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Chapter 923: A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to You (23)

 Chapter 923: A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You (23)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

"Easy pass..." For the past two years, Qian Ge's popularity had wavered between heaven and earth. How could she say her audition was "easy"?

So what Yang Li said really was true?

I really was drugged by Qian Ge and delivered to Yang Li's bed. Then photos of me were taken to ruin my relationship with Chen Mingda?

But Xie Siyao knew Qian Ge's most hidden secret. Even though she was her ally, after being back-stabbed, both sides were hurt in the end. However, Qian Ge had always been doing well for herself. She was always afraid to offend Xie Siyao, so she had no reason to do it until now...

The studio worker Xie Siyao dragged over couldn't help but call out "Xie Jie?" because Xie Siyao still hadn't reacted after she spoke.

After collecting her thoughts, Xie Siyao asked, "Where's Qian Ge?"

Rather than guessing here, why not ask Qian Ge for an explanation?

"Qian Ge? I only saw her once and I haven't seen her since..."

Xie Siyao let out an "Oh," scanned all around for Qian Ge and said, "There's nothing else. You can go back to what you were doing now."

"Then Xie Jie, I'll go back. If there's anything you need, just call me."

Xie Siyao gently nodded without saying anything. Her eyes continued to circle the room full of people looking for Qian Ge.

Xie Siyao practically scanned over each and every person in the whole banquet hall, but she couldn't find Qian Ge.

With Qian Ge's personality, she wouldn't miss out on a chance to get exposure by live streaming herself here. It couldn't have been that she left early...

With that thought, Xie Siyao pulled out her phone from her handbag and called Qian Ge.

The phone rang for a while but no one answered.

Xie Siyao figured she might as well put her phone away and she got ready to go out to look for Qian Ge.

But before she could reach the banquet hall entrance, the background music happened to finish playing a song, so the whole dining hall was silent for a few seconds. A new background song started to play.

But not long after, the music switched to the sensual voice of a woman, gasping for air. "Take me. I beg you..."

The voice sounded a bit familiar.

Xie Siyao instinctively stopped walking.

The busy background noise in the banquet hall instantly fell silent at the sudden sound of the voice of the woman.

The woman's panting didn't stop. Instead, it grew even more intense and the words from her mouth were more indecent than before. "Quick! I want it..."

Perhaps other people couldn't immediately make out who that voice belonged to, but Xie Siyao recognized it. It was... Qian Ge's voice...

Why are they playing the sound of her having sex here?

As that question flashed across Xie Siyao's mind, she instinctively furrowed her brows. Then she realized that people's eyes were shot wide open and staring right in her direction like they had pictured something incredibly unbelievable.

Without thinking, Xie Siyao turned and looked behind her.

Throughout the night, whenever a song played in the background, a screen spanning half the wall played that song's corresponding music video.

The big screen was directly behind Xie Siyao. Now, a music video wasn't being played. Instead, there was a naked woman endlessly massaging her own breasts.