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Chapter 935: A Billion Stars Cant Amount to You (35)

 Chapter 935: A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You (35)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Before Qian Ge could think things through, two reporters raised their microphones and placed them next to her.

"Miss Qian Ge, may I ask - after everything that just happened, is there anything you want to say?"

"Miss Qian Ge, may I ask how you will apologize to Miss Ji Yi?"

Following the interrogating of Qian Ge from these two reporters, other reporters came to their senses and also surrounded her with their microphones raised.

"Miss Qian Ge, after hearing Xie Siyao's comments, don't you think you are lying to the public as your public persona and your real persona contrast completely?"

"Miss Qian Ge..."


Holy sh*t! She practically blew my mind! I truly never imagined Qian Ge would actually be that kind of person!"

"Yeah! I really thought Ji Yi's car accident just an accident! I never imagined that someone orchestrated it!"

"To have a best friend like that is freaking tragic. I heard Ji Yi was in coma for three whole years! When she first returned to the industry, I heard she wasn't very fit and after filming for a while, she would break out in a sweat."

"Xie Siyao was freaking awesome! She actually called the police to hand herself in at the end!"

"She must've had enough! If it were me and my boyfriend got stolen and my child was miscarried as a result, I would've done the same!"

"So after everything that was said, Qian Ge really has no bottom line! Xie Siyao is a pretty pitiful!"

"What do you mean pitiful? She was an accomplice back then! If Qian Ge hadn't pissed her off, would she have done it? She doesn't deserve any sympathy at all!"

"Yeah! She's not worth sympathizing over. It's a dog-eat-dog world! But about He Jichen, I think he's pretty manly! He actually stabbed Qian Ge with a knife for the woman he loved! What did he say again? He gets major boyfriend points!"

"He said: 'I will take your life in return for the injustice you inflicted on her'!"

"Yeah yeah yeah!! So he's still the God and he was never tarnished after all..."


In comparison to the endless excitement upstairs in the hotel room, the atmosphere in the dining hall, which had been live streaming everything, was equally lively.

Soon after Xie Siyao hung up her call to the police, the police rushed into the hotel room.

Xie Siyao wasn't the only one handcuffed and taken away; Qian Ge was also arrested.

The reporters didn't stop taking photos, despite the police's warnings.

The live stream broadcasted everything on the big screen of the dining hall up until Qian Ge stepped into a police car.

Qian Ge couldn't be seen on the screen. Ji Yi's gaze had been glued on the big screen ever since she came downstairs ages ago after changing into the new gown.

He Jichen withdrew his lifeless gaze, turned his head and looked over at Ji Yi.

The expression on her face was delighted and excited, but not over the top. There was a glint in her eyes and the corners of her lips were slightly raised. It let He Jichen know that in that very moment, she was incredibly happy deep down.

He Jichen's gaze turned a little warm as he stared at her for a while. Then he whispered, "Let's go."

When Ji Yi heard this, she let out an "Okay" but her eyes never left the big screen.

He Jichen got up first and fixed his shirt. Then he reached out and helped Ji Yi carry her bag.

Sensing that he'd shifted, Ji Yi, who was still staring at the big screen, hurriedly got up and prepared to leave.

He Jichen naturally held Ji Yi's hand and he escorted her to the door.

Ji Yi glanced back at the big screen after every three steps.

It wasn't until after they left the dining hall, got into the car, and He Jichen bent over to fasten her seatbelt that Ji Yi suddenly grabbed his hand. She put it to her mouth then unexpectedly bit him.