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Chapter 925: A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to You (25)

 Chapter 925: A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You (25)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

All this time, she lived with regret over going to that party, regretted drinking so much, and regretted not noticing that she was pregnant earlier...

She even called Qian Ge crying about her sorrows and pain every night when she couldn't sleep.

Qian Ge wasn't at all impatient with her. The longest time she stayed up to chat with her was until the middle of the night.

At the time, she really felt comforted. She didn't have love or a child, but she still had Qian Ge... Even if they didn't have a beautiful beginning to their friendship, Qian Ge gave her a warm feeling later on.

Xie Siyao only just realized in this very moment how dumb she really was!

The solemn end I met today was all orchestrated by Qian Ge's hands! And yet, I poured my heart and soul out for Qian Ge to hear. Over the phone, when Qian Ge said such comforting words, was she admiring how devastated I was and did she smile while feeling pleased with herself?

What Yang Li said was right. Qian Ge sold me and I didn't even know it. I even foolishly helped Qian Ge gain investments!

I'm so stupid and naive. If Qian Ge could ruthlessly put Ji Yi, who treated her so well, in a hospital bed for three whole years to the point of almost never waking up again, why would she show me mercy if she could gain fame and fortune?

Did I think things were that simple? Did I think too kindly of Qian Ge? I thought Qian Ge always treated me well, really well...

Xie Siyao stared at the big screen. The two of them were still tossing and turning and her hands abruptly balled into tight fists.

A sense of loathing and an inerasable hatred sprouted from the deepest part of her heart and quickly enveloped her entire body.

Hell no! I can't just leave it at that!

Since Qian Ge is heartless, I can't be blamed for being unfaithful!

I'm not a pushover who will let people bully me without retaliation!

What's more, what do I have to be afraid of now? The acting industry is always a ruthless struggle to survive. It's rare for me to have even met Chen Mingda. I thought I came upon happiness, but in the end, it was all ruined...

However, Qian Ge was different after somewhat cleaning up her image from the whole situation with He Jichen stabbing her. Now, with Chen Mingda's support, her career was going to skyrocket... But it was a shame that they were no longer the same two people as before. Back then, all she wanted to do was help Qian Ge get big and thought that if Qian Ge got big, their lives would be better. But now, all Xie Siyao could think about was the two of them going down to hell together!

Oh no, wait! After being kicked down to hell already, all I want to do is drag her down to hell too!

With that thought, Xie Siyao stared at the big screen and carefully examined the area.

The room looked a little familiar like it was a hotel room at Beiyang Hall...

Not long after Qian Ge left, Chen Mingda glanced at his phone and left too. Don't tell me the picture up on the big screen right now is happening upstairs?!

Xie Siyao raised her head and glanced at the ceiling of the room then remembered the room Qian Ge booked. All of a sudden, she charged at several media outlets nearby.

In complete disregard for the numerous people watching, she spoke directly to the reporters in front of her. "Do you guys want an even more explosive scoop? If you do, follow me!"