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Chapter 932: A Billion Stars Cant Amount to You (32)

 Chapter 932: A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You (32)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

She kicked off her high heels then raised her bare feet and stepped on Qian Ge's chest. She towered over her and continued to move her lips.

"Qian Ge, you really won't know fear until you're close to death. Since you won't accept defeat, I'll show you proof!"

With that, Xie Siyao viciously glared at Qian Ge then picked up her own phone and pressed the screen with both hands. She then showed the screen to the cameras in front of her.

A video played on Xie Siyao's phone.

The picture quality was terrible; it must've been taken by an old device.

The video was of two people in a classy hotel room.

Even though the two of them looked really young, everyone watching could tell it was Qian Ge and Xie Siyao.

There was a cigarette between Qian Ge's fingertips and a wine glass in Xie Siyao's hand.

In the beginning, no one said anything, but after a couple seconds of silence, Qian Ge blew out a ring of smoke. "Let me ask you - do you really feel hard done by with Ji Yi always giving you pressure?" she asked.

Xie Siyao thought about it for a short while then replied, "Your relationship with Ji Yi is so good, so why should I believe you?"

Qian Ge replied at an alarming speed with practically no break. "Believe me based on the fact that I don't want to always be pressured by Ji Yi!"

The video fell silent once again. After a few seconds, Xie Siyao seemed cooperative. "Do you have a solid plan?"

"Of course I do. If I didn't, I wouldn't have come to see you." Qian Ge lit another cigarette and elegantly took two puffs. "From what I understand, your boyfriend has terminal cancer. The doctor said he won't live past the end of this year, am I right?" continued Qian Ge.

Xie Siyao didn't understand. "What connection does he have with our situation in showbiz?"

"Of course there's a connection; he's the main reason why I came to see you." Qian Ge took two steps towards Xie Siyao then lowered her voice and continued by saying, "Since he won't live for too long, he definitely won't care about his life. As long as he can help us get rid of Ji Yi, the studio Ji Yi single-handedly founded will be mine. I can give you a big portion of the shares so even if your acting career doesn't take off, you'll still get money every year. What's more, if we don't do this to Ji Yi, aren't you afraid we won't get famous if you worked with me?"

"But how can I get him to agree to help us do all this?" From the video, Xie Siyao looked uncertain and hesitant.

"Give him money. He has parents, right? Without him around, his parents need some money, right? And there's you. Does he love you? If he loves you, go persuade him. That's the best way."

Xie Siyao looked like she was in deep contemplation for a long while before she replied. "I'll try."

"Wait for my good news." Qian Ge's brows lifted and she revealed a conniving smile. She grabbed her purse and her pack of cigarettes then replied, "I can't stay here for too long, so I'm off. When you get my message, remember to reply."

As Qian Ge left, she shut the door and the setting of the video changed.

It was Qian Ge and Xie Siyao once again. The two of them were meeting in the same hotel room.

"I've persuaded him, but he said a million is too little. He wants two million," said Xie Siyao.