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Chapter 941: A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to You (41)

 Chapter 941: A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You (41)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi's heart suddenly sank with a thud, as she instinctively raised her head to look at He Jichen.

The expression on He Jichen's face turned dark. Both their eyes met, and before either of them could speak, they already knew what the other was thinking.

A second later, He Jichen held Ji Yi's hand and walked over to the gynecologist's office with her.

The results showed Ji Yi was showing early signs of a miscarriage and the baby's vitals were weak. She needed to stay in the hospital to observe the baby.

However, after that was said, the doctor added it was recommended not to have the baby.

That sentence not only scared Ji Yi but it also frightened He Jichen too.

Despite the doctor's recommendation and before the two of them could make a decision, the doctor quickly helped Ji Yi into a patient room. He Jichen didn't want Ji Yi to walk, so he carried her all the way into the patient room.

He Jichen put Ji Yi on the bed then pulled the covers over her. After he told her to be good and lie there, he headed downstairs to check her in.

It was half an hour later by the time He Jichen came back into the patient room.

He Jichen looked incredibly pale and his bold brows were heavily anxious and unsettled.

Ji Yi was really nervous, but when she saw how He Jichen looked, her heart ached more than anything. After she waited for He Jichen to come closer, she grabbed his hand and arched her brows, revealing a gentle smile. She tried her best to joke around and speak with a relaxed voice. "He Jichen, the doctor says I've been pregnant for two months. Two months ago, we decided to have a baby. I never thought I'd get pregnant that very night..."

Saying this, Ji Yi's face started to flush as she drew closer to He Jichen's ear and quietly whispered: "...I never thought you'd actually be this incredible!"

He Jichen knew Ji Yi was trying to calm him down and he was immensely moved by that. Although he smiled along with her joke, he blamed himself deep down.

He forcefully squeezed Ji Yi's hand and carefully embraced her in his arms.

He quietly hugged her for a short while, turned his head, then whispered into her ear, "Sorry."

He Jichen wasn't to blame for this, but he wanted to carry this tragedy himself...

Deep down, Ji Yi felt a little warm and touched. She didn't say anything but hugged He Jichen's waist even tighter.

Silence fell once more in the room.

After an awfully long time, Ji Yi softly said, "He Jichen, no matter what, I have to try hard. Unless it's absolutely necessary, I don't want to give up on our child."

Our child... He Jichen felt something bitter stuck in his throat. After a while, he forcefully let out an "Mhm."

After a short while had passed, He Jichen turned his head and kissed Ji Yi's hair. "I'll stay with you."

I will stay with you and work hard to protect our child.

Just like how I'll stay with you for the rest of my life.

Ji Yi heard what He Jichen said and smiled with her brows arched.

Perhaps it was because she was pregnant, but she furrowed her brows as she smiled then whispered to He Jichen, "He Jichen, I'm hungry."

The subject changed too quickly, so He Jichen was left a little speechless for a moment. Then with a loving look on his face, he asked, "What would you like to eat?"

Ji Yi let out a long "Errrrrr" for a while then replied, "Green beans."