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Chapter 938: A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to You (38)

 Chapter 938: A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You (38)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

"Do you think I'm that kind?" asked He Jichen with a soft mocking voice. He lifted his eyelids and swept Qian Ge a glance.

He didn't wait for Qian Ge to speak again before answering, "I'm here to strike you while you're down."

Qian Ge pursed her lips tightly as she stared at He Jichen.

He Jichen didn't get mad. He pulled his phone out and tapped the screen a few times before he showed it to Qian Ge.

It was a conversation thread.

He Jichen and Chen Bai's conversation.

He Jichen: "Help me find out who Qian Ge's lawyer is."

Chen Bai replied: "It's Zhu Yi."

He Jichen: Contact him and ask him to reject all of Qian Ge's commissions."

It was no wonder her lawyer hadn't appeared for so long after she asked someone to contact him. As it turned out, He Jichen had been preventing him from showing up... The corners of Qian Ge's lips pursed more tightly. Her fists clenched and visibly trembled.

He Jichen sat in front of her calmly like he was nonchalantly admiring Qian Ge on fire. As though something just came to mind, he said, "Oh yeah! Without Zhu Yi, you can still call a different lawyer..."

"I should think about this..."

As He Jichen said this, he pulled his phone back from Qian Ge then typed away on the screen for a while. He pushed the phone before Qian Ge's eyes again.

There was a new message on the messages screen. He Jichen sent out: "Also, greet all the lawyers."

Qian Ge looked at the screen for a while. Her head shot up and stared at He Jichen. "He Jichen, don't take it too far!" exclaimed Qian Ge with gritted teeth.

Take it too far? What a real shame. To other people, perhaps he wouldn't have taken things this far, but towards her, he didn't show the slightest hint of mercy.

An inkling of mockery rose within He Jichen's eyes.

His expression fell upon Qian Ge's eyes. He was too much of an eye-sore as Qian Ge got agitated again. "What are you all smug about?! This time, I'm screwed because of Xie Siyao. It wasn't like you were personally for it! Aren't you so great? Didn't you announce you'd trade your life to get justice for Ji Yi? But in the end, didn't you achieve nothing?"

"All I can say is that you're lucky. You hit the jackpot from my misunderstanding with Xie Siyao! Between us, you've fought life and death for Ji Yi for so long, but in the end, you had to rely on Xie Siyao! Haha..."

As Qian Ge's laughter dissipated, He Jichen also laughed. "I always figured you were really smart. I never imagined you weren't actually that smart after all. Even now, you don't know how you got taken out?!"

Qian Ge furrowed her brows slightly then she suddenly went completely silent.

She stared at He Jichen for a while before she spoke as though she finally figured something out. "You took the photos of Xie Siyao and Yang Li under my name and sent them to Chen Mingda?"

He Jichen didn't say anything.

Qian Ge gulped. After a moment of silence, she continued by saying, "You were working with Yang Li long ago? Yang Li was only working with Xiao Yang because Yang Li wanted Xiao Yang to betray me?"

He Jichen still didn't make a sound.

This time, Qian Ge didn't pause for too long before she continued. "You knew long ago that I was going to drug Ji Yi at the charity gala, so you told Yang Li to switch the drugs..."