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Chapter 930: A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to You (30)

 Chapter 930: A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You (30)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

With her heart set on dragging Qian Ge down with her to hell, Xie Siyao spoke every resounding word and sentence with power and decisiveness. There wasn't a moment of hesitation as her final sentence escaped her lips.

The expressions of shock and disbelief people originally showed upon finding out the truth behind Ji Yi's car accident turned to confusion and astonishment.

Qian Ge was one step too late from stopping Xie Siyao from revealing the truth, so she stopped in her tracks. After she heard Xie Siyao repeating what He Jichen said years ago, she felt like a bucket of cold water had been poured over her head. All of a sudden, she was wide awake.

I will take your life in return for the injustice you inflicted on her.

This was the pain she felt in the deepest part of her heart. When that man plunged the knife into her chest mercilessly, he gritted his teeth and said those words. Despite the fact it happened so many years ago, those words still hurt so much that she still broke out in a cold sweat while having nightmares about this moment till this very day.

What's more was that Xie Siyao actually revealed the pain in Qian Ge's heart in front of so many reporters and so many watching eyes!

Qian Ge had worked in showbiz for many years. Even though she was a little lost by the unexpected attack, after a while, she still managed to quickly gain her composure. Her brain quickly started to devise a plan.

Since Xie Siyao was determined to tear into her, she didn't need to worry about anything.

She couldn't just stand there and wait for death. There was s a good saying that "Words are no proof." Does she think she can just use her words to sentence me to death? She's definitely too naive!

Qian Ge snapped out of it. She pursed her lips and stared at Xie Siyao's cold gaze for a while then she said, "Xie Siyao, do you have proof?"

As she said this, she completely but slowly calmed down. "Even if I did something to wrong you and made you mad, you can't just accuse people without any proof!"

"You said I was the mastermind behind Ji Yi's car accident. Do you have proof? You can't drag me down with such a self-destructive method because you hate me. You can't just spew nonsense, right?"

With that, Qian Ge's gaze turned to the reporters in front of her. Even though she only had a bathrobe on, even if her face was swollen like crazy from Xie Siyao's beating, and even though she was sweaty from having sex with Chen Mingda, her composure and determination exuded from her body. "The story Xie Siyao just told everyone was brilliant, but I want to say that if the car accident really was orchestrated, then let me ask everyone - who would be willing to go to prison for drunk driving in return for a sum of money? You have to understand that it's prison! If someone really died, that would be a prison sentence of seven years. Seven... Have you all thought about what seven years in prison would be like? For a young person, that's your most youthful years spent in prison. That's like making a deal with your life!"

"Even if someone really was willing to do it for money, the incident happened eight years ago. The culprit from Ji Yi's car accident would've already gotten out of prison. Xie Siyao, you said before that he was your ex-boyfriend. You both must still be in contact, so why don't you call him now and let him tell the reporters the truth as a person involved in the incident. Let him prove that everything you just said was true!"