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Chapter 928: A Billion Stars Cant Amount to You (28)

 Chapter 928: A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You (28)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

"It was you who ruined all my hope!"

"Did you know that all these years, I finally got someone I could spend my life with and you ruined it! You ruined it! RUINED IT!"

Xie Siyao's tone of voice grew fiercer until she started to become hysterical. "Let me tell you this Qian Ge! You never let me be happy, so you better forget about being happy yourself!"

That's right. She put me in the most tragic place and ruined my whole life. How could I let her be happy?

I have to make her a hundred times more miserable! A thousand times more miserable! A million times more miserable!

That's right. I have to make her miserable...

With that thought, Xie Siyao suddenly let go of Qian Ge's neck. She abruptly stood up and walked over to the reporters.

"You guys should know that the Weibo post about He Jichen a while back - wait, no! I mean the Weibo video that hasn't completely disappeared of He Jichen stabbing Qian Ge."

"After practically everyone saw that video, they yelled at He Jichen. Someone even incited it by tagging He Jichen as a murderer but no one wanted to search for the truth nor did anyone ask why He Jichen wanted to kill Qian Ge. When Qian Ge was crying about how she liked He Jichen and said he stabbed her because he was annoyed from being harassed, everyone just believed it!"

Xie Siyao strangled Qian Ge's neck, so there was no way for her to breathe. But from then on, Qian Ge gradually came to her senses.

The soreness in her legs told her what happened, but she couldn't remember who she did it with.

I didn't get drunk... My mind is still muddled. Qian Ge spent a long time thinking about it before she realized she could've been drugged.

That's not right! There's only one portion of the drug and Ji Yi should've drunk it. How did I end up taking it? And there's a camera in this room. I prepared it in advance to stream a live feed for the big screen in the dining hall, but I'm the one experiencing all of this. Then does that mean a recording of me and the man was seen by everyone in the world?

Qian Ge hadn't figured out the answers to all these questions when she felt the suffocating feeling in her neck disappearing.

Her mouth gaped and she started to breathe again. Since her breathing stopped for so long, her chest hurt for a while until she finally felt a little better. That was when she realized what Xie Siyao was saying beside her.

"But what you all don't know is that the truth isn't what you heard. The truth is..."

Is Xie Siyao confessing to what we did back then?

Now that the world knows about me sleeping with that man, I'll be scolded for being a slut at most. With my and Xie Siyao's huge argument, people will say we've turned into enemies at most. However, if Xie Siyao reveals what happened, I'm really done for...

With practically no hesitation, Qian Ge cried, "Xie Siyao!"

"...He Jichen only stabbed Qian Ge for Ji Yi!" cried Xie Siyao as she turned a deaf ear to Qian Ge's attempts to stop her and said what she wanted to say with a resolute tone of voice.

He Jichen only stabbed Qian Ge for Ji Yi?

Everyone at the scene was stunned by what Xie Siyao said.

"Xie Siyao!" cried Qian Ge again, with more agitation than before.