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Chapter 933: A Billion Stars Cant Amount to You (33)

 Chapter 933: A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You (33)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

After a moment of silent contemplation, Qian Ge replied, "Can do. But I'll give him a million for now and I'll give him the second million after it's done."

Xie Siyao didn't reply. She pulled her phone out and made a call.

She repeated what Qian Ge said on the phone in front of her. Qian Ge couldn't hear what the other person said on the phone, but Xie Siyao said "Goodbye" then hung up. "He agreed to it. He wanted me to ask you when you want it done."

"Next Wednesday. That day, Ji Yi and I need to go somewhere. In the evening, I'll make an excuse not to go with her. Then she'll be the only one in the car." With a pause, Qian Ge added, "Please pass the message onto your boyfriend and make sure he's brutal enough. If he can kill Ji Yi right there, that would be best. If she doesn't die, he can leave her paralyzed. All in all, I never want to see her appearing in the entertainment industry ever again."

"Got it. I'll pass the word on," said Xie Siyao.

"If there's nothing else, I'll be off. Remember to always keep your phone turned on next Wednesday; I might call you at any time," said Qian Ge.

The video finished playing to this point before coming to a stop.

Xie Siyao wasn't in a hurry to deal with Qian Ge, who was still pinned beneath her feet. Instead, she turned to the reporters and said, "Who wants the video? Take the phone in my hands and send it to your own phones."

With that said, Xie Siyao raised her phone and stretched her hand out to the reporters.

After one reporter with quick reflexes snatched it first, Xie Siyao then lowered her head and looked over at Qian Ge.

"You didn't really think that when you first came to see me, I would just agree to work with you and not leave myself with a backup plan, did you?"

"After so many years, I didn't tell you about the existence of this video because you didn't piss me off! You promised to give me shares; you worked hard to allow me to join the team and make me famous. My issues with my career were my fault, so I'm not angry with you about that. But you stole Chen Mingda! You drugged me and sent me to another man, made me endure a miscarriage and you publically slept with Chen Mingda! For all that, there's no way I could just take it lying down! For me to expose you in front of everyone, it shows just how confident I am!"

Publically sleep with Chen Mingda?

Qian Ge, who couldn't get up after Xie Siyao kicked her, could only turn her head and look over at the person in bed, lying under the covers.

The person I slept with was actually Chen Mingda?

"Let me tell you, Qian Ge... You ruined everything for me, so I'm going to ruin your life no matter the cost! Don't think I won't expose you in front of these reporters. This is over." After she said this, Xie Siyao suddenly looked over at the reporters. "Are you done with my phone? If so, can you give it back to me?

"Wait a second. Here you go," hurriedly replied the person who had Xie Siyao's phone. After a moment, he handed the phone to Xie Siyao and said, "Thanks."

Xie Siyao didn't reply but grabbed her phone and tapped a key buttons on the screen. Then she made a call.

The phone rang several times before the call went through. Xie Siyao's tone of voice sounded resolute when she said, "Hello, is this 110? I want to hand myself in!"

Yes. She wanted to hand herself in. She wanted to take those videos to the police station to hand herself in and paint Qian Ge as the main culprit! She wanted Qian Ge to rightfully pay the price for the crime of intentional assault.