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Chapter 924: A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to You (24)

 Chapter 924: A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You (24)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

It seemed like she was really begging for it; her body ground and twisted non-stop.

She continued to say things that made people blush.

She was the only person in the video. As she struck sexual poses, the video was focused on one half of her face before she lurched forward for a second.

It was just one short moment, but Xie Siyao recognized that it was Qian Ge!

So, the voice I heard and the video are in sync?

While that suspicion flashed across Xie Siyao's mind, she saw a muscular man popping up on the big screen. The man was facing away so she couldn't see his face. Just as he walked over to the bedside, Qian Ge couldn't wait to pull him by the arm and both fell onto the bed. Then she flipped over and sat on top of him and started to make her move.

There were a few media outlets in the room who, one after the other, snapped out of fixating on the stimulating video. They pointed their cameras towards the big screen.

Just as the sound of cameras flashing and shuttering became much louder, the two people in the video acted even more intensely.

Some female celebrities were perhaps embarrassed. They turned their heads and didn't continue watching.

Quite a few people started to whisper.

"Oh my god! Am I seeing this right? It really is Qian Ge!"

"She's usually so arrogant. I never thought she would be such a tease in bed?"

"But who is the man in the video? His body's not bad. He must be young..."

Unlike the other female celebrities, Xie Siyao's eyes were glued to the unknown man's body from the moment he appeared on the video. She didn't look away from the big screen.

Qian Ge and that man were having crazy sex. The action was more entertaining than some Japanese porno.

She sat on the man and quickly moved up and down. As though it was far from enough, she even grabbed the man's hand so he could massage her breasts. Then she even hunched over so she could feed her breasts to the man's mouth.

He was a man after all. So naturally, he was excited by her teasing and his thirst for her intensified immensely, making Qian Ge scream more.

It seemed they didn't like the position so halfway through, Qian Ge climbed off the man and spread herself out on the bed. The man got up and thrust into her from behind.

Qian Ge's face happened to face the camera directly. All of her intoxicated expressions were caught in the video.

From time to time, she murmured, "Faster, faster, faster!" The man really did speed up as Qian Ge's body swayed up and down from the pounding. This must've gotten in the way of the man's enjoyment because he raised his hand to keep Qian Ge's shoulder down.

On his wrist, he wore an expensive watch.

Xie Siyao didn't need to get a closer look or careful inspection. She already knew who the man was.

It was no wonder she thought the naked man looked familiar even from the back. So it really was... Chen Mingda!

Qian Ge actually got together with Chen Mingda... So everything Yang Li said was true.

It was no wonder I got incredibly drunk despite drinking so little that night. Qian Ge spiked my drink!

And it was no wonder Chen Mingda had those photos - Qian Ge was behind all of this. She didn't hesitate to ruin me just to steal Chen Mingda!

And... and my child... If Chen Mingda hadn't seen those photos, dumped me and caused me to wander on the streets all night in despair, causing my miscarriage... My baby never would've left me!