. He: "What's the password? I need to contact someone for work."

Miss Ji: "HJCNYSGCGWJJDNDXJJ in capitals."

"Mr. He entered the password as he asked: 'It's such a long and complicated password. How did you remember it?'"

"Miss Ji looked composed as she said: 'He XX (Mr. He's name), if you dare have an affair, I'll cut off your d*ck.'"

"Beautiful days start by eating dog food."

Su Xia casually scrolled through this Weibo account with the attitude of "why is this verified user so popular?" She never imagined that the first Weibo post would make her burst out laughing, causing her to spit out her coffee onto her iPad screen.

She quickly put her coffee mug down, pulled out a tissue and wiped the screen. Then she continued to read through the posts on the Weibo account of "Green Bean Who Grew Up On Dog Food."

"Miss Ji came across something upsetting today. She was unhappy when she came back home. Mr. He hugged her and told her to cry if she wanted to."