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Chapter 934: A Billion Stars Cant Amount to You (34)

 Chapter 934: A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You (34)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Lying on the floor, Qian Ge heard Xie Siyao calling the police and started to fight back. "Xie Siyao, are you crazy? Do you know that if you hand yourself in, I won't be the only one going down? You'll go down too. Don't forget that you were an accomplice. You can't run away from lawful prosecution..."

Xie Siyao heard Qian Ge protesting, so she increased the pressure in her foot that was holding Qian Ge down. Not only did Xie Siyao not hesitate for a second after hearing Qian Ge's words, but her tone of voice over the phone sounded even more resolute. "I'm at Beiyang Hall. My name is Xie Siyao."

When Qian Ge heard this, she instantly stopped struggling and motionlessly laid sprawled on the floor like a deflated ball.

This time, Qian Ge knew was really done for... completely done for.

Qian Ge had always been cunning. After so many years, she never really saw Xie Siyao as a threat. From the very beginning, when she worked with Xie Siyao to defeat Ji Yi, she always had a mentality of using Xie Siyao. For the past few years, even though everyone saw them as sisters, she always looked down on Xie Siyao.

When Qian Ge found out Ji Yi and He Jichen were living incredibly happily together, all she could think about was destroying Ji Yi and crushing her happiness. That was why she betrayed Xie Siyao with no hesitation at all.

She schemed so carefully but she never imagined she would fall at the hands of Xie Siyao at the very end...

My plan was flawless! How did things end up like this today?!

Qian Ge ignored the reporters everywhere taking non-stop photos, nor did she bother with the gossiping of female celebrities present, watching the drama unfold. She laid on the floor and stared up at the ceiling, racking her brain over how she got defeated.

Chen Mingda was trash. From the moment she met him, he'd endlessly been trying to send her signals to be his lover.

Although she looked down on Xie Siyao, she never wanted Xie Siyao to misunderstand things, so she pretended to not have understood Chen Mingda's signals.

She promised and told Yang Li that Chen Mingda would take revenge on him. However, Qian Ge really didn't do anything to facilitate that.

If Xie Siyao hadn't suffered a miscarriage and cried to Qian Ge about what happened with Yang Li and how she didn't know who took those photos and sent them to him, Qian Ge wouldn't even have known Chen Mingda knew about them.

Also, how did I end up having sex with Chen Mingda? And how did Xie Siyao know I drugged her?

As those questions entered Qian Ge's mind one at a time, her brows started to furrow, bit by bit.

Aside from her, the only one who knew she drugged Xie Siyao was Yang Li... Yang Li!

Qian Ge's eyes squinted fiercely.

All of sudden, she remembered how Yang Li handed her a wine glass not too long ago in the dining hall!

In the past, she even saw Yang Li and Xiao Yang exchanging eye contact, so Yang Li actually colluded with Xiao Yang ages ago!

She arranged for Xiao Yang to drug Ji Yi, but Xiao Yang didn't do it at all. The drug was in Yang Li's hands ages ago and it entered Qian Ge's stomach instead.

And Yang Li told her there were a lot of people around so they should talk outside. That was actually just a pretense.

Yang Li took Qian Ge's drugged body to the room prepared for Ji Yi then he grabbed her phone and messaged Chen Mingda... But there were no grudges between her and Yang Li. Why would he do this?