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Chapter 931: A Billion Stars Cant Amount to You (31)

 Chapter 931: A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You (31)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

With that being said, Qian Ge revealed a cold smirk on her lips.

She only sought out Xie Siyao back then and suggested her boyfriend to help because she knew he had terminal cancer and would only have a year to live.

Even if Xie Siyao's boyfriend back then used the money for better treatment, he would only survive two to three more years.

The incident happened eight years ago; Xie Siyao's ex-boyfriend had long turned into a pile of bones.

She wanted to see just how Xie Siyao was going to expose the culprit without implicating herself!

Xie Siyao probably never imagined Qian Ge would hit back. Having to face what she said, Xie Siyao didn't make a sound.

Qian Ge saw Xie Siyao wasn't saying anything, so the cold smirk on her lips became more prominent. "Xie Siyao, weren't you really talkative just now? Why aren't you saying anything now? A phone call can clear up the confusion. Why don't you call? Or do you not know how to make a call? Or how about I help you make the call?"

Xie Siyao, who hadn't said a word for a while now, viciously swatted Qian Ge's arm away from her when Qian Ge's fingers were just about to touch her phone.

"What? Feeling guilty? You don't dare to let me call?" scoffed Qian Ge coldly as she turned her head towards the reporters. "Everybody's seen it now. If what Xie Siyao said earlier was true, why doesn't she even dare let me make the call..."

Before Qian Ge could finish, Xie Siyao stood to one side and suddenly blurted out, "Because he's dead!"

The group of people at the scene all turned to Xie Siyao in astonishment when she suddenly spoke out.

Xie Siyao paused for two seconds then explained in a little more detail. "The boyfriend I was with eight years ago has already passed away."

"Passed away?" Qian Ge looked like she heard the funniest joke as she softly chuckled. "Xie Siyao, your only witness is someone who passed away in accusing me of being the mastermind behind the incident back then?"

"Looks like you should do your homework before you try to tarnish me! You deliberately chose a dead person who can't testify while you talked so much nonsense and tried to destroy me. Didn't you?!"

"I never imagined you would involve a dead person. He already left this world, so you can say whatever you want. I question whether you were actually his girlfriend when he was alive though..."

"What about you? Aren't you afraid of karma?" After Qian Ge finished talking, Xie Siyao raised her hand and brutally slapped her face. "I never imagined you were actually such a b*tch!"

"You dare to accuse me of trying to tarnish you. Deep down, shouldn't you know whether I'm truly trying to tarnish you or not?"

Qian Ge might not have seen that slap coming, but at that moment, her immediate reaction after Xie Siyao slapped her was to slap her right back.

But unfortunately, Qian Ge was weak from the drugs, so Xie Siyao grabbed her wrist before her hand could touch Xie Siyao's face.

Xie Siyao mercilessly slapped Qian Ge twice then ruthlessly shoved her to the floor. As though she was releasing a type of anger that wouldn't dissipate, she crushed Qian Ge's body and started to punch and kick her.

Xie Siyao didn't get up again until after she ran out of strength and was left panting.