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Chapter 927: A Billion Stars Cant Amount to You (27)

 Chapter 927: A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You (27)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Xie Siyao stared at them kissing and all of sudden, she snapped. Charging violently at the bed, she grabbed Qian Ge's long hair and threw her down from the bed, onto the floor.

Qian Ge crashed to the rug with a *THUMP!* Xie Siyao raised her leg and savagely kicked her. "After I treated you like my closest friend in the world, how the hell could you actually go and treat me like this?!"

Through the infinite flashes of light and cameras snapping away, Xie Siyao spoke again. "There are so many rich men in this world, so why couldn't you go and find one of those? Why did you have to steal mine?!"

Steal mine?

When the room full of people heard what Xie Siyao said, their eyes all shot open.

The man Qian Ge was sleeping with was Xie Siyao's man? Which meant he was... The second son of Chen Enterprises?!

Everybody's line of sight simultaneously fell on the bed.

Confused by everything that was happening so suddenly, Chen Mingda heard what Xie Siyao said then slowly snapped back to reality. After seeing a horde of reporters at the bedroom door taking photos of him, Chen Mingda instinctively pulled the covers over himself to hide his face.

Xie Siyao didn't know if it was because Qian Ge and Chen Mingda's lovemaking was too crazy, but Qian Ge was exhausted. After several kicks from Xie Siyao, Qian Ge's body cowered in pain and she didn't show any signs of fighting back.

Xie Siyao was wearing high heels when she kicked Qian Ge, so on top of the hickeys over her body were several bloody marks and bruises.

Xie Siyao acted like she hadn't seen a thing and kicked Qian Ge once again. Then she bent over and pulled Qian Ge's long hair. She raised her hand, yanking Qian Ge's head up violently, then she slapped her mercilessly hard over the face several times. "To steal my man, you actually went and drugged me then sent me off to another man's bed?!"

The more Xie Siyao said, the angrier she got. She thought her actions so far weren't enough to vent her anger. In complete disregard for the consequences, she grabbed the lamp from the bedside table and smashed it onto Qian Ge's head. "You were especially thrilled to take those photos, weren't you?! You must've thought my man was in your hands now and you were completely overjoyed, weren't you? If you don't sleep with a man once a day, you don't feel good, do you?!"

"My god! Qian Ge actually used these kinds of tactics to steal Xie Siyao's man?!"

"Holy sh*t! I never imagined she would drug her own friend!"

"This really is the world's biggest scoop..."

If some celebrities, at first, had only followed with the simple thought of watching some drama go down, then in that very moment, they were now really immersed in the drama.

Xie Siyao didn't react in the slightest to everybody's comments. In her eyes, she could see no one other than the person worthy of deep vengeance - Qian Ge.

"You dared to sleep with my man?! Did you really think I never got mad all those years with you and that I was afraid of you?"

Xie Siyao yelled with gritted teeth as she randomly grabbed things left and right, chucking them directly at Qian Ge.

After all the smashing, she simply had nothing more to grab, so she just stretched both hands and strangled Qian Ge's throat.

"If it wasn't for you, would my child have died? If it wasn't for you, would I have become like this?!"

The more Xie Siyao spoke, the more tormented she felt, and the harder she choked Qian Ge.