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Chapter 929: A Billion Stars Cant Amount to You (29)

 Chapter 929: A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You (29)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

"Qian Ge liked He Jichen, but He Jichen never liked her! The one He Jichen always liked was Ji Yi. Qian Ge thought hard to find a way to get closer to He Jichen, but he just ignored her." Xie Siyao stared directly at the camera in front of her, simply ignoring Qian Ge who was frantically screaming behind her. She went on to say, "So He Jichen always ignored her. Why would he stab her because of her persistence?"

"Xie Siyao, shut up! Quit spewing bullsh*t!" Qian Ge struggled to get up from the floor. She took a step towards Xie Siyao when she realized she wasn't wearing any clothes. That was when she hurriedly bent over and picked up a bathrobe to cover up her body.

"He Jichen only stabbed Qian Ge because she sabotaged Ji Yi with a car accident that put her in a coma for three years!" Xie Siyao knew Qian Ge was coming for her, but she didn't dodge in the slightest. With a calm tone of voice, she continued to reveal what happened.

Ji Yi got in a car accident and was in a coma for three years. This the public knew, but how did Qian Ge get involved in this?

Confusion appeared upon the faces of the people filling up the room.

A reporter moved their lips, trying to ask something.

Xie Siyao didn't wait for her to speak and continued from where she left off. "Simply speaking, six years ago, Ji Yi's car accident wasn't an accident. It was premeditated!"

Not an accident but premeditated? Which meant that Qian Ge set it up?!

Everybody's eyes fell on Qian Ge one after the other.

Upon hearing what Xie Siyao said, Qian Ge stopped rushing over to her.

Am I one step too late? Did she just say it aloud?

The atmosphere instantly turned quiet.

After a few seconds passed, Xie Siyao was resolute and refused to back down as she moved her lips again. "Qian Ge and Ji Yi were classmates from senior high school. At the very beginning, she and Ji Yi were very good friends. After graduation, Ji Yi was scouted and become an overnight success, but Ji Yi never abandoned Qian Ge. In fact, she even helped her land all sorts of investments. However, Qian Ge never felt grateful, and eventually, she sought me out. She said we could be allies as long as I helped her do something. Then she'd give me shares in her studio!"

"The studio she mentioned is the one which Qian Ge and I currently own. This studio wasn't actually founded at all by Qian Ge - it was Ji Yi's. Qian Ge put Ji Yi in a coma with the car accident, so when the investors came to retract their investment, there was no choice but to let Qian Ge act as the founder of the studio!"

"That car accident looked like a normal car accident, but it actually wasn't because the culprit was my then boyfriend. Qian Ge gave him a lot of money to act like it was a drunk-driving accident where he crashed while unconscious!"

"He Jichen found out the truth behind the car accident, so he went to see Qian Ge! In fact, when the car accident happened, he didn't immediately go find Qian Ge. At the time, Ji Yi was in intensive care, so he must've had a ray of hope. The night he came to see Qian Ge, the hospital issued a notice regarding Ji Yi's critical condition and everyone thought there was no hope at saving her..."

"Aren't you all curious what He Jichen said to Qian Ge in the video? I was at the sidelines that night. He Jichen only said one thing. He said: 'I will take your life in return for the injustice you inflicted on her!'"