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Chapter 936: A Billion Stars Cant Amount to You (36)

 Chapter 936: A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You (36)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The pain made He Jichen's hand tremble abruptly.

After sensing his reaction, Ji Yi stopped biting. She raised her head, looked over at He Jichen and asked, "Did it hurt?"

He Jichen swept a look at the clear teeth marks on the back of his hand then let out a "Hmph!"

Ji Yi instantly laughed. "Looks like I didn't just dream up everything that happened!"

So to test if she was dreaming or not... she deliberately bit me?

Ji Yi's final word hadn't fallen when He Jichen realized what she just did. He lowered his head and covered her lips.

Quite a few people who had come to watch the drama started to leave the hall after everything unfolded too.

The parking lot was open-air, so there were people walking around everywhere.

He Jichen kissed Ji Yi without any reservation, so it instinctively made Ji Yi want to shy away. "He Jichen, there are so many people around..."

He Jichen seemed to not have heard her because he turned his head slightly, found her lips again, and bit down hard.

He kissed her roughly and slowly for a while until Ji Yi's little face turned red from holding her breath. That was when He Jichen finally let her go.

He wasn't in a hurry to release her lips, so he kept his lips glued upon hers and whispered, "You just bit me. Now I bit you, so we're even..."

He's such a petty man! I just bit him a little, and he wanted to bite me back... Ji Yi pouted.

He Jichen kissed her lips like that twice then drew closer to Ji Yi's ear. He lowered his voice and said in a seductive voice, "Compared to biting my hand, I like it more when you bite me down there..."

Ji Yi, who instantly understood him, bit He Jichen hard on the face without a second thought. "He Jichen, you jerk!"

"When we get back home, I'll show you how much of a jerk I can be!" replied He Jichen in a great mood as he rubbed the spot on his face where he got bit. He shut the car door, walked around the front of the car then got in.

The car started up and drove just a short distance away when Ji Yi's eyelashes fluttered. She started to talk non-stop to He Jichen.

"He Jichen, don't you feel like your anger's been all vented out?!"

"Haha~ I never even dreamed Xie Siyao would ruthlessly beat Qian Ge like that. Even though I never hit her, it felt awesome to see her get beat up!"

"But Qian Ge really doesn't have a bottom line. She actually seduced Xie Siyao's boyfriend and drugged her. Even though I really hate Xie Siyao, seeing them fight like that was pretty exciting! But I never knew Xie Siyao lost a child and was then played around by Qian Ge like that. Now that I think about it, she's really pitiful!"

"*Sigh*... with all that said, it's all Qian Ge's fault!"

"Huh? I think I went off topic. Anyways, I should be happy..."

I should be happy. The truth behind why you stabbed Qian Ge is finally out for the public to know. Even though you didn't do anything wrong, you won't be labeled as a "murderer" anymore.

I should be happy. The heavens treated me well in the end. After I dropped my grudge, God inflicted karma upon Qian Ge.

I should be happy to have met you in my lifetime. I fell in love with you and am with you.

I should be happy. The moment I felt like I was going to die, you didn't care about your own life and tried to help me get justice.

Ji Yi stared out the window at the night sky endlessly passing by. All of a sudden, she remembered the charity gala from three years ago. She pretended to be pushed over by Qian Ge at the party, embarrassing herself on a live broadcast and inciting tons of people to curse her.